Venus – Mars conjunction


(Natal. Venus → Natal. Mars)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Sensuality, impressionability, wastefulness, immorality, obscenity, passion, lust, tendency to perversion, debauchery. Disharmony in love, lack of restraint in feelings, conflict, scandalousness, loudness. Inaccuracy, untidiness, untidiness. Working on this aspect gives talented people, creativity, passion in creativity.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Passionate and sexy, but it can also apply to other areas. The instincts of Mars and the attractiveness of Venus want to express themselves in any creativity, sex, art or social plan – the whole horoscope and aspects to this connection will tell everything. Gives emotional nature strength and warmth, love of life, aggressiveness combined with charm. It is important who dominates: Venus or Mars, in what sign they are, what aspects they have. You need room for creativity. They are impulsive in spending their own and other people’s money. Generous but wasteful.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Venus: You can only benefit society by first separating yourself from it. The Venus conjunction gives the Planet Principle strong social and aesthetic accents; at a low level in the spheres ruled by the Planet, this person will be aesthetically capricious and socially determined; public opinion and the principle “like people” will be very important for him, and it will be difficult for him to free the principle of the Planet from the action of social clichés, which can sometimes lead to ridiculous dogmatism and ridiculous unpredictable effects when trying to use social clichés in completely inappropriate situations , in which the creative handwriting of the Absolute will manifest itself (at this level). Another feature of the influence of Venus on the Planet in conjunction with her is the accent of love, not necessarily erotic. Working out the aspect gives Divine light on any manifestation of the Planet; at a low level, a person does not perceive the manifestations of the Planet, unless a fair amount of love or social attention directed at him is added to them, although (karmically) he should not so much receive as radiate love in appropriate situations. For example, a child with Venus in conjunction with Saturn can be forced to systematically engage or simply focus only in an amicable way, affection, love, gentle persuasion, etc., but never by coercion, and ridicule in society will make him literally huddle in a corner and cry … At a low level, Venus relaxes the Planet, makes a person in the relevant areas a social parasite and a refined egoist, but when working through, egoism gives way to serving people; for example, the conjunction of Venus with the Moon can give a glutton and a gourmet who cares exclusively about his stomach, but when worked out – a wonderful culinary specialist who decorates his dishes as if for an art exhibition; the same applies to his sex life. Mars Conjunction: True gravity is invisible. True power is imperceptible. The conjunction with Mars gives the Planet a force that is destructive at a low level. The principle of the Planet seems to swell with energy, but, not being able to direct it constructively, it is most often realized in aggression and destruction. For example, the unworked conjunction of Mars with the Moon gives aggression to one’s own body, and with Saturn – extreme obstacles in attempts to self-penetration and concentration, for example, a window suddenly breaks with a clang and a soccer ball flies into the room. Here, working out goes not so much along the line of curbing your excess energy in the areas controlled by the Planet, although at first this skill is necessary, but along the path of refining the energy of connection, increasing the corresponding vibrations; for example, when Mars connects with the Moon, it is better not to develop muscles, but to learn how to manage psychic energy (the higher stages of hatha yoga, auto-training, etc.), and when Mars connects with Saturn, it is better to direct efforts not to fight temptations, distractions, etc. etc., but work on increasing the depth of concentration and the power of concentration. At a high level, Mars gives the Planet exactly the energy that it needs in each specific case, and qualitatively increases its creative capabilities, but this requires realizing the falsity of such an attractive principle as “strong means good” and eliminate the forceful subordination of the Planet to Mars, which is typical for low and medium levels, especially when Mars in the horoscope is stronger than the Planet (for example, when Mars and Venus are connected, a person for a long time feels and appreciates beauty only with an element of visible force).

Het Monster. Aspects of

Passion in any area of creativity. Emotional nature, love of life, aggressiveness combined with charm. It is important who dominates: Venus or Mars. With bad aspects – immorality, danger through women, and for women – lack of principles. Usually selfishness.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: fusion of the soulful and the sexual. Love captures a person entirely, his feelings are open and sincere in their expression, he does not absolutize the sensual side of life. His drives are natural, immediate, sexual behavior is free from perversion or excessive vanity, relationships with the opposite sex are harmonious and not burdened with difficulties. When the connection is in a very bad aspect, its meaning approaches the meaning of opposition: love-desire and love-tenderness are perceived as incompatible – because of this, physical attraction and tender, sensual attachment rarely manifest themselves simultaneously in relation to the same person. In other cases, these aspects correspond to love-battle, love-duel. This is a confrontation in which one is the winner, and the other is defeated. A person thinks only about his desires, about their satisfaction, forgets about the existence of another or behaves like a child.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is adorable and energetic. His emotions are warm, passionate and strong, but sometimes he can be stubborn in their manifestation. A strong need for freedom, and he needs to be alone from time to time. He can find his self-expression in creativity, art. Playing percussion musical instruments, sports dances, any kind of gymnastics will give his creative energy strength and purposefulness.



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