What Is My Spirit Animal by Birthday


Every person has a totem. He is able to bear the character of a talisman or patron, which means that he has a certain influence and is able to endow his master with different qualities. Currently, many have become interested in this, in order to determine it there are enough ways and options, the simplest is the name or date of birth of a person. Behind every person there is an animal, it is this animal that can endow not only positive qualities, but also negative ones. Character traits thanks to this moment are easy to compensate, creating balance.

Methods for determining a totem animal

There are certain ways to understand which totem animal is a companion in the life of a certain person. It is possible to look at specialized calendars or astrological tables. It is also quite possible to engage in some kind of meditation. Naturally, the latter method is much more effective and better, because at the same time each person will be able to feel and understand much better which animal is closer and dearer to him. During meditation, a person’s subconsciousness and consciousness are in close relationship, the latent energies become stronger and show their true essence.

You should know that the totem symbolizes different aspects of the individual’s personality, so it is quite possible to select several totems at the same time and use them. This will only make it easier to work with them.

Also, in various life situations, a person will become more profound and pragmatic. For example, during a period of protracted illness, you can use the properties of the totem that rules the earth, and in case of psychological and mental problems, use air totems. When using totems, a person can use hidden opportunities, become much stronger and wiser.

You should know

Before you start looking for a totem beast, you need to find out certain information. The totem is considered an animal from the world of mysticism or wildlife. Any person has his own totem or several of them at once. Moreover, each has a main totem and several secondary ones. Each person must independently determine it, because this is a connection with his personality.

The totem may well change over the course of a lifetime. He can have a great influence on the fate of a person for a long time, and then hide in the shadows, help only when it is really necessary. There are different totem animals in different spheres of life. When working with them, you can not worry about certain restrictions, because they simply do not exist. First, you need to establish a close relationship with the main totem, and then you can move on to using others. If a person commits wrong actions or deeds, then the totem can leave him.

Shamans and thoughts

If you listen to the teachings of the shamans of antiquity, then it is worth remembering that if the power of an animal is present in a person, this does not at all mean the availability of his skills and energy. These qualities are present in the subconscious of a person, but they need to be constantly developed and worked with them. The totem animal used to be determined by the year of birth and date. Also, shamans were convinced that if a person was good at finding contact with certain animals, then this meant that he had a strong totem.

A person is obliged to find a common language and establish contact with a totem animal in order to have his own patron. You need to honor the totem and show respect for it. If the totem helped the person in a difficult situation, then you should definitely thank him in your heart. Since ancient times, shamans have understood how useful totems are and what they are for. They knew that with the help of a totem, a person can get excellent health and physical condition, tremendous strength and powerful energy. The totem also showed personalities how to get out of a predicament with minimal losses.

Totem animal by date of birth

Each person is the owner of his totem animal, which protects him, helps to discover certain qualities and temperament in himself. The ancient Slavic peoples recognized their totem animal according to an old tradition. If a person knows his individual totem animal, then he can understand himself much better, achieve inner harmony and find out his own purpose in life. If he knows what kind of totem animal he is, then he can discover unexpected talents in himself, engage in creativity, and recognize his true essence.

  • (December 10 – January 9) 1931, 1963, 1995
  • (January 10 – February 9) 1948, 1980, 2012
  • (February 10 – March 9) 1941, 1973, 2005
  • (March 10 – April 9) 1954, 1986, 2018
  • Cat or (April 10 – May 9) 1961, 1993, 2025
  • (May 10 – June 9) 1958, 1990, 2022
  • (June 10 – July 9) 1949, 1981, 2013
  • (July 10 – August 9) 1944, 1976, 2008
  • (August 10 – September 9) 1966, 1998, 2030
  • (September 10 – October 9) 1970, 2002, 2034
  • Buffalo or (Oct 10 – Nov 9) 1967, 1999, 2031
  • (November 10 – December 9) 1965, 1997, 2029

Each creature has unique characteristics and properties. So how can you recognize a totem beast by date of birth and use its power to improve your life? How to open the hidden energy in yourself and find your Self? It is worth using the Celtic, Zoroastrian and Turkic astrological calendars and horoscopes here.

Totem by the sign of the zodiac

Finding a totem animal by date of birth is not difficult. You just need to look at a special calendar and understand which animal is the main patron in a certain period. You can also pay attention to secondary totems, which are capable of helping to reveal the hidden abilities and skills of a person in difficult situations.

  • Aries – Bear
  • Taurus – Tiger
  • Gemini – Eagle
  • Cancer – Crocodile
  • Leo – Peacock
  • Virgo – Wolf
  • Libra – Owl
  • Scorpio – Dolphin
  • Sagittarius – Cheetah
  • Capricorn – Elephant
  • Aquarius – Swan
  • Pisces – Turtle

Any person is able to understand who his totemic patron is, you just need to be able to turn to the animal. Naturally, you should not wait for an instant result, but after a certain period of time you can notice significant changes. Life will change for the better, the personality will become stronger. However, if a person cannot turn to the depths of the subconscious, then he is able to simply look at the calendar or find an animal according to his zodiac sign.

