Wood Release in Chinese Astrology


The Wood Release portends good luck, happiness, wisdom, honor. Although trials are possible in youth, nevertheless, in adulthood, a person achieves well-being, thanks to activity and determination and a desire for success. The tree in China traditionally symbolizes growth and life, flexibility and diplomacy, perseverance and strength. The tree strives upward, takes up space around it and puts down deep roots. It patronizes creativity, family and marriage. For humans, this element is expressed by living plants, paintings, paper products, green objects, objects made from plants.

People of the sign of the element of the Wood lead a natural and calm life, trying to be noble and righteous. Their interests are diverse and they are willing to work hard to achieve good results. At the same time, the people of the Tree make no less high demands on other people, while easily making them like-minded people, and are always ready to share the results of their work with them. The main disadvantage of a person born in the Year of the Tree is to take on too much. Sometimes this can lead to the inability to complete what was planned.

The green color, the color of the tree, brings the people born this year the desired rest, relieves fatigue, helps to recover. It is desirable that the facades of the houses, as well as the headboards of the beds of these people, are directed to the east. You can enhance the influence of the elements in the interior with the help of fresh flowers, paintings, origami, wood objects, green objects. The union of the tree man is most fruitful with the water man. The element of the Earth in conjunction with the Tree can also bring happiness. Two representatives of the element of the Wood can coexist calmly and comfortably. But the representatives of the elements of Fire and Metal are too different from the Wood in temperament.

Elemental Man Tree

People born in a year dominated by the element of the Tree are lucky. The Tree Man is capable of great accomplishments. More often than not, he has enviable self-control and is firmly grounded in facts. His interests are deep and varied. The Wood People attach great importance to ethics, high feelings and love beauty. They strive to find a lasting place in life and are willing to work hard to get ahead. But these are not speculators and dodgers, with pockets full of money.

A man of this element is demanding of himself and of people. He is capable of leadership work because he quickly grasps complex problems, can reduce them to practical instructions. Belief in success and an excellent ability to analyze enable him to tackle difficult cases without hesitation. In addition, he easily convinces others and makes them like-minded people. It can function in many areas as it is always aimed at non-stop growth and renewal. He is also ready to share the results of joint work with employees.

His natural goodwill helps him move up the career ladder. When needed, he finds support and the necessary funds, because people rely on his ability to turn ideas into capital. Its main drawback is to take on too much and take everything to an extreme. Sometimes he, therefore, cannot fulfill his plan, and the tree man jumps from one case to another. Some consider his activities pointless.

Tree Man

It is not easy for him to come to terms with the warmth of intimacy, even despite the fact that in every woman he seeks to find the ideal of perfection, he will analyze the quality of his own “work” in bed with no less interest than the bills for using the phone. The sad truth is that the Tree Man doesn’t really need anyone in life. Tormenting suffering in relation to various vicissitudes of life is one of the serious problems of men of this type. Men of the element of the Wood strive to combine all their intimate relationships into one big universal love.

They find it difficult to agree to intimacy in marriage or any other partnership that implies the exclusive right of partners to each other. They need personal freedom, but most of all the Tree man values ​​freedom for one and all. In a relationship, a Man-Tree is radical: he clearly prefers casual acquaintances to permanent partners, mistresses to wives … He may seem like a charming, very sociable person, he will be happy to be nice to many women, but he will single out one of them only if she matches his level intelligence.

For a tree man, love is an impersonal concept, so it’s better for his next partner to never talk about his uniqueness. For Tree, friendship and similarity in views of ideals and the need for freedom are much more important than a monogamous relationship. A flight upward with him could turn into a real journey to the stars and back; however, the tree man still must learn to communicate with the chosen one. Probably, the Tree man is the most ambivalent among all types of elements: he desperately tries to find himself and understand, but he does it exclusively through others, through the reflection in the mirror, and this prevents him from truly understanding himself.

Tree Woman

Honesty, beauty and truthfulness are at least three speculative characteristics of the ideal that the Tree Woman aspires to. She is attractive, has a presence of mind and independence. Because of this love of freedom, she often steps aside to avoid promises or commitments. Aesthetic principles are important to her. The Tree Woman is attracted to outwardly attractive partners. This approach fully explains the sad tradition of the Tree woman to fall in love with the “wrong man”. Intimacy in a state of love is given to her easily.

Outwardly, the Tree Woman looks cold-blooded, balanced and flawless, but this only confirms her vulnerability, fear of loneliness. She seeks to find support and support; despite her ambitions, humanistic ideals and a complex life, the Tree woman has a fragile, sensitive heart that equally desires love and fears the fulfillment of her desire. The Tree Woman never suffers from a sense of ownership and herself does not like anyone to have rights to her. Most of all, the Tree woman is seduced by a relationship with that man who would allow her to maintain her freedom and independence.

Her vision of relationships is quite practical: it is based on a sense of common sense and is full of the most perfect knowledge. She is deeply convinced of the truth of her life goals, but because of this, it may be difficult for her to realize the inner meaning of love relationships. In this case, the Tree Woman simply turns the relationship into an intellectual exercise. Love is created in her brain, not in her heart. A woman of the element of wood feels better alone than with a partner. She spends more of her life on a business career than on the chores of motherhood. And yet the Tree woman remains a woman, even though she manages to do it much more difficult than the representatives of other elements.