What kind of totem animal can be made from a skunk?


A person lives in a world where energy flows soar everywhere. Colliding, they are able to form various clots that envelop buildings, structures, animals and people. Some clots are capable of taking energy away from the animal, while others endow it. Centuries of experience have allowed us to create a list filled with patron animals, which are called totems. They can be compared to energy structures that take the form of specific living beings.

This does not mean at all that totems will behave like ordinary animals: run, fly or crawl. The fact of their very existence as clots of pure energy is important for people. It is necessary for the townsfolk to perform a number of physical actions. Totem is a kind of patron saint from the subtle world. He is able to convey to a person the qualities that he himself possesses.

What is

In every ancient culture, you can find echoes of cults associated with animals. According to some reports, man descended from our smaller brothers, who are not. In the course of evolution, man was destined to lose many of his original qualities and abilities. However, similar characteristics are still found among representatives of the animal world. Available totems are conventionally divided into:

  • solar;
  • lunar.

Animal protectors are also divided into female and male ones. However, there is an opinion that a woman, thanks to an innate sense of intuition and sensitivity, can find any patron. Each totem contains different abilities and talents, preferences and strength. The moment a person makes contact with a creature, he will acquire the opportunity to borrow some of its qualities and abilities. Many cultures try to impose the idea that each person has only one totem and has no choice. Symbolically, the animal chooses on its own. This can happen at any time.

Some find a mentor in infancy, while others manage to get to know him only in adulthood. For contact, you need to go towards the totem.

A living being can patronize both throughout life and during a certain period of it. Much depends on the degree of spiritual development of a person and his inner world. In addition to protection, the creature provides unlimited access to knowledge. Frequent hands-on exercises will help you build contact and interact with your animal. This happens when a person discovers in himself new abilities or character traits that he needs right now. Some, for example, lack courage, enterprise, or nobility.

Practice will help not only to enter a meditative state whenever you want, but also to find several totem animals. However, most of the rest of their lives continue to be under the auspices of one creature.


It is imperative to choose your totem animal correctly. The acquired qualities, success and prospects for future life will depend on this. In the process of choosing one of the three methods for finding your patron animal, you must adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Do not eat the meat of a particular animal.
  2. Do not decorate your home with his stuffed animals.
  3. Do not offend his bodily representatives.
  4. Don’t taunt him.

If we neglect the above, then the totem will turn away from the person and he will remain defenseless. There are three ways to recognize your true totem animal:

  1. General or analytical.
  2. Calendar-numeric.
  3. Meditative.


There are a number of people who were under the auspices of the totem, while still in the womb. At birth, a small man can adopt the distinctive features of some bird, animal or creeping. Complicate, and even more so, you should not worry about this. Being protected, the little man gains almost limitless abilities. The opinions of others can be important. Perhaps someone mentioned the similarity of gait with any animal or a look that vaguely resembles an eagle’s.

The patron can also be inherited, as well as from already deceased ancestors. In this case, we will already talk about the family totem. A similar situation develops with the family coat of arms or surname, which are symbols of the genus. If a person is faced with just such a situation, then for the first contact with the totem, you just need to start reading it. The main thing to strive for is to preserve the memory of him in every possible way and pass on this heritage from generation to generation. In this case, the magic power of the totem will automatically transfer from one person to another.

You can also act on the opposite. If the sense of the rational in a person is too developed, then this will easily alienate the patron from himself. A similar situation is observed with fears when a person deliberately tries to avoid them. In this case, the presence of an unaccountable, panic fear of emptiness will be evidence of the patron’s finding.


To search for a totem animal, you can also use a kind of astrological calendar, which was once discovered near the cemetery of one of the peoples who once lived on the territory of our planet. It takes into account not only the person’s year and birthday, but also a number of other information. The calendar was successfully used by the Turks, Zoroastrians and Celts.


To find a patron, you need to immerse your own “I” in a deep meditative state. Only a meditative trance will allow direct contact with the patron totem.

Step Manipulation
1. Suspension First of all, you need to calm down, not talk to anyone for several minutes and dim the lights. Next, you need to choose a comfortable position conducive to relaxation. It is possible that you will have to sit in this position for a long time, so no one should interfere. Breathing is even. Its rhythm does not change. If everything is done correctly, then the heart chakra will open, which will allow you to control the flow of energy.
2. Concentration The eyes are closed. A person asks for help from the Higher Powers in order to find his patron. You should imagine a warm and gentle golden light that seems to pour from heaven. Immerse yourself in the place that you consider the most calm and secluded, and immerse yourself in the sounds of the surrounding nature. Go hiking.
3. Observation The walk can be long. You should wait for the totem, which will appear on its own. At the moment of its appearance, it is necessary to remember as accurately as possible the details of everything that is around. Everything is important! Thickness of forest thickets, surrounding trees, rocks, pond or burrow. All this can help to return here in the future. If the search is done for the first time and the totem has not yet been selected, then the surrounding situation can push you to make the right decision.
4. Making contact The first dialogue is important. You can communicate both in a language familiar to a person and on a mental level. Do not be afraid, because you have already managed to “leave your body”, so why not try to speak mentally? You can start the conversation first or wait for the first step from the side of the creature. Do not be afraid to talk to him, go for physical contact – pat behind the ear, for example. The first contact will show if this is your totem.
5. Exit – return After the conversation, thank the animal for the opportunity. The next three days are a break. It is necessary to wait for the first step on the part of the patron. It is unnecessary to fantasize in the process of meditation. You should take things the way you feel them.

