Venus – Pluto conjunction


(Natal Venus → Natal Pluto)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

These aspects increase sensuality, make a person eccentric and emotionally unstable; scandals based on sex, eroticism, a tendency to low eroticism, debauchery, striptease, prostitution. Demonstrative immorality. The positive side is that high emotional intensity can contribute to creativity, talent, artistry, the ability to gain popularity from others.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Passionate, often karmic emotions. For the highly developed, this is a saving, renewing love associated with spiritual strength, when the will is manifested at a high level. There may be a strong talent in art, especially acting. The negative position is the unrestrained sex.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Venus: You can only benefit society by first separating yourself from it. The Venus conjunction gives the Planet Principle strong social and aesthetic accents; at a low level in the spheres ruled by the Planet, this person will be aesthetically capricious and socially determined; public opinion and the principle “like people” will be very important for him, and it will be difficult for him to free the principle of the Planet from the action of social clichés, which can sometimes lead to ridiculous dogmatism and ridiculous unpredictable effects when trying to use social clichés in completely inappropriate situations , in which the creative handwriting of the Absolute will manifest itself (at this level). Another feature of the influence of Venus on the Planet in conjunction with her is the accent of love, not necessarily erotic. Working out the aspect gives Divine light on any manifestation of the Planet; at a low level, a person does not perceive the manifestations of the Planet, unless a fair amount of love or social attention directed at him is added to them, although (karmically) he should not so much receive as radiate love in appropriate situations. For example, a child with Venus in conjunction with Saturn can be forced to systematically engage or simply focus only in an amicable way, affection, love, gentle persuasion, etc., but never by coercion, and ridicule in society will make him literally huddle in a corner and cry … At a low level, Venus relaxes the Planet, makes a person in the relevant areas a social parasite and a refined egoist, but when working through, egoism gives way to serving people; for example, the conjunction of Venus with the Moon can give a glutton and a gourmet who cares exclusively about his stomach, but when worked out – a wonderful culinary specialist who decorates his dishes as if for an art exhibition; the same applies to his sex life. Pluto’s conjunction: In pursuit of a person, rock does not set itself the task of catching up with him. In the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Pluto, a person will feel the breath of fate; with a strong energy, this breath is felt by those around him, especially those who activate the Planet. The meaning of this fate is to cleanse and renew the principle of the Planet in the form as it materializes in the fate of a person, which is determined not only by the rolling card, but also by the person’s personal choices during life. At a low level, it will seem to a person that in the spheres ruled by the Planet, he seems to be guarded by misfortunes and irrecoverable losses, and here he really should develop humility and learn to work on the higher vibrations of the corresponding currents, otherwise the most unpleasant consequences can await him (with a harmonious Planet and the map as a whole, they often overtake not him, but his immediate environment). The peculiarity of working out the conjunction with Pluto is that Pluto never believes that a person is sufficiently pure, and in the spheres of life where the principle of the Planet is active, a person will feel it well. Elaboration here is expressed in the change of tools that Pluto uses: a trash can and a tank, a broom and a scoop, or a brush and tissue paper. At a high level, this aspect gives a deep penetration into the existential problems of the house, where the connection stands, as well as the spheres ruled by the Planet, the ability to very finely work out its principle and the ability to solve large karmic problems in the corresponding areas with minor influences.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Deep emotions. For a highly developed personality (a good horoscope), this is a saving, renewing love, perhaps a strong talent in any art. With a bad horoscope – sexual disinhibition.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: in this case, love is not satisfied with the established rules and seeks to find its own forms, a different level, to get rid of everything artificial. A person who has this aspect in a horoscope seeks absolute sincerity in a love relationship and therefore spares no effort to unravel the other, to penetrate his secrets. Often there is something mysteriously attractive in him, he is extremely sexy.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child’s feelings are deep and sometimes exaggerated. He will often fall in love at first sight – and be disappointed or completely withdrawn into himself. Parents, teachers, and caregivers need to patiently teach these children how to show their feelings to the world around them, and tactfully talk about intimate relationships. Art, theater and various creative activities (for example, painting or sculpture) can be of great help in this. This child can easily find something new in the old: invent outfits from old grandmother’s rags, collect old lace, jewelry or something similar and use it in his creativity.



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