Venus in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Pleasure-loving romantic natures are optimistic and serene. Lots of romance opportunities. As a rule, they are popular, talented, especially as actors, often go to the theater. Loved by children, good parents, teachers and specialists in the field of child psychology. Their children are often girls, with artistic flair and physical beauty. You adore romance and want your love’s honeymoon never to end. You need dramatic gestures and open displays of love from your partner; You would like to feel in relation to your beloved (sweetheart) someone very special – at least a king or queen. You also have artistic ability; You like to create beauty in one way or another.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives fertility. A person can have multiple children. Relationships with children are very close, generally harmonious. Self-expression in art – painting, theater, dancing. Entertainment – holiday decoration, fashion show. Problem: Too much fun.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Beauty. This position can give outward beauty, especially when Venus is trine to the 1st house. In any case, a person will strive to be beautiful in society: to dress elegantly, move plastically, in extreme cases, a thick layer of blush and lipstick, blue eyelids and black stockings will help. Specific means of creating the image of a beauty (handsome man) will prompt the aspects of Venus and the V house as a whole, but in any case, this role will be desirable for a person and, as a rule, natural; at least his appearance in any situation creates a threat or significant tension to the prima donna. The image always needs a specific energy of the external world, confirming it: the artist needs a full house and a storm of applause, otherwise his roles are covered with astral dust: low entities generated by self-doubt and in the future, envy and intrigues of colleagues, etc. In this case, at a low level, the image is saturated with envy and love, at a higher level – with aesthetic emotions. In general, this is the position of artists in the broad sense of the word, and elaboration makes it possible to create the most perfect forms. At the middle level, however, a person is inclined to consume more beauty (aesthetic energy flows), entering the image of a Condescending or Enthusiastic Connoisseur and Connoisseur, rather than creating and transmitting it to the world. Religiousness is associated with a sense of beauty, not necessarily material forms (with the aspect of Uranus to Venus, one can comprehend God through the beauty and greatness of the human, that is, the mind revealed by God to man).

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are usually wealthy and prudent. They have good children or students. They are good counselors in all areas of life; they have opportunities in the entertainment industry, they make good investments, and they tend to be prayer-oriented. They are dreamy or idealistic; live comfortably.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Happy family life; the older child will be very beautiful and talented, but will cause a lot of trouble for the parents.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. Venus’s position in the 5th house indicates a life role formed around images of personal beauty and grace. You want to look like a loving person. From a psychological point of view, you are more like a dancer or fashion model than an actor. The presentation of the conscious ego is socially tactful with an emphasis on magnetic receptivity. The trap is the disorder and confusion that arises between subject and object, between entertaining others and entertaining yourself, while the task is to make sure that your personal beauty is removed for everyone, so that everyone can see it and enjoy it. Romance, giving love. You are capable of falling in love with love. This position is unsophisticated, and, like the position of the other perceiving planets, the Moon and Neptune, in this case the inversion of the usual modes of operation of the 5th house is carried out. You give love through (accepting it. In other words, you attract people to you by presenting your “attractiveness.” This way is magnetic and receptive, not assertive. Seduction and insincerity are possible pitfalls, along with confusion about giving and accepting love). The task is to love in a balanced and also beautiful way: to turn the risk of courtship into an even dance, where the loved one feels charmed, not forced.In the case of Venus, the creation of beautiful images is extremely important, in comparison with the symbolism of the position of other planets in this house. Sexual performance. Love relationships are an aesthetic art, a reflection of grace and beauty. You have a strong “feminine” energy regardless of your biological structure; centripetal charisma is your natural form of self-expression – the deeper involvement of a loved one in the flow of your personal beauty. As in the case of position The moon, in this house is given a lower Nation indicates an active expression of the self, which is reactive in form, but, unlike the Moon, here we are dealing with receptivity, not responsiveness. The gracefulness of your perception fascinates people. Sometimes you fall prey to the trap of vanity – “Come on, mirror, tell me…” – but Venus is so calm and even that even such an insult rarely causes