Venus in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Preference for silence, isolation. Personal and social contacts are made in secret, secret love affairs. Shyness in society can lead to loneliness and disappointment in love. Great influence of the subconscious. Sensitivity, friendliness, sympathy for those who are suffering or in difficulty, vulnerability of feelings. You often hide your love, or it can be difficult for you to express your feelings, to open up to the one you love. Being openly gentle and caring often seems unsafe to you. It may seem to you that your love will not be understood or reciprocated. You may be involved in a secret love affair or fall in love with a person completely inaccessible to you. You often think that love and sacrifice go hand in hand, forcing you to give up something in order to be with a loved one, or to part with someone, or to do without any of the sides of an important love affair for you.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is faced with the unresolved issue of gender inequality. He is not satisfied with the institution of marriage. He hides romantic ties, maybe feelings, has platonic hobbies. He comes up with a loved one who cannot be found on earth. This position of Venus speaks of the loss of a loved one. Self-awareness is fostered by love relationships. Any isolation brings material and spiritual benefits. Happiness must be sought in another country. The marriage partner is a representative of a different culture, otherwise it is perceived as a burden.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Ostracism. Venus in the 12th house at a symbolic climax This position of Venus in the house connects a person with the need for sacrifices in love and social relations, as well as in aesthetic experiences. He feels loneliness and does not know how to find a place for himself during social contacts, and relations with other people often develop in a one-sided manner: he understands them well, but he cannot express his feelings, especially love, and the more ardent feelings he causes to himself , the less they please him directly. Here, as in other situations of the 12th house, the choice is in the following variant: either a person sacrifices himself and his feelings, or others and their feelings. In particular, this person can experience true love only for people who are in dire need of it: unhappy, seriously ill and disadvantaged, and this love has a sublime and, as a rule, constructive nature: a person sincerely wants to do something for them, and this is his true creativity. But he is not able to experience normal egocentric socially approved and stamped love, which can lead to strong frustrations. At a low level, this person seeks to imprison his beloved object in a dungeon (in a harmonious version, its walls will be lined with panels of his adoration, in case of defeat – with bricks of jealousy); and although this smack of confinement may almost not be realized, it will be very significant for a person, and any manifestations of love of freedom on the part of a loved one (beloved) will be angrily (or gently, but persistently) suppressed. The same, but not in such a pronounced form, will apply to other social contacts of a person, which will not satisfy him for a long time. Here, the study goes along the path of finding subtle, unusual ways of social contacts and expressing one’s love on high vibrations of the energy flow. This person must love beautifully, without resorting to standard strong emotions and perceiving people primarily as spiritual beings, otherwise he will become a social beech and a cruel tyrant with his loved ones. This position of Venus also poses great aesthetic problems; the surrounding world does not suit a person, but with a strong Venus, it is possible to work out very original aesthetic ideas, a person in solitude can become a wonderful and unique artist, but fame, if he takes it personally, will be disastrous for him.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people enjoy luxury and sex excessively. They can be misled by members of the opposite sex; may experience the sudden loss of a marriage partner or lose their social position. They have an interest in charity, but are unsteady in their religious principles. They love the mysterious and what is hidden, sometimes they tend to lie; but they believe in the next life and create good karma for the sake of their future births.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

The character is passionate, jealous. Predisposition to infectious diseases. The danger of disaster due to treason.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. The position of Venus in the 12th house suggests that fantasy is an inexhaustible source of pleasure for you. The pleasure can be so great that you prefer fantasy to reality. Your dream themes are personal love and the ideal of femininity. In real life, love has many pitfalls. You fall in love with undeveloped beauty, or you are seduced by pretty images that are created by means of cosmetics. And other people are deceived by your invisible radiation. Do not become the object of fantasies for people with defective love. The challenge is to let your fantasies arise, but don’t indulge them too much, let the world know the importance of dedicated caring. By cultivating these dreams, but not succumbing to their temptations, you thereby help us understand love more deeply. Defocused intuition. In order for your intuition to work effectively, you “fall in love” with something (or that) that is a source of information for intuitive perception. This is not coercion, this is the natural way you work. However, have loving contact with the source of intuitive messages only at the time of receiving the information; when the reception is over, you need to disconnect from the source and switch to the next “love affair”. The trap consists in fixing on objects that transmit information. You may fall in love with some of the sources of intuitive messages so much that you try to connect with them. It doesn’t do you any good, and often the romance ends with disappointment. The challenge is to let love and intuition float in a single stream, like a bee flying from flower to flower, engaging in cross-pollination of the world. Separation or solitude. You are withdrawing from the world to experience pleasure, and indeed, you have already learned to please your own company during extended periods of seclusion. Since love comes to you not from the world, but from outside it, personal relationships are broken for a while. Solitude makes your heart more loving, as if you were alone with your loved one. The trap is a feeling of isolation from life, and when love is replaced by separation or divorce, then suffering touches you more deeply and sharply. The challenge is to view your withdrawal from life not as an escape, but as a raid or exploratory expedition. Hunt down feminine receptivity in a ghostly retreat, and when you find her, bring her tenderness out into the world. Personal love is subordinated to universal love – it is giving without thoughts of reward. You want to love more than to be loved; you have such a great devotion that your personality cannot even imagine. Universal love flows from higher sources to lower ones. You, as a conductor of this flow, are directed to those people who lack love. If you insist on interacting with people on the basis of “artificially” created or imposed love, then nonetheless, romantic relationships