The Basics of Astrology: Introduction

Horoscope is a birth-chart that signifies symbolic representation of an individual’s current status in relation to the position of the sun, moon, planets and other particular stars at certain time of an individual’s birth.

As it is widely known that the earth revolves around the sun on an elliptical path which takes the period of a complete year. This elliptical path is termed as ecliptic in astrological terms which is further divided into 12 sections. Such 12 sections are called ‘Zodiac signs’, i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. An astrologer predicts future status or prospective position of a particular individual with the aid of these zodiac signs along with assigned position of planets.  Each sign and planet symbolizes human characteristics, behavior, psychology, physiology, aptitude and their actions incorporated to that individual.


  • The Sun in Astrology
  • Sun in Houses
  • Sun in Signs


  • The Moon in Astrology
  • Moon in Houses
  • Moon in Signs


  • Mercury in Astrology
  • Mercury in Houses
  • Mercury in Signs


  • Venus in Astrology
  • Venus in Houses
  • Venus in Signs


  • Mars in Astrology
  • Mars in Houses
  • Mars in Signs


  • Jupiter in Astrology
  • Jupiter in Houses
  • Jupiter in Signs


  • Saturn in Astrology
  • Saturn in Houses
  • Saturn in Signs


  • Uranus in Astrology
  • Uranus in Houses
  • Uranus in Signs


  • Neptune in Astrology
  • Neptune in Houses
  • Neptune in Signs


  • Pluto in Astrology
  • Pluto in Houses
  • Pluto in Signs

Planets in Houses

  • Chiron in Houses
  • Node in Houses
  • South Node in Houses
  • Part of Fortune in Houses
  • Black Moon Lilith in Houses
  • Vertex in Houses

Planets Retrograde

  • Mercury Retrograde Natal
  • Venus Retrograde Natal
  • Mars Retrograde Natal
  • Jupiter Retrograde Natal
  • Saturn Retrograde Natal
  • Uranus Retrograde Natal
  • Neptune Retrograde Natal
  • Pluto Retrograde

Astrology is a study that elaborates the relationship and the influence of planetary positions, either moving or stabilized, in correspondence to anything or creature on this earth. Astronomical predictions rely on very unique methodology of concluding astronomical bodies’ moves, i.e. of sun, moon, planets and specific stars of any individual.

Astronomers claim to do prophecy of any being on the basis of related astronomical bodies’ position at the time of his/her birth. Such anticipations regarding an individual, group or entity are called horoscopes’ predictions.


  • The 1st House in Astrology
  • The 2nd House in Astrology
  • The 3rd House in Astrology
  • The 4th House in Astrology
  • The 5th House in Astrology
  • The 6th House in Astrology
  • The 7th House in Astrology
  • The 8th House in Astrology
  • The 9th House in Astrology
  • The 10th House in Astrology
  • The 11th House in Astrology
  • The 12th House in Astrology


  • Ascendant in Aries
  • Ascendant in Taurus
  • Ascendant in Gemini
  • Ascendant in Cancer
  • Ascendant in Leo
  • Ascendant in Virgo
  • Ascendant in Libra
  • Ascendant in Scorpio
  • Ascendant in Sagittarius
  • Ascendant in Capricorn
  • Ascendant in Aquarius
  • Ascendant in Pisces

There are 4 basic elements which are required to prepare an individual’s horoscope:

  • The earth: Astrologers consider ‘the earth’ as the centre of the universe which concludes the current and future action of an individual.
  • The planets:  Moon and the sun are estimated as the planets that cast their influence on living creatures.
  • 12 Zodiac: Zodiac signs are designed pattern called constellations within the circle of the earth that reveal various characteristics of an individual.
  • 12 Houses: These 12 houses conclude any creatures’ status by determining the position of associated zodiac signs and planets.

Although astrology is assumed to be a rejected concept that does not justify scientific parameter of providing factual truth yet stern faith of numerous people has been spreading this conception as ‘popular’ even till now. Faith is the base of this universe and no smoke can be dispelled without fire.

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