Finding a totem

To begin with, you should choose a place for solitude and loneliness, so that no one will disturb you. You should relax as much as possible and close your eyes, sit quietly, make your breathing even and calm. You need to concentrate on meditation, eliminate extraneous thoughts. It is necessary to free your own consciousness as much as possible from unnecessary fuss and focus on the main thing. You have to open up and free yourself.

Inside oneself, one should imagine an endless space of black color, focus on it, feel it and feel it. This is what will be the huge Universe, which extends to infinity in all directions.

When you can feel the image, you need to imagine a tiny point in the center of the Universe, as if pulsating without stopping. You need to look at her carefully and observe. It will start gradually, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, to increase in size, to acquire the shape and shape of a certain animal. It can be an insect, a bird, or a huge beast of prey.

It is worth concentrating as much as possible on this image, presenting it in all the details.

When the image begins to resemble the real one, it is worth asking in your thoughts who it is, what is its name, and continue to wait. It is quite possible that the name and title will independently pop up in thoughts or a person will hear the necessary information. It is also likely that a person will see him even brighter and realize that he has already known him for a long time. Everything will depend on the individual characteristics and the ability of a particular person to perceive sensation through the organs of hearing, smell, touch or vision.

You must first pronounce the name of this animal in a whisper in order to remember it and subsequently constantly turn to the patron. However, only a person should know it, no one should be told about it.

It is also worth referring to the image by name and ask to talk about its properties and skills, about hidden abilities and about situations in which it is worth counting on its help. You need to keep all the information in your head, you can’t tell anyone about it.

When man has managed to find out everything he needs, you need to slowly dissolve the image of the animal in the infinity of the black Universe.

After that, it is worthwhile to sit in silence with closed eyes for a while. Well, when the consciousness is ready to return to reality, you can open your eyes and finish the mediation.

Varieties of totems

  • Bear – refers to those people whose date of birth is in the digital equivalent from December 10 to January 09. The main positive in such people is understanding and wisdom, and also calmness. But, do not be lazy.
  • Wolverine – this animal belongs to people born between January 10 and February 09. A person has the strength and ability to organize in any situation. Often such people are considered reserved and even closed.
  • Raven – refers to those whose birthday coincides with the dates from February 10 to March 09. A person may have the ability to competently understand other people, listening to his inner world. Intelligence is the main quality of people under such protection. But there are also negative aspects, living in your fantasies.
  • An ermine is a person born in the period from March 10 to April 09, it is important for them to be independent from anyone and from anything. Moreover, friendship for them is not just a word.
  • Toad – near that person whose day of occurrence falls on the period from April 10 to May 09. Well-being is important for every person.
  • Grasshopper – from May 10 to June 09. Constant striving for the best in spite of all obstacles and misunderstandings.
  • Hamster – laziness manifests itself in the character of this person, but at the same time, if there is a goal, they cannot be stopped. This is for people from June 10th to July 09th.totem animal
  • Snail – a person under this patronage is always friendly and loyal, but there is also a minus, excessive fantasies. This is typical for people born in the period from July 10 to August 09.
  • Ant – a person born in the period from August 10 to September 09, is hardworking and never leaves his goal.
  • Magpie – there is more negative than positive here, the period from September 10 to October 09.
  • Beaver – will always be next to that person’s date of birth, which falls on the period from October 10 to November 09. Most often this person is hidden and closed, which means that his soul is “dark”.
  • A dog – it is she who is able to protect her person born from November 10 to December 09. Like this animal, a person knows how to be friends, his devotion sometimes simply surprises, but many people like it.

Different cultures and totem

In ancient times, people were convinced that animals are the ancestors of man, which is why Darwin’s theory is true for many. The animals have always been held in high esteem and respect. Totem animals in different cultures and peoples are almost the same. In most cases, these are wild birds and animals.

However, some animals are the owners of impressive strength and mysticism, courage and courage, determination, while others embody such traits as patience and wisdom.

In India, they were sure that all the Gods had their own individual animals, which were considered messengers and allowed to move. In ancient times, it was believed that God is in every animal.

Totem Essence

How to understand which totem animal patronizes a particular person? The most correct way will be meditation on this issue. Some people almost instantly understand which of the animals is their patron. For example, someone makes great contact with dogs and rodents, others love creepers and know how to handle them.

If you look closely at how animals behave towards humans, you can define your own totem effortlessly. The roots of the totem are capable of manifesting throughout existence, but not all people notice this. It is necessary to clearly realize that the totemic beast cannot be separated from the person, it goes hand in hand with it throughout its entire existence. It is the animal that shows the true essence of a particular person, his character and skills. The totem contains the hidden inner qualities and energies of a certain personality.

Assistant and companion

The totem represents the psychological state of the individual. If you look at totem animals from different peoples and cultures, then you can understand that in ancient times people asked for help not only from animals, but also from plants. People used to easily discover their own potential using this knowledge. Why is it impossible now?

One has only to understand what kind of animal is the patron of a person, to come into contact with him and establish relations. Then, during a difficult period in life, it will certainly come to the rescue and help to release the inner potential and hidden energies, use your abilities and know your own I. Totems are companions of every person in such a complex and unpredictable life!