Venus in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Love for philosophy, religion, art, often long pleasure trips. Acquaintance with a partner through religion, art, travel. They have a preference for foreigners, other races and religions. High ideals and ideas about love. Good relationship with the partner’s parents. You are attracted by foreigners, exotic places, travel and people who can expand your horizons, teach you something or show you places and worlds unknown to you. It is important for you that your loved one shares your philosophy or ideals. In general, you have love and kindred feelings for all people, and not only for those who belong to your family, nationality or group. Your talent is to find common ground and establish connections between people of different backgrounds or with different outlooks on life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives an expansion of horizons through romantic relationships. Marriage with a foreigner, foreigner. A person is attracted by the design, the outer side of religious rituals. He mixes ethics with aesthetics. And there, and there adheres to the generally accepted line. If the planet is not affected, a person abroad is lucky in material terms. Museum worker, art critic, photographer.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Love for the ideal of beauty, like the beauty of the ideal of love, must be exalted. Deep down, a person wants to see himself beautiful in all respects, which, however, is quite difficult, in particular, because the feeling of beauty is largely socially induced and, especially with the defeat of Venus, can be very different from that inherent in a person, and he needs to discover it and defend both within yourself and in the outside world. When elaborated, this position of Venus greatly softens a person and his behavior, from him comes a general feeling of beauty – external, internal, actions, judgments, life in general, which is broadcast through all his roles and external images of “I”. Without elaboration, especially with the defeat of Venus, a person, feeling that the ideal of beauty is unattainable, refers it to other circumstances of his life, to which one can strive only in dreams, but receives a strong complex of aesthetic and social inferiority of his life; the same applies to love, if it is impossible to comply with its ideal. Probably, in distant countries, love will await a person, or it will appear in the guise of a foreigner. The development of this house and Venus in it gives love to foreign cultures, especially art, and great prospects for the study and subsequent synthesis of a different and native culture of a person. In the philosophical and religious understanding of the world and his life, a person will be attracted by a concept that will show the hidden harmony and balance of both. With the elaboration and strong Venus, a philosophical understanding of life in works of art is possible. Warm, sincere relations with spiritual teachers and students, with the risk of being profaned by love.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people come from a wealthy family who travel the world, owning jewelry and a large number of modern amenities. They have love for God and do charitable deeds. They have attractive marriage partners, earn money transporting goods, and have the ability or at least an interest in art. They can marry citizens of other countries. They are generous and courteous people by nature.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Nice character, successful travel, marriage with a foreigner.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. Venus’s position in the 9th house indicates mental enjoyment. You like philosophy and formal concepts. You like to learn what rules and laws exist and look for more aesthetic ways of knowing them. You are attracted to charismatic personalities, great thinkers, but this does not mean at all that your own intellect is powerful. You like to be in the stream of thinking, so that this stream washes over you, like a cascading waterfall. This is not a love of conversations and not just dexterity in handling thinking, you very quickly get tired of both. No, it is a love of ideas, of knowledge, which is based on vast patterns of creative thinking. The pitfall is to distinguish between ordinary study of philosophy and efforts to maintain a truly ethical existence. The task is to fill your world with aesthetic ideas, to make it in tune with the beauty of the soaring mind, before which new horizons have opened, and to share these pleasures with everyone. A cultural perspective. The immediate surroundings are less attractive to you than those beyond the horizon. Travel is a luxurious, charming adventure. By being contact oriented, you establish relationships with people from other cultures. This could mean that you are literally attracted to foreigners. But it can also mean that you are attracted to people with broad and possibly exotic views. The trap is falling in love with the urge to travel and, as a result, neglecting the pleasures of your ordinary environment. Remember that love, happiness and pleasure are omnipresent and can be found everywhere, not just in the distance, over the next hill. The task is to respect and value the world in all its cultural diversity. Higher education. Higher education is a never-ending source of pleasure. You are very receptive to learning, and there is little in the world that brings you more pleasure than the flow of knowledge. When Mercury is in this house, the teaching is carried out through active dialogue. In this case, however, you feel much more comfortable in the position of the perceiver. You don’t want to be wise so much as you just love to surround yourself with ideas. So, you would be quite happy sitting at home and reading a book on art or philosophy; even better for you if you are attending the lecture, next to a living master. However, this is not an innate