After an unsuccessful attempt to communicate with the totem through meditation, dreams can come to the rescue. It is necessary to remember which creature a person sees in a dream most often. Perhaps your totem has already tried to make contact, but was not understood. The animal could also give verbal signals that a person has chosen the wrong path or that he is in danger. Finding a common language with the totem is easy, but only if the patron is chosen correctly.

Need for more information

If the totem is a predator, then a person will quickly learn to forgive past grievances and begin to implement his plans. The hunter will help get rid of the fear of death, while not losing the taste for life. Animals, unlike humans, are not afraid of death. They perceive life in their own way. In a moment of danger, they will fight to the end. Each life episode is perceived as it is. Every day will be intense and as active as possible.

The meaning of every animal’s life lies in the endless present, the absence of “tomorrow.” The future will be as it should be, and the past has no place in life.

Creation, as one of the signs of spiritual maturity, makes the animal live “to the fullest” every day. In the desert, creatures deliberately choose a nocturnal lifestyle as an alternative to an excessively hot climate. If the totem animal is a nocturnal inhabitant, then the person will work better and calmer after sunset. A patron endowed with big ears will better dissipate excess heat. Such a person feels confident only when he pulls his hair behind his ears.

The predator will never lose sight of its prey. Bears or felines will eat their fill, after which the leftovers will be buried in the ground. This will help to get enough on other days, if the need arises. Wolves, for example, eat food through force, as they understand that the next meal may not be as affordable. It is necessary to adopt some of the habits of animals and learn not to throw away excess food. The same goes for abilities that can be wasted. Most animals prefer to hunt alone. If the totem belongs to the category of such creatures, then the person will better learn and develop independently.

Skunk like a totem animal

Sorcerers, shamans and other magical practitioners wear a variety of artifacts in the form of teeth, fur, tails, claws and animal bones. Commoners think that this is done to avoid the evil eye, but when creating artifacts, such elements play an important role. In ancient times, people worshiped different deities, each of which had its own earthly incarnation in the form of an insect, bird or animal. People believed that through living beings the Gods transmitted their strength and energy to the world. From this it follows that living beings were also endowed with the power and skill that the deity possessed. However, such qualities were not enough for people and they began to intensively study the habits of each species.

An example is the domestic cat, which kills for the sake of play, not just for survival, as wild predators do. Ravens feed on carrion, often soldiers killed in battle. They appear wherever it “smells of death,” which means that they are its harbingers. Thus, people began to highlight totem animals that were endowed with specific qualities.

What reputation has earned

The animal has a powerful reputation, although the animal itself is tiny. Unlike other predators, skunks do not pose a threat to human life. The natural behavior of the animal is characterized as playful. Skunks are able to teach a person to respect themselves in terms of reputation and strength. In the process of touching the aura, feelings can be transmitted. If self-awareness is intact, then no harm will be done to other people. Like humans, the animal’s aura translates and feeds on emotions. Self-esteem is reflected in the behavior of other individuals.

Self-respect comes only when a person learns to assert himself in the eyes of others without harming anyone. Self-respect can also help you avoid unpleasant acquaintances that won’t come in handy in your life.

If the totem is a skunk, then a person will learn to draw inspiration from the world around him, to attract and reflect energy, as “energy vampires” do. Over time, an understanding will come of how to properly use the energy flows that surround us. But it is not recommended to direct sexual energy to someone, only if the person is not looking for a short-term connection. In addition, energy can be used in a more constructive way. Skunk will explain the principle of energy flows. The power received must be used wisely and only for the good. By helping, a person will create a reputation for himself, and spending the balance in vain – disgrace and remain incomprehensible.

Contrary to the generally accepted standard

It should be noted that excessive self-esteem may seem like another act of tactlessness or something dishonest. Other people may abandon your company, get scared of the arisen jealousy or envy. Rely on your feelings. You shouldn’t lie to yourself. The simpler you will relate to life, the less strength will be lost. Perhaps it is better to remain silent than to start a protracted debate. Each person will evaluate this behavior differently. Energy consumption must be reduced as much as possible. It should not be squandered where it is not needed.

Skunk as a totem animal

In most cases, when it comes to skunks, the only thing a person can say is that it stinks. All because of the jet of a special substance that the animal emits for self-defense. Such a scent is not capable of killing, but it will make you respect it. Henceforth, the predator will think several times before trying to catch such a “fragrant” lunch.