develop, but for you they are soaked in intense pain and suffering when the task is completed and you are disconnected from the object of your love. Your grief teaches you. The task is to love openly, with full strength, but easy, graceful and majestic. The love you feel is real, but don’t get attached to specific people. Believe me, your beauty will be recognized not just by one person, but by all. “Past lives.” Your relationships with women are of a karmic nature, and the same applies to questions, care and love. The themes of receptivity and enjoyment are not yet understood by you. Your feminine traits are influenced by past lives, you can also say that in past incarnations you have had close contacts with women with whom you fall in love in this life. Explore your hopes and expectations for women. Are they for you the source of all pleasure, all pleasure, all aesthetic beauty in life? If so, then you are strongly attached to them and, thus, incur disaster. Do the patterns of failure show up over and over in love relationships through seduction and betrayal? The task is to recognize and free yourself from karmic rhythms in love or receptivity, to heal, to cleanse yourself of them, to gain stability.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is kind, merciful, sensitive and easily inspiring. He is able to enjoy solitude, thanks to which he replenishes his “energy batteries”. The life of such a person runs smoothly, without perturbations and unnecessary difficulties. He constantly feels a deep need to serve something and work for someone. It is a sacrificial, compassionate and not indifferent to the needs of others. Such a person is attracted by the study of esotericism, he seeks to learn the deep meaning of life and love. Shy and vulnerable, inclined to a secret love affair, with the forced loss of freedom, he immediately resigns himself to his fate. If energies are misused, it can fall in love with an unfree person, which can make his love unhappy and lead to disappointment and a sense of loss. He prefers a quiet environment, prone to secrecy and isolation. Personal meetings and social contacts are established and conducted by him secretly, away from the gaze of the curious. It is shyness that can lead him to long-term loneliness and disappointment in love. Behavior and feelings are strongly influenced by the subconscious, which can bring not only inspiration and illumination, but also longing, mixed with fear. This person is friendly and sensitive, he is full of sympathy for those in need and is ready to help everyone in a difficult situation. He gravitates towards romantic adventures, loves to unravel the secrets of nature, loves to immerse himself in the study of esoteric practices, is inclined to be interested in the problems of medicine and chemistry. She takes care of animals with love and tenderness. He makes a profit from his inconspicuous position and secretive politics. Often such people are associated with humanitarian agencies and social services. Secret love affairs can lead to female hostility. An early marriage is possible with the subsequent ignition of love for another person. Excessive love for bodily and sensual pleasures is dangerous, since there is no inclination to moderation and self-discipline. Such a person is inclined to help others secretly, without advertising the support provided to them. His happiness can be destroyed by blind jealousy and frivolous attitude to the observance of moral standards. Often such a person becomes a victim of betrayal and deception on the part of a loved one and business partners. He is emphatically mysterious and demonstratively mysterious. Being alone fosters creative creativity. Such a person is prone to conducting secret affairs, covert operations and behind-the-scenes negotiations. A harmoniously standing planet keeps him from threatening dangers and accidents, bringing a kind of “happiness in misfortune”. Such a person achieves the greatest success in the free profession, especially in the field of poetry or painting. He is successful as a reciter, psychiatrist, storyteller, psychotherapist and science fiction writer. He is inclined to be deeply interested in psychology, full of a passionate interest in meditative spaces and unknown worlds.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido-planets play different roles in the charts of men and women. If the libido-planets are in the XII house, we can with some reason talk about a monastic or hermit warehouse. Sexual life is surrounded by many inhibitions that make a person very anxious. Sometimes these prohibitions appear in the form of narrowly understood dogmas that impose a complete taboo on sexuality – a position that is still prevalent in some circles of society, especially in remote rural areas. For example, there is exorcism, which can sometimes kill someone who is called to help. This is an extreme version of the moral condemnation of natural drives in the 12th house. The fear of everything sexual, leading to the suppression of sexual desire, can have a powerful effect already in childhood. It will force us to seek refuge and solace in an inner fantasy world, where our religious concepts, mixed with repressed sexual needs, are projected into images, take on their own personality, haunt and intimidate us. We create an imaginary world inhabited by demons and angels, sometimes endowed with such energy that they seem to be about to become autonomous beings capable of taking over us. Such deeply rooted anxiety sometimes develops when there were powerful suppressive influences during the years of maturation – for example, if the father and mother were very afraid that their child would violate sexual prohibitions, and at the slightest sign of such danger, they were punished with severe punishment. Needless to say, this attitude of parents is caused by their own fear of social condemnation, i.e. a threat to their own existence. Sometimes this type of manifestation of Mars or Venus in the XII house and even more often in the Moon is found even among the representatives of the highest social strata, and the psychological mechanism of suppressing emotions and instincts here, of course, is the same. But the XII house is mobile and therefore stimulates the libido-planets … All movable houses give curiosity to the outside world and increase the sensitivity of the senses. But in the XII house, reaction is prohibited, and therefore it is often carried out in various forms of compensatory behavior. Any personal sexual activity must be strictly private, it requires tightly closed doors. We definitely need a partner with a similar astrological disposition, who will understand and share our position. He must respect our need to maintain privacy at all costs in all intimate situations. As a rule, in the XII house we do not seek to assert our sexuality, unless we go to the other extreme – into prostitution. This opportunity exists equally for men and women and entails the danger of a complete loss of psychological integrity. Such people know perfectly well that they can end in mental collapse, but consciously or unconsciously they do not stop at this risk. With Mars or Venus in the XII house, we are looking for a companion who knows how to be quiet and silent. Always ready to help others, we can choose a partner below us on the social ladder for marriage, and it will be our greatest happiness if we can help him and at the same time satisfy our emotional need for intimacy and companionship.