Virgo Birthday – September 9



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn.

September 9 Birthday interpretation.

The September 9 Virgo birth date, identifies with an individual who will have an exceptionally forceful and powerful personality, and as result, they can appear to be very impressive characters in the eyes of others.  

Your September 9 charismatic nature will be something that will become immediately apparent to any one with whom you come into contact in life.

As a September 9, you have your own particular code of behavior.  You have a very firm set of personal boundaries and an inherent desire and drive to better yourself in life.

With your strong commitment to your own personal values and boundaries, you can be intolerant of others who may breach them. You can do this to the extent that you might well take the position of avoiding, dismissing or disassociating them completely.

You should take some caution however, and give consideration to the fact that by nature you are somewhat guarded, and do not indicate your thoughts to others. As result, those around you can be unaware that their actions or statements are in any way offensive to you.

Your answer is to cultivate your own personal sense for patience and tolerance, because once you can achieve this, you will find that you will be more able to identify and accept the failings and limitations of others.

As a September 9 birth date, you are in the main a very practical, careful and hardworking individual, who has excellent creative abilities for which you need to find outlet. 

Whatever form or way you select in order to express yourself, you should always remain constant in your objective, even if you have to wait for an inspiration that will, in due course, open up to you.

Qualities associated with this September 9 birth date indicate that you have a strong inherent ability to be able to inspire others to achieve an outburst of their own potential.

An image for you as September 9 Virgo is that of one who lives under an ongoing impression that your life is a form of contest. In this respect you are always endeavoring to outstrip your competition in order to be the first one to cross the finishing line.

Competition is one of the best methodologies in order to hone and perfect one’s skills. It constitutes the setting of standards by which one can compare, measure and gauge one’s own performance and progress in life.

As a September 9 birth date you will, irrespective of whatever arena you operate in, always tend to feel as if you are engaged in some form competition or game of skill in life.

In respect of this aspect of your personality, you should endeavor to learn how to stand back and relax at times, because in reality, not everything in life is a contest or competition.  

The colors of bright orange, red, indigo, royal blue, pink and deep purple resonate well with this birth date.

The color of bright orange carries the influence of Mercury over your sign so that when you feel that you might have a need to boost your intellect and clarity of mind, consider wearing something that incorporates a touch of that color.

The mineral of “aventurine” is a gemstone that can help you to temper your burning sense for competition and conquest, and a string of pearls, can help you to consider the sacrifices that are often made to accommodate beauty.

On the home front, the September 9 should consider a color scheme décor that relates to the tones of their element of Earth, together with some hints of red or pink.

Wall features in the form of woven cloth hangings or macramé tapestries could be off particular appeal as will, ornaments or items made from natural resources, such a wood ornaments, fibers, dried flower arrangements, or a collection of unusual rocks or stones bought back from your various holidays or travels.  

As a September 9 you are likely to have a tendency to collect items that are both decorative and functional. These could take the form of small boxes, chests, baskets, and other forms for storage.

A particular decorative object for you could be a set of novelty Russian dolls or eastern ivory globes where a number of dolls or globes fit within each other. These are items to play with and to divert and relax your mind and thoughts.

An image such as a painting, photograph or sculpture that infers a connection with success can act to inspire your imagination. This could take the form of a picture, perhaps even a sculpture, of some very wealthy or highly successful person.  

Flowers are something that can always help to encourage the positive factor inherent in your personality, so endeavor to have a nice display of flowers within your visual spectrum.

On the outdoor front, those of the September birth date can find that being involved in a rural and farming type environment can be both invigorating and enjoyable experience.

You will like those natural landscapes that provide for interesting environmental features such as unusual landscapes, interesting geological formations, impressive water features.

In your garden you will enjoy growing functional crops such as vegetable (Beans, carrots, corn, potatoes, peas etc) and herbs.

An herb garden could be a particular hobby interest for you.

For the September 9, the simple acts involved in gardening such as weeding, watering, pruning, and planting etc can be relaxing and meditative activities.

You will want your garden to be tidy and well defined with the various plantings such as flowers and vegetables in given set areas.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 10. The ninth day of the ninth month reduces to nine, and the implication of these three number nines related in succession indicates that the path of this day is one of completion and finalization.

The 253rd day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of perfection and power.

This supports your sense of inspiration for competition to be the first to reach the top in any endeavor. Your only caution should be to give due consideration to reality that at times, it can be a very lonely place when you are at the top.