Yang in Chinese Astrology


Yang – masculine principle: white, masculine, day, dry, fire, hot, active, extroverted (emphasis on the external). Yang is, first of all, an active, bestowing, transforming, masculine principle of the world. The sun is a Yang luminary, as it shines with its own light, gives warmth. A man is the personification of Yang, since he is a breadwinner and a house builder, giving rise to a new life. Yang and Yin perfectly naturally complement each other, although in a sense they oppose each other. If you arrange the 12 zodiacal animals in order, then all the odd animals belong to Yang. That is, Jan: (1) Rat , (3) Tiger , (5) Dragon , (7) Horse , (9) Monkey , (11) Dog .

The important thing here is that without Yang, the existence of Yin is impossible, and without Yin, the existence of Yang is impossible. Only their interaction gives a full, versatile and self-replicating life. In life, transformation and preservation, creativity and use of the fruits of this creativity, wakefulness and sleep, leadership and submission always alternate or exist simultaneously, and all this is normal, without this it is impossible.

Psychologically, Yang can manifest itself as:

  • dominance, charisma, the desire to subordinate, manage, lead, educate and teach;
  • activity, heat of passions;
  • creativity, unexpected ideas;
  • striving to decorate yourself, admire your appearance;
  • if in creation – then large, large-scale, durable;
  • certainty, clarity, directness, decisiveness;
  • rigor, order, correctness, adherence to principles (in decisions);
  • striving for reasonable, clear, clear, understandable (in information);
  • extraversion;
  • in temperament – sanguine or choleric;


A person whose personality is represented by the sign of the Yang Tree can be characterized as a stubborn and principled nature. Like a large mighty trunk, it is absolutely not flexible, and it is almost impossible to break it. Not wanting to adapt to the circumstances, such a person does not accept compromises and will be faithful to his convictions to the end. Internally suffering from unexpected life changes and falls, he will never bend under the situation and defend his principles to the last. Such a person will not look for opportunities to soften his words so that others will go to meet him.

He, like a tree, grows all his life, and not necessarily in the literal sense – he develops mentally, spiritually, learning with pleasure and learning new things. Like a tree that gives shade, this person is benevolent and full of compassion. Possessing amazing sensitivity, he is able to fairly assess the situation and provide worthy support and help to those in need. By emphasizing high moral values, he puts honesty at the forefront, not succumbing to temptation.


The personality of a person associated with the Yang Fire is comparable to the sun, warmth and unrestrained energy. He is easy-going, absolutely not vindictive and confidently walks through life, illuminating everything around with his enthusiasm. Such a person is curious, well-read and open to everything new, possessing an extraordinary mind. He does not hold grudges and is used to saying everything directly, solving problems immediately on the spot. Like the sun, he warms with his generosity and kindness. However, the Yang Fire sitting inside him is capable of being unnecessarily hot, and in his desire to help beyond measure, a person can catch others by surprise. His impulsiveness and hot temper sometimes lead to excessive exaggeration of the situation and incontinence in his statements.

But when he is passionate about something, he can devote himself to the cause unrestrainedly and with maximum efficiency. In his desire to be continuously in the spotlight, he is like the sun around which all the planets revolve. Being the soul of the company, such a person with his sociability and positivity always leaves only pleasant impressions. Despite his intolerance and speed of movement, he clearly knows why and for what he lives, therefore he goes straight ahead and does not dwell on trifles.


Yang Land is mountains and huge stones. A distinctive feature of a person whose character is associated with the Yang land is, first of all, his solidity and solidity. Like weighty boulders, it is rough and clumsy. Its angularity and bearish sluggishness is often traced in its external features. Heavy on his feet, he denies change, takes a long time to adapt to change and does not tolerate fuss. Making any decision, this person thinks for a long time, evaluating all the options – as a result, his slowness often leads to the loss of potential opportunities.

He is very conservative, therefore, having once made up a personal opinion about something, he will not change him even at gunpoint. Absolute inflexibility and sometimes unjustified stubbornness prevent such a person from making compromises and concessions. The Yang Land can be an excellent and responsible performer, solving clearly assigned tasks. However, you should not demand from him to show initiative, it will be a waste and unjustified waste of time. Just like the Yang Land is rich in resources, this person’s essence is filled with many virtues. These include friendliness and loyalty. Having earned the trust of a person whose personality is represented by the Yang land, you can be sure that he will be faithful to you to the end and will not betray in a difficult life situation.


Yansky Metal is a material for making weapons. A person has similar properties – rigidity, sharpness, determination and stubbornness. This is a born leader. Possessing amazing energy, he bravely storms impregnable peaks and never looks back. In his swiftness, he does not notice the little things, always focusing his gaze on global goals. Just like the heavy Yang Metal, it is hardy and solid. Such a person has an unbreakable will, and an amazing straightforwardness.

Metal Yang is a champion of justice. “Fair” or “unfair” – these are the concepts with which he operates in his life. He, without hesitation, cuts the “truth-womb” right in the eyes, absolutely not worrying about what was said and the possible consequences. In his work, he is demanding, both to himself and to others, and often occupies high leadership positions. Yansky Metal does not accept even the slightest criticism in its address, although it criticizes others without a shadow of doubt. It is often lacking in delicacy, which often ends up in resentment and misunderstanding on the part of people.

Jan Voda

Yang water is big rivers, seas, oceans. A man of the element of Yanskaya Water is endowed with impulsiveness and endless energy. He can do everything, he stops at nothing. He does not sit still, always in motion and full of ideas. These people are like streams of water that flow in one direction, bypass powerful objects, but never turn back. Such unrestrained activity is striking, it seems that this person is charged with some kind of space batteries. He enjoys his activity, grasps everything on the fly and often makes decisions at lightning speed, without bothering to think.

The personality of Yanskaya Voda is very sociable and positive, therefore it is always in the spotlight. As an excellent organizer, he knows how to interest people and carry them along. As a rule, he chooses professions related to social or political activities. Like the all-pervading Yang Water, such a person knows how to perfectly adapt and masterfully bypass all life obstacles. He can easily adapt to any situation. If the flow of water has an insurmountable obstacle on its way, the man of the Yang water will not be on the rampage, but will go around, if necessary, break into small streams, and then again run in a powerful stream.