desire to obey, but simply a love for the grace of the learning process. The search for truth. Truth shouldn’t be ugly. A good-looking lie is much more attractive than a bitter truth. You want to soften, polish to a shine, bring out the beauty of all truth. The task is to reveal the aesthetic virtue of truth, to show ourselves and all of us how to respect truth. The process of communicating the truth must be consistent with this task. Pass it on with grace, and then you will find a more harmonious relationship with nature and the universe. Truth is beauty; truth is love. Ideal society. You believe that love should fill the world, that people should be more attentive to each other. In your perfect society, giving up love would be a major sin. It would be a romantic society, pleasant to look at and painted in pastel colors. You believe in art and high communication style. The world would be filled with lovely objects and lovely people; ugliness could not even be thought of. There would be no quarrels, crises, embarrassing social phenomena. Each would have graceful manners and behave appropriately. As the ruler of the world, you would be a model of love and beauty, the high priestess of romance, a symbol of happiness, receptivity and fertility.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such people have a very developed intuition and high sensitivity, thanks to which they are able to enjoy literally everything. They enjoy learning and tend to get a decent education. Their life path is smoothed and facilitated. They are level-headed, kind, compassionate and always willing to help others. They are distinguished by a particularly refined taste and harmonious views on the problems of beauty and the issues of decorating life. They can marry a foreigner, they often go on a long honeymoon trip, in which they spend a lot of time. They tend to marry in the church – for them this is the key to the favorable development of family relations. The defeat of the planet tends to be lazy, indifferent, indifferent and fanatical religiosity. Marriage is based on a unity of taste and religious beliefs. Possible marriage with a representative of a different culture and even race. Ideas about love and the ideal of family life are very high. Such a person loves religious music and tends to study art history and cultural studies. He loves pleasure trips, and is inclined towards missionary work, which combines a passion for travel and a desire to convert others to his faith. Relations with the partner’s relatives are favorable. This person is warm, sympathetic, helpful, optimistic and philosophical. He is interested in all forms of improving the mind, has a calm disposition and a developed intellect. Loves classical literature, ancient poetry, opera and medieval music. Loves to attend public lectures on history and cultural studies, loves to attend presentations of poetry collections and various cultural events. The foreign activity of such a person is very successful. He easily avoids many possible troubles. His fate is good, his marriage is happy, and his success is almost constant. Damage to the planet causes the development of passionate desires, divorced from the life of romantic ideals and leads to frequent frustrations due to the unattainability of illusory goals. He thinks quickly, easily disposes people to himself, loves poetic recitation, witty and inclined to engage in philology and historiography.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido-planets play a different role in the charts of men and women. In the 9th house, just like in the V, Mars and Venus appear very effectively. They are characterized by a refined sexual charm, coupled with a full awareness of their sexuality and high sensuality, which Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and the IX house, endows them with. In the 9th house, the libido-planets do not automatically follow traditions. And they never miss an opportunity to emphasize their sexual role. There is a certain paradox: after all, starting from the 9th house, the boundaries between sex roles become blurred. A woman can be angular and somewhat harsh in manners, and a man can have roundness where they are not expected, both physically and psychologically. All signs of gender begin to blur somewhat. In subsequent homes, this trend is increasing. But it is precisely this lack of certainty, this mysteriousness and vagueness that is especially attractive in the eyes of many people. Both Mars and Venus in the 9th house love the game. They are exquisitely flirtatious and love to use their inner charm, to test it on friends and acquaintances. Having a planet of the opposite sex in the 9th house, we want to have a partner like us: flexible, not taking himself too seriously, able to appreciate jokes and flirting, possessing sexual charm and pleasure, spontaneously, without any calculation, putting it into play. At the same time, we need common interests, a partner with a lively mind, independent and broad-minded – nothing like the 8th house, requiring conformity and compliance with the rules. In the 9th house, originality is in the order of things, especially when it comes to choosing a partner. And if the libido-planet of its own sex is in the 9th house, then everything that has been said describes how we ourselves would like to make an impression. We do not want to be like everyone else, we strive to be different. In general, it can be said that of the twelve houses, IX gives the most pronounced tendency to disorder in sex life. All cadent houses give this trend, but in the other three houses we try not to let it go. In IX, we do not care about the opinions of other people, finding excellent philosophical justifications for our actions. We do not need any assessment at all, being quite content with assessing our own conscience. Such self-sufficiency in self-assessment is typical for the 9th house.



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