Virgo Birthday – September 22


YOUR SIGN –  Virgo
YOUR RULERS –  Mercury, Venus.

Virgo Birthday – September 22

Qualities associated with this September 22 Virgo birth date, can indicate an individual with a personality with a great measure of drive and determination.  

Other qualities related to this birth date suggest that you will have a particularly virtuous approach to life. In this respect, you will have a strong inherent desire to be able to influence others in order that they may learn, and follow your example, in the manner that they in turn deal with other people.

As one born on this September 22 birth date, you are endowed with the potential and the capacity to be able to achieve considerable, if not great heights, in your chosen career or vocation.

As a September 22 birth date you are born on the last day of sign Virgo with the result that you can undergo some “to-and-throw” influence between Virgo and the following sign Libra.

The influential combination of these two signs identifies with one who will have an inherent natural ability to be able to deal with most problems and challenges in life, and one who will take great pride and satisfaction from the successful completion of tasks that may be of a complicated nature.

As a September 22, you are keen to pursue an outward look to life in order to ascertain, and to discover through your personal relationships with others, the person you really are. 

You can have a tendency to swap back and forth, between that of profound personal commitments, and a desire for total independence. Even so, you are one who is more of flirtatious, than promiscuous nature. You are one who will much prefer to play rather than to perform, or to enchant than capture.

As a September 22 birth date, you will have a powerful desire for personal freedom in order to be able to investigate further possibilities and outlets, to satisfy your sense for creative self-expression.

The qualities of friendship and communication form a major part of your make up, and these together with the analytical aspect of your nature, is aimed at the creation of beauty within yourself, within your environment, and within others.

Born on this September 22 birthday, yours is a path of learning to transform your awareness and comfort with the physical world into a new understanding of ways of looking beyond that of the physical.

This is an influence that will continually move you from within that of your comfort zone, and out into the unknown. As result, you are likely to constantly have the feeling that you are living your life on the verge of something, and with a continual sensation of anticipation.  

The colors of scarlet, salmon pink, light brown, dusty blue, gray, and grayish yellow resonate well with this birth date.

To enhance your capacity to advance your career and vocation in life consider, on those particularly important days, wearing something (clothing or accessories), in the color of scarlet.

To open up your mind to higher planes of thought, buy yourself a jewellery piece that incorporates an “aquamarine” gemstone.

On the home front, the September 22 wants an environment of ordered, and organized beauty and elegance. If you do at times have a tendency to accumulate clutter, then you should at least keep it in a clean, tidy and organized manner to avoid a mental mix up, and confusion.

Objects and items of a delicate of nature such as fine crystal ware, delicate glass ornaments or fine porcelain chinaware will appeal to you

Include some form of images of a rural nature such as wildflower pictures or prints, to keep you in touch with Mother Nature and your ruling element of Earth

The September 22 will have a curiosity over a wide range of interests, with result that you may like to have a series of small bookshelves throughout your home. This can allow you to draw off a book of interest as, when and wherever you are at the time.  

Where possible, a real fire in the home can help you to intensify your inner focus, and fresh scents within the home such as peppermint, lavender, and camphor can help to keep to alleviate confusion.  

In the kitchen you will want a well-organized set-up with cupboards, racks and systems designed to accommodate and keep handy all of your culinary tools, gadgets and equipment.

In keeping with the communication aspects of your birth date, telephone, mobiles, faxes and other communication tools will be essential home items. Old fashion type phone pieces could be of particular interest, whether as working phones or decorative novelties.

On the out doors front, the September 22 will enjoy rural settings with rolling countryside and the wide-open spaces of a seashore. You are likely to quite enjoy such simple pleasures as strolling along a sandy beach, lazing in a grassy field, or sitting quietly in the garden on a fine day.  

As a September 22, your garden could form a real source of pride and beauty, with a well organized layout of lawns, scrubs, bushes, pathways and plant growing areas for a variety of flowers and/or vegetables.

Some unusual features within the garden can help to stimulate your interest, and those of visitors. These could take the form of some rock garden ornaments, or an attractive water feature such as a fountain or birdbath. 

An herb garden could form not only a great interest for you, but also as a source of materials for your cooking adventures. The herb “fennel” is one that should be included as it holds an association with your birth date.

For those who live in the city without garden facilities, consider establishing some window type boxes, or those designed for internal use. In these you can grow flowers and herbs to satisfy your needs for both beauty and practicality.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 5. The twenty-second day of the ninth month reduces to four, and the number four is the number that symbolizes the physical world in the form of tangible reality and stability.

The 266th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the awareness for change, and helps to counterbalance those feelings for uncertainty.