What is Astrology and how does it affect my life?


Astrology is a method by which people try to gain an insight into the meaning of, signs of, or intent of, the spiritual power or powers that govern the universe. They do this be seeking signs of, or more controversially causes of, human events, destiny, the natural world, and even specific personalities of individuals. In astrology many people believe that it is simply the reading of the stars. When in fact most of astrology revolves around reading the planets and the potions of them relative to the stars and the other planets. Contrary to popular belief much of astrology is based in math and numerology and it is an accepted method amongst psychics to deliver psychic readings.

Many times the astrologers in ancient history would also perform different mystical activities and even psychic activities in support of their astrology. Activities such as casting lots, consulting oracles and even advanced numerology. Modern psychic activities such as performing as a psychic tarot reader or cartomancy was not used until the fourteenth century.

During ancient times the astrologer was looked to as the foremost scientific authority in any given field. This was because it was the astrologer that would constantly be studying mysticism, math in relation to the stars, and even alchemy. The astrologer did not just focus his efforts on the mystic side of the stars, it was the astrologer that also studied the weather, seasons, and all areas of overall astronomy. This made the astrologer particularly knowledgeable not just about psychic and spiritual mysticism but also about natural weather cycles. Thus the astrologer appeared to have control and a sight into the future by being able to tell when the weather would change or natural events would occur. All of this mixed together into science, pseudoscience, mysticism, psychic reading, and divination. It was the one who studied astrology that was the true Merlin of any court. These people were brought into astrology apprenticeships by other mystics when they showed signs of psychic and mystical sensitivities. They were then taught and developed into some of the most powerful individuals within many ancient societies.

Eventually, roughly around the time of the Renaissance, the study of astrology, science, math, and other hard sciences split into specialty fields. Astrology, with its ties to spiritism, divination, and the psychic reader split off and away from hard science and into the realm of the supernatural. This is where it has remained for hundreds of years. On the outskirts of science, but with strong roots in all hard sciences from math to astronomy.

There is no doubt amongst psychic reader that astrology has a powerful place and relevance within the spirit world. The psychics will tell you that long before there was hard science to conquer the elements, the mystics and alchemists were twisting nature to their will with their supernatural powers and insight. The arrogance of the hard sciences being only a few centuries old to think that they have the answer to all things when so much of their science that is unexplained is perfectly explained by astrology and its related spiritism.