protest from your loved ones, at least from the first time. The task for you is to become the very beauty personified in the act of love; to create heaven on earth. Personal creativity. Of course, artistic creation is emphasized here, but it merges with the general background, and does not stand out from it. You prefer a wide variety of aesthetic designs, and often your body and personality are the canvases on which you paint your favorite paintings. The trap is narcissism about your own ego, falling in love with your mirror image. The task is to make sure that every creative process turns out to be a natural continuation of the “I”; let the graceful acceptance of the applause become truly sincere. Venus by nature wants to minimize any dissonance, so competition does not appeal to you, except when you cringe in the name of beauty. The usual interpretation of this level of experience varies; here competition turns into an opportunity to achieve harmonious interaction in the face of conflict. You will “fight” within yourself to maintain a balanced presentation of self in a social setting. This is not “victory over other people”, but “pulling them” to your side, it is the conquest of their love, friendship and support. The trap is abandoning any competition, while the challenge is to make every risky situation turn into a smooth, effortless dance.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The love relationships of such a person are happy and successful. Children give him a lot of pleasure, and exchange transactions are completed most often successfully. He loves art and has many creative abilities. Differs in natural talent for acting and writing. Can be successful in sports games. Probably a lot of love affairs, since the aspect favors sex appeal and success with people of the opposite sex. He is a kind-hearted, sociable and very passionate person, seeking pleasure and loving to work with children and young people. When the planet is defeated, achieving the goals is associated with significant difficulties, to overcome which you will have to make a lot of work. This is a romantic nature who adores pleasure and has an optimistic and serene attitude towards life. The romance novels of such a person are of great importance to him, and therefore there are usually a lot of them. He is very popular, talented, loves the theater and tends to frequent social events and entertainment venues. This is a good parent, a charming teacher, an excellent specialist in the field of child psychology. Often, such people give birth to girls who are distinguished by artistic talent and physical attractiveness. The marriage of such a person turns out to be happy and fruitful. He has wonderful children and interacts with them successfully thanks to his artistic and musical gifts. Often, thanks to his children, he is able to equip his own life and achieve considerable profits and earthly happiness. Success often comes from love relationships and friendships, and the ability to entertain others. Such people successfully invest their money in profitable enterprises, they are enterprising and successful, able to make considerable profits from everything related to children, entertainment and beauty. The defeat of the planet determines the propensity to deteriorate health in connection with abuse of excessive indulgence of their own passions. Serious disappointments due to love, addiction to excitement and children are possible. There are likely to be big troubles and even dangers associated with frivolous, reckless and indiscriminate behavior with the opposite sex. Such people show an enviable talent for entrepreneurship and love for dancing. Their children are beautiful and well-mannered. Success in the theater and teaching is possible. Improper use of energy causes unrestrained erotic gravitation and leads to high expenditures on pleasures and pleasures. The defeat of the planet causes frequent losses in gambling and lottery. Often such people become movie stars, pop comedians, famous educators, opera singers, and successful stock brokers.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the maps of men and women. The 5th house is characterized by demonstrative behavior with a distinct sexual connotation. However, in our time around the 5th house, deliberate asexuality can also be demonstrated, expressed in shocking, even offensive appearance and manners: many, especially those who have libido-planets with tough aspects in the 5th house, consider it very witty and modern. The influence of the aspects of the libido planets in the V house on the appearance and behavior is very well traced in the female charts. Venus in the 5th house is more dependent on its aspects than Mars. The positive aspects emphasize the good taste and attractive, sleek look of the woman. Negative aspects give sloppiness in clothes and lack of style, perhaps unconscious. Libido planet of the opposite sex in the 5th house speaks of finding a partner with a strong sexual desire. At the extreme degree of this tendency, sex is the main factor in the relationship: the partner is significant only as a sexual object. But with opposition to the XI house, the opposite attitude may appear – sexual coldness, morally motivated abstinence. In this case, the potential partner must meet high moral and ethical standards up to abstinence, refusal of all sexual functions. So the XI house makes itself felt in the V house.