What is totem and its types


Totem is the beliefs of certain groups of people in the presence of a state of kinship with a certain type of animal or plant. Such beliefs found their distribution in ancient families or clans.

The history of totem

Ancient people were able to survive only thanks to their observation and discernment. It was by observing the behavior of animals that a person was able to build a logical chain of judgments about him. Hence the desire to imitate the habits or inheritance of certain traits of the animal. Whole clans or tribes were susceptible to the belief that their totem was able to protect against natural disasters or diseases.

Totem worship found the belief that newborns in a clan have the power of a totem, which will give the ability to further develop the entire group of people. From childhood, babies were taught certain skills associated with a particular totem.

In our time, totemism has lost its power as a basic belief, but esotericists prove the opposite. There is a spiritual connection between a person and natural forces, which means that everyone can have a certain totem.

Type of totems

Shamanism defines several types of totems:
• The totem of life is a symbol with which it goes along throughout its life path. Even if at a certain time the power of the totem is not needed, it will still be present nearby and can save at the right moment.

• The totem of the road is a symbol of a certain moment in life. His task is to give help for a short time, exactly to the extent that vitality does not run out in the presence of a problem.

• The news totem is a messenger. His task is to bring news or show spiritual growth. When such a totem appears, a strong feeling or even a state of apathy may appear. The appearance time of such a totem depends on its purpose. If there is a task in transmitting a message, then he will not be present for a long time, but if the task is to correct the life line, then the time of the totem’s presence may be somewhat delayed.

• The shadow totem is a symbol of difficulties and trials. Its power is immense, but to be able to use such power will require proof that this power can be sustained. Until the difficulty is over, the entire power of the totem is directed against the individual. By overcoming the trials of this totem, one can gain great knowledge and strength, as well as the ability to balance life and tune life lines in the right direction.