What are chakras: learning to activate human energy center


In yoga and various meditative practices, such a concept as “chakra” is often used. It is believed that by opening the chakras, a person is filled with special energy and attains enlightenment. In this material, we decided to figure out what chakras are and how they can be activated.

What is chakra

In the spiritual practice of Buddhism, it is customary to call the energy centers on the human body a chakra or padma. It is believed that special channels pass through them, through which vital energy flows. These concepts are widely used not only in religious concepts and spiritual practices, but also in alternative medicine, as well as in Ayurveda.

They also talk about chakras in relation to yoga and meditation – it is assumed that by opening the chakras during meditative practices, a person achieves enlightenment, becomes more collected and wise. Mindfulness masters claim that balanced chakras improve a person’s well-being, emotional state and help to become happier.

What are the chakras

There are seven main types of chakras in Hinduism. Each of them is associated with different areas of life, feelings and emotions, and also controls the work of internal organs. Thus, by activating certain types of chakras, a person can improve his health.

1. Root chakra (mooladhara)

The root chakra, or mooladhara, is responsible for vital energy and fear and symbolizes a person’s connection with the material physical world. The open mooladhara chakra gives a sense of calmness and confidence in the future, gives the necessary energy to implement plans. On the contrary, a lack of energy and will to live, a bad mood – all these are some of the symptoms that the chakra works inharmoniously. In terms of well-being, this can manifest itself in lethargy, back pain.

2. Sacral chakra (svadhisthana)

The second chakra – svadhisthana – is responsible for sexuality and sensual pleasures. It embodies the brightest feelings – joy, fun, good relationship with your beloved, as well as attractiveness for the opposite sex. During meditation, concentrate on this energy center to lift your mood and feel the taste of life. If the sacral chakra works inharmoniously, this manifests itself in excessive irritability and jealousy.

3. Solar plexus chakra (manipura)

Manipura can also be called a resource chakra – it is here that energy is generated for the fulfillment of plans and goals. This padma is responsible for ambition, willpower of a person, his self-confidence, as well as discipline and self-control. If the chakra is out of balance, then this can manifest itself in feelings of helplessness, laziness, and procrastination. Manipura is also responsible for the digestive system in the body.

4. Heart chakra (anahata)

Responsible for love, and not only for the people around him, but first of all for himself. Working on the anahata chakra helps to fight the feeling of loneliness and isolation from others, gives a feeling of love for your body and a sense of your own beauty and attractiveness. By activating this chakra, you contribute to the balanced work of the cardiovascular system of the body.

5. Throat chakra (vishuddha)

The throat padma, or vishuddha chakra, is responsible for communication and self-confidence. If you have low self-esteem, fear of society, unwillingness to make new acquaintances, then this means that the throat chakra works inharmoniously and you need to pay special attention to it during meditation. Working on the throat chakra is also believed to help with thyroid problems, as well as pain in the neck and shoulder joints.

6. Brow chakra (ajna)

Thoughts and images are generated in this energy center. Ajna is responsible for intuition and concentration, and in esotericism it is generally believed that this chakra is responsible for prophetic dreams and the ability to see the future. A blocked eyebrow chakra can lead to headaches and nervousness, in communication such a person becomes too demanding of others and is not able to compromise. Activate this padma to feel a special emotional connection with the outside world.

7. Crown chakra (sahasrara)

Sahasrara is a person’s connection with the Universe and God. By activating this energy center, a person achieves enlightenment and awareness, learns the true meaning of life and feels a connection with the world. To open the crown chakra, you must first activate all the previous chakras – which is why it is believed that complete concentration is necessary. This practice can take years to master.

How to open the chakras


There are several ways to open or activate the chakras, and the most effective of them is yoga. We have already talked about various types of yoga , one of which is kundalini yoga – it is she who is aimed at opening the chakras. It is a system of special exercises that work on energy centers, help develop them and at the same time tone the body, reduce stress and develop awareness. By the way, this complex of studies was considered secret until 1969 – it was owned only by Buddhist masters.


In order to establish a special connection with the subconscious during meditation and achieve relaxation, a person needs to open the chakras. To activate all energy centers, you need to sequentially, starting from the root chakra and moving up, activate all the padmas. This requires concentration and, of course, daily work. It is especially difficult to activate the crown chakra – it can take years of work on yourself.

Flower therapy

In Hinduism, each of the seven chakras has its own color designation (it is shown in the picture above), therefore it is believed that color therapy helps to restore the balance of energy centers and activate the padmas. Surround yourself with things of a specific color – accessories and knickknacks or furnishings – to target a specific chakra. Interestingly, some practicing masters suggest using this technique in their wardrobe – dressing up in clothes of a certain color that matches the chakra you want to activate, or buying special yoga clothes in seven padma colors.

Jewelry from natural stones

Natural stones can become your main talisman and assistant in opening the chakras. We have already written about their magical properties and the correspondence of each stone to the zodiacal symbols. Each chakra is associated with its own group of minerals and its own type of jewelry. So, to open the heart chakra, it is recommended to wear rose quartz pendants, necklaces made of turquoise or aquamarine will help activate the throat chakra, and a moonstone pendant – the sacral chakra. However, natural stones can be worn not only as jewelry and accessories, but also used in meditation.


Affirmations help not only to fulfill desires, but also to activate the chakras. To reveal the padmas with the help of affirmations, you need to pronounce short positive attitudes to yourself. For example, to activate the heart chakra, you can repeat to yourself “I love myself and my body”, “I feel love for my family and for all the people around me”.