Zodiac Sign Profiles


Being an Aries, you possess courage which aligns with the planet Mars.  However sometimes, rage overtakes your personality and rubs off the wrong way.  Aries tend to be more independent go-getters often taking charge in group situations. They make good friends and look out for one another with a sense of caring and generosity.  Aries can also be immature and childish when confronted or taken out of their comfort zone.

Taurus generally possesses an attractive personality.  You are very joyful and daring in your activities.  Additionally you have a strong desire to learn all the details and aspects of subjects that interest you.  You can easily take control of most situations however you choose to sit back until deemed necessary.  Also, you always feel like you’re responsible in most group situations.  Despite generally being joyful, Taurus can remain alone and focus on their work in order to get things done and moving.

Gemini’s possess a strong mental state of mind.  You have strength to face and tackle and enduring situations.  Gemini’s are also considered humorous and usually have a strong sense of humor.  Flexibility is also another trait that shows in the workplace and many times in love situations.  This quality helps make you successful in different aspects of your life.  People of good nature are generally attracted towards your presence.  You also utilize your money planning and the financially the future looks good.

Cancer is considered the luckiest of all the signs.  They have a driving and forcing personality that is usually hidden beneath a very calm and collective exterior.  Cancerians are also very sensitive and curious in nature with a knack to find new adventure however many times, they want security and sense of stability in their lives.  Cancerians are also very intelligent and hard working in nature.

Leos are very courageous and daring naturally.  You generally draw big hearted people and employ a strict routine.  You also possess a very strong leadership trait and work with intensity.  Your anger sometimes gets the best of you however it is very important to control this especially in sensitive situations.  Leos are also people of discipline and principle in their decision making.  Leos can also be very ambitious and can conjure up a very adventurous side when needed.

Virgos are very accomplished career wise.  You possess knowledge and a high intelligence.  Usually Virgos are drawn towards literature and fine arts.  Additionally Virgo’s are very sharp and usually remain on schedule unless something drastic occurs.  Following the agenda is very important and has a high priority in your decision making process.  You also don’t have a gray area but rather everything is black and white so your decisions are never doubted.  There is a hidden artist inside of every Virgo but how you express that varies.

Libras are morally good.  They respect and sympathize with others.  Additionally they lean towards realistic views but do not talk to others.  Libras are also very law abiding, balanced and implores equality in everything they do.  As a Libra, the burden of another’s issues can be overwhelming sometimes.  Libras can be very forgiving as they do not like to harbor any bad feelings towards anyone and as a result they can be easily taken advantage of.

Scorpios are much empowered and overall attractive by nature.  They possess very jolly and impulsive personality traits.  Scorpios sometimes come off as rude however they have good intentions.  Additionally, you love the fine arts and embrace different cultures.  You are very independent when it comes to working and the interference of others frustrates you and causes lash outs.  You don’t like to follow normal traditions but would rather explorer and see what else is out there.

Sagittarius is a very formal and many times conventional in many cases.  You hold traditional views and value family more than anything.  A sense of restlessness and anxiety overtakes you often.  You hate hypocrisy and liars.  Additionally your humanitarian side becomes impulsive in your decisions.  However, Sagittarius is known to be very lazy many times.  Their drive comes and goes in spurts with a slug sense taking over in other situations.  You are also very protective of your values and ideals and will defend them courageously when called to.

The Capricorn is usually one of leadership and recognition.  They are generally more career driven with urgency to rise in the corporate ladder.  They are very well time managed and organized in their day to day.   Capricorns can be a bit bold at first however this is just their competitive nature showing in almost everything they do.

Aquarius tends to be more philosophical and very sympathetic.  They usually are more attractive in looks which makes making friends more easily.  Aquarius sometimes lets anger and frustration take over in the wrong situations.  Additionally, you are most likely a good speaker and very social by nature.  Also, you don’t like to show your talent in the beginning but rather wait till a sense of trust has been established before doing so.

Pisces are usually more on the religious side.  You generally draw towards occult studies and attract towards mysteries and the unknowns.  Pisces will usually go out of their way to help friends however they can be a bit sensitive at times.  Additionally, they will take a friend’s problems and issues and empathize by making it their own and incur suffering as a result.  Pisces have conservative ideals and principles, which leads to superstitions and religious rituals.