Venus – Saturn conjunction


(Natal Venus → Natal Saturn)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Weakness, jealousy, suspicion, disappointment, dissatisfaction, pickiness, prudence, greed, coldness in feelings, alienation, separation, loss. Men have love for a woman older than themselves, unrequited love. Masochism, perversion, immorality. The positive side is a strong sense of duty, responsibility.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Found in talented people. Saturn gives shape to Venus’s aspiration for art, structure and tangible expression, and gives patience to go into detail. Saturn dominates time and space, therefore, it also gives the ability to mathematics, if there is a union with harmonious Mercury. The striving for harmony and balance embodies the spiritual side of Venus, which, when combined with Saturn and Mercury, gives an understanding of the laws of the harmony of nature. Traits of this aspect are related to Libra, where Saturn is in exaltation and the house of Venus is a sense of justice, nobility, loyalty. In society, they give the impression of closed ones, they only make vigilant connections, they seek loyalty in friendship. If other factors indicate the breadth of the soul, they will be able to see problems in their reality and tackle them correctly. Their help is always effective. There may be an ambitious pursuit of money, improvement through marriage. If they act honestly and nobly for their own purposes, they will be able to have benefits and income. A bad option is marriage for money. They should beware of using others to meet their emotional needs. In the worst case, they are prone to depression, a feeling that no one loves or recognizes them.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Venus: You can only benefit society by first separating yourself from it. The Venus conjunction gives the Planet Principle strong social and aesthetic accents; at a low level in the spheres ruled by the Planet, this person will be aesthetically capricious and socially determined; public opinion and the principle “like people” will be very important for him, and it will be difficult for him to free the principle of the Planet from the action of social clichés, which can sometimes lead to ridiculous dogmatism and ridiculous unpredictable effects when trying to use social clichés in completely inappropriate situations , in which the creative handwriting of the Absolute will manifest itself (at this level). Another feature of the influence of Venus on the Planet in conjunction with her is the accent of love, not necessarily erotic. Working out the aspect gives Divine light on any manifestation of the Planet; at a low level, a person does not perceive the manifestations of the Planet, unless a fair amount of love or social attention directed at him is added to them, although (karmically) he should not so much receive as radiate love in appropriate situations. For example, a child with Venus in conjunction with Saturn can be forced to systematically engage or simply focus only in an amicable way, affection, love, gentle persuasion, etc., but never by coercion, and ridicule in society will make him literally huddle in a corner and cry … At a low level, Venus relaxes the Planet, makes a person in the relevant areas a social parasite and a refined egoist, but when working through, egoism gives way to serving people; for example, the conjunction of Venus with the Moon can give a glutton and a gourmet who cares exclusively about his stomach, but when worked out – a wonderful culinary specialist who decorates his dishes as if for an art exhibition; the same applies to his sex life. Saturn conjunction: The passage of time slows down on its own. The problem is to notice it. The conjunction of the Planet with Saturn squeezes and freezes its principle; here the karmic requirement is a deep study, in particular, the release of the principle of the Planet from superficial egoistic programs that require a specific payment for any insignificant effort. For example, the conjunction of Saturn with Mercury gives a person who poorly understands things that he has not thought out, and it is useless to fight this. If a person “tries, which is very characteristic of a low level of elaboration of the aspect, to ignore the intense pressure of Saturn, which makes him think Long and carefully, then his rational thinking will literally jam, and he will lose any consideration in general, feeling the creativity of the Absolute in the form of various absurd and tragic situations, where he will find himself because of his frivolity, but in fact laziness and irresponsibility.At the beginning of the study, the connection of Saturn requires withdrawal and comprehension of the principle of the Planet within the framework of his life and life philosophy, which is often motivated by long-term external restrictions; further development is no longer under such harsh conditions as the primary one, but here voluntary humility and voluntary submission to the principle of the Planet in situations when it becomes active is required from a person, which gives very high results and a breakthrough to great creativity in the spheres ruled by the Planet, although initially it is difficult to believe , since the conjunction of Saturn gives, on the contrary, the impression of not just lack of abilities, but downright their negative value, often an inferiority complex – and at the same time an extremely strong and deep inner desire to master the principle of the Planet.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Talented people. Sculptors, musicians, painters. With a harmonious Mercury – ability for mathematics. In society, they give the impression of being withdrawn, go only for long-term relationships, seek fidelity in friendship. In the 7th house, it creates obstacles that slow down marriage, and with other negative aspects, it speaks of a single life in general. Dangerous for a person with a weak will. With a strong will – the desire for money, to improve the situation through marriage.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: fusion of sensuality and hardness. Feelings are soberly weighed, rational and deliberate. Real or apparent coldness, possession of one’s feelings and emotions. Loyalty, ability to resist temptations. Sometimes chastity can get both a positive sign and a negative one, depending on the level of personality development: even saints have an attraction to the opposite sex … With a very unfavorable aspect: pessimism in love. A person painfully experiences any separation, parting, he sees everything in a black light: “It will end badly”, “This will not be enough for a long time” …

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is reasonable, fair, but reserved in showing love. It is possible that he has a low sense of self-esteem. It seems to him that it is necessary to do something important, very specific in order to be loved. Sometimes he may feel fear that there is no love at all, or that love hurts. Parents should help him feel the boundaries that he himself raises in an effort to resist intimacy, and should themselves give him enough love.



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