ARIES: Since those born under Aries have an intuitive personality, the animal that resembles you the most is the tiger. They are strong and daring people, eager to standout in whatever you do with a privileged sense of security.

TAURUS: Women born under Taurus have a strong and intimidating character. Once they make a decision, they are extremely hard to break, and when they set out to do something, there is nothing that can make them change their mind. For these reasons, their animal is the mighty wolf.

GEMINI: The animal that most bears a resemblance to women born under Gemini are the orangutan. Just like this animal, Gemini women are a bit obsessive and nervous, and like to keep everything in place.

CANCER: Women born under Cancer, your spirit animal is the elephant. Since they have a very individualistic personality and act with great subtlety when performing daily tasks. Also, as cancer woman lean towards to being very quiet and educated, they tend to be somewhat sensitive.

LEO: The bear is the animal that is most similar to Leo women. They are very intelligent and powerful women, but, do tend to have somewhat of a lonely personality and enjoy much their personal space.

VIRGO: To you, Virgo woman, your animal is the cat. Since Virgo women are considered as highly refined and sensual, besides of loving being pampered. But, when these women must defend themselves, their cat like beast comes to surface.

LIBRA: The animal that resembles you the most, in terms of his personality, is the rabbit. Because Libra women have a funny personality and are very receptive in various ways, much like this cuddly animal.

SCORPIO: As for women born under Scorpio, your animal is the panther. Panthers are characterized by its bold, challenging and disciplined personality. You will not see a Scorpio woman act without caution when doing something.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius women, your animal are the eagle, since they have an agile and courageous spirit. Sagittarian women are very wise when making decisions and also have the virtue of being patient and calm.

CAPRICORN: The animal that most exemplifies female Capricorns is the dog, as like this sweet companion, Capricorns women are characterized by being faithful and enterprising, extroverted, and their good humor, will brighten anyone’s day.

AQUARIUS: Like the buffalo, the women of Aquarius are characterized by being curious by nature. They are interested in knowing the origin of things and are very resourceful when it comes to new ideas.

PISCES: Pisces women, the animal that most reflects your personality is the dolphin. Just like this wonderful mammal, Pisces women have noble feelings; they are women in who you can trust. Also, they enjoy giving without expecting anything in return.