Venus in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Emotional connection with home, household, harmonious relationships with family members. They love to invite guests to their place, they love to feed and create a cozy atmosphere. The house is well furnished. Close harmonious relationships with parents, who usually leave them a legacy, have a chance to live richly in old age. Love for the land, nature, floriculture. A comfortable home full of love and warmth is very important for you, and you invest a huge amount of your energy to make it just like that. You generously share your love with your family members; having close family ties is of the utmost importance to you. When you are at home, you are happy.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The person has close emotional contact with their parents. The house is comfortable and decorated. Necessarily upholstered furniture, paintings. Deep emotional connection with family traditions. “Treasure Maker”. Reliance on charm.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Esthete. This position of Venus, if it does not stand completely harmoniously, gives an inner attitude that is difficult to realize: to constantly see the external and internal world as beautiful. The harmonious aspects of Venus wear pink aesthetic glasses when a rusty nail is seen as a delicate stamen; the defeat of Venus creates the opposite effect, but in any case, the harmony of the Universe (external and especially internal) is visible to a person only at a high level of evolutionary development, when God appears to him as a revelation of love and beauty, and until then religious feelings are manifested at moments of affirmation of a life position, first destructive: “The world is ugly, there is no love in it, but only the ugliness of universal hatred,” then more constructive: “One should seek harmony in the world, radiating one’s love and compassion.” Here the spiritual problem lies in the transition from the passive position “Beauty in the world serves me” to the active one: “I serve the beauty of the world”, which, when worked out, gives not only people of art, but also a person, each manifestation of which can be considered as a work of art: he is so speaks, moves, builds relationships with people, is happy and worried that all this can be filmed without duplicates. If Venus is not severely affected, this person’s house will be beautiful, many art objects and people related to him. There is a lot of love in this house, and if this love does not begin to be exploited for selfish purposes, its amount does not decrease over the years.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This indicates the possession of a variety of properties, parental happiness, happiness at home, friendship with people of the arts, and strong romantic desires in the heart. These people can receive a good education, inheritance, good transportation and live in picturesque, delightful places. They have religious inclinations, they can make good mothers, teachers, gardeners, decorators. They have a pure heart, it is easy to be with them.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Long life. In the male horoscope – a catastrophe that turns the whole life as a result of passion. If Saturn or Mars is in a hostile configuration, it is not good for the sisters.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. Venus’s position in the 4th house suggests that personal love is indeed very personal. Love is the essence of your private self. Comfort, pleasure, and aesthetic appreciation fill the most personal levels of life experience. The trap is feigned emotional closeness or emotional egocentrism, while the task is to guard your feelings of concern by warm, heartfelt expression to loved ones in lovely moments of mutual openness. Your home is a place where beauty reigns. You spare no expense to furnish your property with comfort and aesthetic charm. Both outside and inside everything should be graceful and elegant: if your environment is calm enough, then, no doubt, your relationships with people will also be peaceful. The trap is that you often overly rely on the home as a source of pleasure, gradually closing in on the family. The task is to make your home a paradise for yourself and for the people you love. Emotional clichés. The impulses of pleasure / pain have greatly influenced the formation of your imprints. That which carried love or pleasure was accepted; that which carried discomfort or rejection was rejected. Like the Moon, to a lesser extent, Venus indicates that maternal or feminine influences have formed basic imprints. The presence or absence of harmony was an important conditioning factor. In the family, you were the object of beauty, and you felt it; You learned very early on that certain feminist qualities of your self-expression, such as receptivity and willingness to maintain peace and promote harmony in social situations, will underlie your assessment of others. A parent who is “intimately connected” with the person. Your mother was a model of beauty and pleasure, a person who showed you what it means to be a woman. This experience could be positive or negative, or, more likely, something in between. As you grow up, you will use this inner model in any situation related to your personal life, such as decorating your home or expressing love. This does not necessarily mean that as an adult, you will be “like her”, although it is possible. This means that either you will try to create your own style based on your mother’s behavior, or you will begin to avoid situations in which her influence manifests itself. Or you will use this model to find someone to start a family; a person who is similar to her or completely opposite to her. Private intuition. Personal intuition occupies the space of “pleasant feelings”. Internal drivers are perceived by you as not very good real-life consultants because they do not seem to be communicating information to you. Messages from the “Higher Self” remind you of the beauty of life. They function as an aid, allowing you to take a break from the trials and tribulations of a pragmatic outer life. Your leaders fill you with tenderness and love. They open your eyes, pointing the way to beauty, renewing your feelings of tenderness and devotion, helping you to look differently at your own life and the life around you.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person adores his parents, as a rule, they are wealthy people. A well-organized family life is of great importance to him. He loves to give people pleasure and is highly sensitive to everything that happens in his immediate environment. Strives to create comfort and beauty in the house, loves design and gardening, architecture and all types of art. Perhaps a late marriage, but he must certainly be happy. He has excellent relationships with all family members, is helpful and helpful, and therefore is always surrounded by love and warmth. When the planet is defeated, it is prone to dictatorship and jealousy, as well as to putting forward excessively high demands and strange claims to others. The connection with home, household and family members is deeply emotional. She likes to invite guests to her place, strives to create a cozy atmosphere for them and feed them well. The house is beautifully furnished with works of art, the interior is graceful and subtly harmonized. As a rule, parents leave a good legacy. In old age, such people live richly. An expressed love for land ownership, flowers and communication with nature is manifested. Household chores are conducted favorably and measuredly, and therefore, in the end, they provide a happy and serene life. The success of the investment allows such a person to create a comfortable home environment for himself and his family members. When a planet is defeated, sudden losses, losses and disappointments are possible. Financial constraints can be associated with excessive generosity and negligence in the handling of accounts. Such a person pays special attention to the aestheticization of everyday life. He is inclined to collect art, enjoys working in the garden, is very emotional about his native land and shows enviable patriotism. The father’s house and family nest are not empty words for him. Old age is usually happy; both in childhood and at the end of life such a person is loved and surrounded by care and affection. Success in trade and luck in agriculture are possible. The love of such people is usually persistent and lasting. Any activities at home bring success to such a person, especially if he managed to decorate the hearth and make it cozy and comfortable. The greatest achievements are possible in music, arts, scientific research, literary creation, as well as in the study of archeology, mythology and the history of ancient cultures.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the maps of men and women. The 4th house turns us to the hearth. The main thing for us here is the opportunity to relax, feel at home with family, friends, people of a similar nature to us. Interestingly, people whose planet of the opposite sex is located in the 4th house often find their future spouse among distant relatives or in a club, in an interest group – in a place where they feel at home. This does not happen as a result of a conscious search, but quite naturally. And if in the 4th house there is a libido-planet of the same sex, our individual image of “I” is inseparable from family traditions. By itself, it may be almost undeveloped, almost non-existent. Venus in the IV house in the woman’s card gives a pronounced tendency to houseliness, solidity, and also often phlegmatic. With a more or less developed mentality, the house of such a woman bears the imprint of a natural sense of color and proportions, while everything in it is kept within the framework of the traditional and generally accepted. Such a woman is not inclined to attract a lot of attention to herself. A man with Venus in the 4th house will look for a homely partner with a motherly attitude towards loved ones. She should cook well and show good taste in home furnishing. This man needs a calm and comfortable home with a lot of furniture, carpets, paintings located close to each other.



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