Venus in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Intellectual interest in artistic and cultural activities. They can become famous as artists, scientists or writers. Their doors never close, but they themselves are always on trips. They often communicate with brothers, sisters and neighbors. A beautiful, graceful and harmonious environment is very important to you, you have an inner sense of style, design and form. In public relations, respect for form and politeness are also important to you, and you instinctively avoid rudeness and dissonance. You like to talk about love, relationships, art, the beautiful side of life. You appreciate people of art.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the ability to communicate very harmoniously, express yourself beautifully, formulate thoughts in a pleasant form, tact in communication. The information received is biased – a person selects only what is pleasant to him, which coincides with his previous attitudes and values. The information processing speed is low. It is difficult to perceive pure information, to learn at a bare mental level – visualization, emotional expressiveness is necessary. Doesn’t like talking on the phone. The more emotional a person is, the more information is drawn from emotions. Perhaps a romantic acquaintance in transport, during the period of study. The fragility of emotional connections.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Lotus, being a favorite of bees, is still responsible for the quality of honey. This person is very disposed to himself, especially with a distant acquaintance. He will play love all his life, at least internally. A girl with Venus in the III house will often be approached by young people with various, although not always original, proposals and a general idea of getting to know each other. A young man with Venus in the third house will be happy to go to the evening promenade: to see people, to show himself in the latest fashion. In society, such people are quoted highly, they are loved in general, and even more so since they were at the last art exhibition and can tell interesting stories about it, especially with the major aspect of Mercury to Venus. The attitude of this person to others strongly depends on the aesthetic image and is generally too personal, although not to the same extent as with the Moon in the third house; but nevertheless the principle “who is beautiful and I like is good, and he can do anything” is quite strongly represented in the subconscious, and it needs to be realized and corrected. For a person, the beauty of his acquaintances is important, but the aesthetic norms rigidly imposed by the public subconscious (photographs of movie stars in illustrated magazines) must be changed, with an emphasis on the spiritual content of a person, otherwise a complex of his own social inconsistency arises due to external inconsistency with the aesthetic ideal. In teaching, the opportunity to fall in love with the teacher is important; if this does not work, the digestibility of the material drops sharply. I want the teacher to be well dressed and speak beautifully, otherwise the student suffers or completely ceases to respect him. But, of course, you need to learn not only the styles of dresses or costumes of teachers, but also the subject, which the person himself should be worried about, who needs to come to terms with the lack of completeness and perfection of any course and himself as an object of study. However, the elaboration of the III house (along with Saturn) gives unlimited possibilities for perfection with this aspect, especially with the aspect of Saturn to Venus.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

He is an intelligent person with aptitude for the arts, writing or other forms of self-expression, as well as trading. Such people will have good brothers and receive gifts from their relatives. They usually have few children, moderate financial situation; there is a feature of stinginess in their character.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Talented nature. Success in literature. Marriage with a foreigner.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. This position of the planet is somewhat paradoxical, since Venus, although it indicates what is loved or appreciated, and thus reveals the value of action, Movement, but in the 3rd house Venus often emphasizes the mental or emotional areas of experience. The image of dance, fluid movement in the environment, daily activity and immediate surroundings, in order to give you pleasure, should carry harmony and beauty, is best suited to this case. The task is to master the grace of movement, to develop an aesthetic assessment of mobile interactions taking place in any environment. Concrete thinking. You get incredible pleasure from the very work of the brain. Your mind has an almost geometric aesthetic; you appreciate the music of thought processes with their individual melodies of facts and chord patterns. Here thinking is more characteristic of an artistic streak than a rational one; warm sensuality, not cold logic. The trap lies in the aversion to the acquisition of any information that seems to be ugly, confusing the mind in its form, while the task is first to perceive, and only then to express what the natural harmony of logical associations is, to increase the evaluative abilities of the mind itself and to promote its desire for pleasure. Curiosity. You are not so much curious as you tend to judge. In addition, you can say that you are less interested in subjects than people, so you tend to interview