This animal is familiar to everyone, although in most cases only by hearsay. However, the opinion about the animal was wrong. Among other things, the skunk is considered one of the most powerful totems. Many magical mysteries and mystical incidents are associated with his image. People react to the animal ambiguously. Some show respect for his abilities and ability to stand up for themselves, while others perceive the animal only as a source of stench. Skunk can teach you a lot. For example, how to gain respect and show it. Each person is unique, and a furry patron can teach you to reckon with it.

The animal is not used to giving in to anyone. He will move in the chosen direction no matter what, and if he is met on the way by obstacles, he will only accelerate. The animal is confident in its own strength. In addition to confidence, the totem will teach you to perceive yourself correctly and contact others. You must claim your rights regularly. In its natural habitat, a threat to the animal is the “Virginian” owl, which prefers to feast on them. Delving deeper into the study of the predator, you can find that the owl has a completely different energy than that of a skunk, which subsequently balances it.

Unrivaled aroma

The feeling of fear is unknown to skunks, while the creatures turned out to be very peaceful. The “magic” jet is used only as a last resort, and only after a warning. They move with dignity, extremely slowly. The period of threats for animals consists of several stages:

  1. A stomp is observed, after which the skunk turns its back to the source of danger.
  2. Raising the tail – the places where the gland that generates the jet is located.
  3. The third stage is the final one, and if the animal has reached it, then trouble cannot be avoided. The tail is already raised, and the head turns towards the victim. At this second, the animal chooses the correct angle in order to properly direct the stream.

If the skunk, standing with his back to the victim, turned his head, trouble is inevitable. Tomato juice will help get rid of the unpleasant smell.

The emitted “protection” is capable of hitting a selected target from a distance of several meters. In one run, a skunk can release no more than 6 jets, after which the animal will need some time to recover. The emitted liquid contains an enzyme that causes terrible irritation. He will not be able to kill, however, a burning sensation in the eyes and in other open areas of the body is provided. The totem will teach you to communicate with people who are used to behaving defiantly. Those who are under the protection of a skunk may need to eat tomatoes often or not even look at them. The characteristics of this vegetable will help you understand the nature of the emergence of the skunk’s energy, which will be the opposite of the animal.

The familiar scent of a skunk proves that the animal is able to recognize its own superiority over others. In addition, the totem can teach such tactics. The people around will begin to respect the person, and his opinion will be taken into account. You should also pay attention to the fact that fragrances are associated not only with protective functions, but also with sexuality and sensuality. Modern pharmaceutical companies focus on a unique aroma when creating aphrodisiacs. Recent studies only prove the connection between the nerves located in the genital area and those responsible for the sense of smell. With regular interaction with the totem, a person will begin to pay attention to how others will react to aromas. With such a patron, it will not be superfluous to think about aromatherapy. The correct smell will help you knowingly win over a person. People react differently to the same scent. Some people directly ask the question – what kind of scent it is, because intuitively it will remind them of something.


There are only two types of skunks: striped and spotted. The first is best known for its two distinctive stripes, which originate on the head and end closer to the tail. On the back, the strip can be double or single. This speaks of the vitality and sexual energy of the animal. The animal is able to influence an increase in the energy supply of a person. Over time, it will teach you to control energy flows and use the balance as efficiently as possible. The double stripe also has a symbolic meaning. Based on metaphysical teachings, three streams pass along the back, referred to as sushumna, pingala and ida. They personify the middle, solar and lunar energy, which affects the ability to interact with the patron. If desired, the creature can turn on and off the creative power, transmit and redirect it.

Family relationships

The skunk gets offspring once a year. Cubs are born about ten. Independently from their parents, the cubs begin to live at the age of twenty weeks. Under natural conditions, the animal can live for about ten years. Such a time period may coincide with those faced by a person under the care of a skunk. The ability to release a protective stream is acquired by the cubs when they first open their eyes. This testifies to the strong energy that is inherent in a person who is in contact with a creature from birth.

Because of this, they receive too much attention from infancy or do not receive it at all. At a more mature age, this translates into the presence of a huge number of friends or the absence of such in principle. Extremes give way to extremes. Having this animal as a totem, people must learn how to both repulse and attract people. It should be understood that there are a number of cases where the need for communication increases. There are also times when communication should be avoided. Well-being will directly depend on the skills and experience acquired.


Silent creatures by nature. You should not brag and boast so as not to alienate those around you. The environment should form its own opinion based on what they saw, not what they heard. They adapt to the environment quickly. Night is their time for hunting. Refers to the species of predators.


If a person has chosen this animal as a patron, then it is necessary to work properly on self-esteem. People around you should start to respect you. Look will matter. The first impression should be remembered, because with the acquisition of a defender, people will begin to pay attention to you. You should remember the emotions that others exude. This is where the skunk will help. A totem is a mirror image of a person. He is able to teach a lot, but he will also require complete trust in return. The knowledge gained should be absorbed immediately. The animal will become a symbol of the power that a person is able to comprehend. Magic will not only heal the soul, but also affect the body, and will also help to bring the plan to life.