Virgo Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Virgo Horoscope
Date range: August 23 – September 22
Day: Wednesday
Color: Forest Green, Beige, Yellow, White
Element: Earth
Most compatible with: Capricorn, Taurus

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Virgo will analyze everything in any situation, Virgo analysis skill is well above any zodiac signs, Virgo is level headed and calculated. Virgo can adjust to any kinds of change easily; they are blessed with great analytical skills and are able to see the core of a problem easily. Virgo is also able to easily see through deception and dishonesty; it is hard to deceive a Virgo. Besides that, Virgo is also known for being practical in various situations, hardworking, and is loyal to everyone they holds dear.

Weaknesses – Virgo is also unnecessarily practical in a situation that does not requires being practical, it can annoy everyone with their methodological approach in various situations which can be easily solved just by being natural. The other major weakness of a Virgo is that they are over analytical over anything; they are always suspicious of anyone, and anything which makes it difficult for Virgo to trust people. Virgo often forces people to follow the order that they are arrange and they are very bossy about it.

Virgo Relationship with people

As a friend, Virgo can be both dependable and annoying, although it is pretty difficult to be a Virgo best friend, but if a Virgo has a best friend, he will be attached and is going to help the friend in any kinds of trouble. The troublesome thing about being a best friend with a Virgo is that a Virgo is very demanding of the friend, he expect the friend to do things exactly like the order that the Virgo arranged. They will not be afraid to help their friend in times of need and will often sacrifice their time for their friend. All in all, a Virgo is a devoted and dependable friend if you are able to keep up with how they do things.

As a father, in a family a Virgo father is always trying to show his kids that he is the head of the family. But although that seems harsh and tough, a Virgo father loves his kids very much and will do anything for his kid’s happiness. A Virgo gives freedom to his kids but will also expect that his kids respect the discipline and the rule that he made. Virgo father also wants his kids to be honest and open with him, he does not want some gap between him and his kids.

As a mother, a Virgo is both a loving and a discipline mother. Virgo mother will gives freedom but will be strict at the same time. She is also very protective for her children; a Virgo mother will not let her children do something that can cause harm even if it is against their children’s will. A Virgo mother is also gives a lot of space for her children, but at the same time also wants her children to be able to help her, they usually asks her children to do errands and help her with house duties. A Virgo mother is always wanted to check the condition of her children all the time, she wanted them to open up to her and she can be a good friend to her children.

As children, Virgo children are very obedient and will always try to obey the parents order. They are very respecting for the family rule and will try to stop the brother who is going to break the family rule. A Virgo child can be very attached with the parent but will not be afraid to state his dissatisfaction openly, they are honest and open but they will never do anything that can resulted in their parents getting hurt physically or mentally. Sometimes they will not open up with their problems because they do not want to worry their parents and endure the problem themselves, which could lead to depression.

Virgo Sex and Love

Virgo Career

Virgo main trait is their analytical skills; they are able to see the problem from its core and are very practical and methodological in their approach for a problem which makes it easier for them to find a solution without risking anything in return. This ability makes Virgo a perfect candidate for a good psychologist, doctor and nurse. Virgo is also known for their loves for art and beautiful things thus a career in book writing can also be considered, being a critic is also perfect for a Virgo. They can also use their practical approach and methodological skills to teach people properly thus being a teacher is also a good idea for a Virgo.

Positive Qualities


The major trait of a Virgo; it’s the ability to be able to analyze things and situations completely from one perspective to the other.


When a Virgo is able to achieve his goal, he will not boast his achievement and rather down to earth.


Nothing can escape the eye of a Virgo; they take even the smallest details into consideration in their judgment.


Virgo relies heavily on his thinking ability; they are also a curious bunch and are willing to learn new things every day.


Virgo believes that practical approach is the best thing against every problem and will not rely on their intuition.


Virgo is reliable and discipline, they do thing exactly by the book, they hate to do thing disorderly and everything should be arranged properly.

Negative Qualities


Virgo is not really open in welcoming new ideas, they still prefer to do thing the “proven” way.


Disorderly things can cause Virgo to lose their cool, they will always want people to do thing properly and will nag people about it.


Virgo has a high standard and everyone who failed to meet that standard is considered as failures.


Virgo is very open with their expression and will not hold back when they criticize someone, they have no consideration for other’s people feeling.


Virgo loves to judge something out of someone and it makes it difficult for a stranger to like a Virgo when they do this.

Over critical

A Virgo can be over critical when someone do things not in order with what the Virgo has in mind, and will talk about it until that other person do things as the Virgo wants.

How to Make Virgo Women Attracted to You

Patience is the key to attract a Virgo women as she will not easily open up to a guy she knew recently. Get close to her but do not force her, it might take a long time but if you are able to get her into intelligent conversation then she might be attracted to you because Virgo loves intelligent man. Asking for a relationship with a Virgo woman is hard but if you succeed then she will be fully faithful and loyal.

How to Make Virgo Men Attracted to You

Patience is also a key to attract a Virgo man and an understanding that you need to respect his rule, Virgo likes to do things orderly and properly and you need to understand that. Attracting a Virgo man can be difficult because he likes to put up a front, but if you are determined about the relationship, he will notice it and take that into his consideration. The other key to attract a Virgo man is intellectual and knowledge.