Water Release in Chinese Astrology


The element of Water symbolizes mutual understanding, wisdom, the ability to adapt to any conditions, and a penchant for travel. Water, by its nature, must drain and soak. It penetrates into all cracks, takes any shape, is the best solvent and is able to sweep away everything in its path, destroying even a stone. Moreover, nothing living can exist without water.

People of the sign of the element Water are able to unobtrusively use the talents of others and easily remove or bypass all barriers in their path. However, their plans may be disrupted due to weak resistance. Representatives of this element are impulsive, go to extremes, but at the same time they are prone to analysis and adapt well to the situation. They are sociable, flexible and highly intuitive. Therefore, it is easy for them to predict events.

Dark blue or silver colors are beneficial for representatives of the element of Water. It is advisable to place the dwelling with windows to the north, the head of the bed should also be oriented to the north. Mirrors, glass objects, aquariums, indoor fountains, objects of blue or black wavy shape will enhance the influence of Water in the interior. The most successful people of Water cooperate with the people of Wood and Metal. Intensely – with Fire and Earth. There are no problems with water.

Elemental Man Water

People of this element are sociable and have a great influence on others. At the same time, they have exceptional intuition that allows them to quickly captivate others. Flexibility, the ability to playfully adapt to any situation gives them the ability to anticipate the development of events. They know how to discern people’s talents, inspire them and use them effectively. With all this, they are unobtrusive and will not let the other feel that they are being used.

As befits Water, the people of this element remove from their path all barriers that impede progress. They are mobile, like their element. But they have a weak resistance, which frustrates many of their plans. In such cases, you should not indulge in despair. An understanding of things hidden from direct observation makes them excellent consultants. The Water People are especially successful in cooperating with the Wood and Metal people.

Water Man

Men of this element usually like very feminine and beautiful women, physical attractiveness instantly captivates them. The Water Man falls in love much more often than his fellows belonging to the rest of the elements. It is common for him to indulge in tricks, enjoy life or love, fluttering like a moth. The heart of the Water man is so open to the sensations of everyone around him, and his mind and body are so sensitive to the world and its vibrations, that as a result, he is saturated with the problems of other people at every step, not realizing whether he has problems himself.

His resistance to his own senses makes him like a ship, silently cutting through the night sea. When another love meets on his way, the Water man is in a state of partial eclipse. If the relationship does not correspond to his ideal, then he will prefer to retire to a dark, secluded place, to the depths of his dreams. But, despite the unpredictability and lack of purposefulness, the Water man is always honest, sincere, direct and ready for any challenge, sexually or mentally. In bed, he does mental gymnastic exercises and comes up with all sorts of games that do not affect his heart.

The Water Man will never let you go deep into his emotional space, although he may seem bright and charming, persistent and subtle. He has difficulty understanding the meaning of love, because what he considers to be love, in fact, often turns out to be fantasy. The Water Man has an amazing ability to portray every imaginable type of lover. Role-playing like this means he doesn’t have to show his real self. It is much easier to become a vessel for another person’s feelings than to give him your own.

This is precisely one of the difficulties of a love relationship with a Water man: it is unlikely that he will give you any significant part of himself. And yet, men of the element of Water have an innate fear of loneliness: this is probably why each of them seeks to make a permanent partner for himself. The Water Man always strives for the company, because he needs constant movement, endless changes of masks, research of new sensations. The Water Man can generally become a lost person if he does not find himself a partner who knows that in fact he perceives intimate relationships as a trip through dark dungeons filled with ghosts and all sorts of traps. The Water Man knows that light is dawning at the end of this tunnel, but to get there, he needs an unusual and receptive woman.


The goddess of the sea, it is her image that best matches the type of woman-Water, characterized by mobility, changeability. It is very difficult for a woman who is under the rule of this element to convince someone that she can be faithful and constant, while maintaining both charm and intelligence. She lives under the auspices of the Moon and in this is no different from the ocean waves. Her sensitivity to the world around her is so high that she can draw mental portraits of her former lover, projecting them onto every man she meets in the future.

The fact that the Water woman often meets with several men at the same time (and almost always they are not the ones she needs) is simply explained: she is not sure what love is. Romance is high on her list of priorities, as is carnal love. A soft and deceiving appearance makes men pursue the Water woman in the hope of capturing her fickle and flowing heart. The paradox of this woman is that although she enjoys the persecution and is always ready to giggle, acting out the process of seduction and romantic sighing, her mood can suddenly change, and then the Water woman will simply refuse to participate in this performance.

To know herself, the Water woman needs many different relationships. She “tries on” different partners and everything in order to figure out which one is best for her. Such experiments give her the opportunity to feel “real”. But at the same time, Water is completely confident that she wants a strong relationship with only one partner with whom she can interact, without feeling either bound by obligations or placed in a rigid framework. This is the problem that the Water woman constantly faces. Sometimes her restless, neurotic behavior seems to be in conflict with her urge to stay with the only man she loves.

It is difficult for water to maintain a monogamous relationship, unless it finds in them as much variety as is possible in the relationship of two partners. Otherwise, she will float away and return, guided only by her desires. Naturally, this is not easy for any partner. The trouble with Water is that she idealizes each new man, seeing in him only what she wants to see. If the chosen one does not live up to her expectations, Water will arrange a “disappearance trick” or start flirting in such a way that he himself leaves her. For Water, the physical expression of love should always be romantic, full of fantasy.