people, not investigate. You may be of little interest in the essence of people, but fascinate with all the details of their life, the smallest facts that, on the whole, give an impression of the personality. In this regard, you can sometimes fall into the trap of a superficial attitude towards people or get carried away by gossip, but the task is to develop the ability to recognize the heart of a personality, combining separately insignificant factors and details into a coherent matrix. The symbolism of Venus is more related to art than science, and in this regard, learning is perceived as an enjoyable activity. The process of receiving education is clearly enjoyable, and the child treats learning with anticipation of pleasure. Later, such a person will like to be in the stream of new information, especially when this information comes from someone who is considered an intellectual. A good teacher is very similar to a good lover, and romance flourishes with the mutual exchange of information. If there are no other planets in this house and there are no aspects that change the symbolism of the position of Venus in the 3rd house, then perhaps you have a very good, even beautiful voice and charming manner of presentation of speech. Your speech is calm, complete and comforting; sometimes you use words to emphasize these qualities. You love the beauty of a conversation and try to polish your speech or writing aesthetically. The content is not as important to you as the form, and since tact is so important to you, then, modifying a well-known statement, we can say that the truth is not so important as the harmony of relationships between people.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The childhood of such a person is harmonious and bright. He treats relatives and neighbors well, easily reaches a compromise, is peaceful and sensitive in understanding the positions of other people. Has a refined intellect and is able to show himself well. Likes to study, knows how to enjoy vigorous activities and unexpected trips. He is intelligent, kind and charming, and therefore is loved by others. He is creative and talented in arts and crafts, he can become a good writer, in any case, he knows how to write exciting letters of heart. He does not like to argue, knows how to convincingly and without pressure achieve the goal set in the conversation. When the planet is defeated, it is capricious and superficial. Shows a pronounced intellectual interest in artistic and cultural events. He loves poetry, is able to harmoniously exchange thoughts in telephone conversations and in correspondence. He often travels around on business, from time to time he visits his friends and acquaintances. Almost always ready to receive guests. Can become a famous artist, scientist or reciter. He is inclined to sensibly analyze love relationships and social contacts. Likes to have a lively and harmonious exchange of views with partners and friends. A passion for communication contributes to the establishment of enchanting romances. Often a meeting with a partner is associated with joint intellectual activity. Loves to write lengthy love letters, inserting poetry and quotes. Remarkably fishes out the necessary information from newspapers and magazines. Intelligence is balanced, harmonious and bright. Great penchant for the fine arts, singing and painting. Seeking pleasure invariably inspires such a person, raising and refining his mind. The mind is bright, fruitful, optimistic, lively and peaceful. Relatives and loved ones are always ready to help such a person, and he rewards them a hundredfold. Loves to have fun on travel and invariably benefits from short trips. Such a person usually has extensive correspondence with acquaintances and friends, his circle of acquaintances is very wide, he is popular and loved by many. He has excellent taste, sharp mind, rich imagination, sound idealism and fruitful intellect. Lucky in handling documents, prone to long reading. His wit is good-natured, his speech is correct, his vocabulary is great.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that the main connecting force is sex .. But when the libido planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominates. The latter is much more common. Libido-planets play a different role in the charts of men and women. III house is a mobile house, moreover, related to the element of air, therefore it gives lightness to Mars and Venus. Here they do not value consistency very highly, but they also do not see the need to go to bed with everyone. Sexual attraction is very important here, and the owner of the libido planet in the 3rd house should be aware of this: you cannot go through life with your eyes closed. Venus in the III house in a man’s chart means the need for a partner with a lively mind, solid erudition and broad interests. Both a man and a woman, having a planet of the opposite sex in the 3rd house, tend to look for a partner who is busy teaching or has another profession typical for educated people. Women with Venus in the 3rd house (as well as men with Mars in the 3rd house) are inclined to verbal sex: they like to talk about sex and erotica in general, for example, telling jokes. Verbal sex is a pleasant pastime for them and, unlike real sex, has no undesirable consequences. With libido planets in the III house, the idea of the desired partner is constantly changing in accordance with one’s own momentary mood, as well as with the public mood – the III house is very dependent on the tastes and judgments of other people.



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