Venus in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

They have ambition in society and the arts, a profession in the arts brings recognition through marriage, social position and wealth. Good friendships with bosses and influential people, success with the opposite sex, which also helps in a career. It can make you happy to work in the arts, entertainment, and something beautiful. You want to do something good, bring harmony to the world, you want to be appreciated in society for your beauty, artistic ability or all-encompassing love. You can “marry” your job, that is, pay more attention to your career than your personal life. You are a born mistress or diplomat.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person achieves a high position in the field of art or entering into romantic relationships with higher people, uses women and money, moving up the social ladder. A steady, smooth career (unless Venus is struck). Loyalty to the existing system. Mission is to bring beauty to people. Painters, builders, architects.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Look for love in friendly advice, and it will be useful. This person is attracted by the idea of free promotion and power as a social moment; when working out, a career in the field of art is possible: an artist, art critic or an official of the Academy of Arts. In his choices, a person will be guided by aesthetic considerations and will suffer greatly when the most beautiful way out of the situation turns out to be unacceptable. Relations with the boss will be much easier if he is secular enough and capable of giving the most unpleasant assignments with a polite smile and in the form of a request that leaves at least the illusion of choice. The person himself in the role of a boss will try to do just that, and a sharp refusal or rebellion of a subordinate will lead him into confusion, a way out of which he will look in social clichés. Office romances are likely, where you need to be very careful, as well as love for practical spiritual teachers and students, which gives the temptation to profanate relationships, in particular, in sex. However, if Venus is not overly impressed, relationships with superiors and subordinates are mostly warm and pleasant. This woman will come to work (at least to the boss’s office) beautifully dressed and dressed up, and the man will be polite and sophisticated. A sense of responsibility when choosing is transmitted through an aesthetic, social or emotional feeling, which suddenly become very strong: a person does not really want to violate the harmony of the world, or he feels responsibility to society, or just some option or goal seems extremely antipathetic to him. His advice on aesthetics and social issues, as well as judgments about love, is worth listening to if he has looked closely enough at the situation. He needs freedom of creativity, the framework of social relations is narrow (or he makes them close for others), the attitude towards love, until it becomes completely spiritual, is too focused on achieving specific goals.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a person of influence, born into a good family, with a good house and a car; he may be married to a famous person. These people are compassionate and help those in need. They have aptitudes in the arts, games or sports, creativity, health, beauty, and entertainment business. They are educated, well-known, have contacts with high strata of society.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Success in the artistic field; the second half of life is happier than the first. Often a gift of prophecy.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. Responsibility is a source of true pleasure. The trap is that you enjoy the carrot and stick of collective responsibility so much that, in the end, work becomes your primary source of enjoyment. Don’t be a workaholic. On the other hand, you should not assume that your work is more enjoyable than that of others. If there is elite status, especially on a spiritual level, then you must earn it by displaying grace in a complex environment of social interaction. The task is to cherish, to nurture the art of love and enjoyment; show that growing up and participating in a community life can be, and indeed should be, a wonderful experience. Professional ambition. Your most valuable possession is your social image, and most of all you love to shine on it. You are most happy when you work or are in a community area, in contact with the wider world. You know how to present yourself, how to show your best feature in front of the camera. It can be assumed that the position of Venus in the 10th house should correspond to the absence of ambition, but this is usually not true. The stream of ambition is not so small, more attracted to pleasure than to concrete work. You work better in pairs than alone; sympathy is often the foundation of business partnerships. You strive to acquire a profession; related to art, beauty, aesthetics or luxury. You can sell yourself as a commodity, as an actor or sitter, or you can sell goods for entertainment or leisure. Regardless of the profession you choose, it should give you pleasure, otherwise you need to change it. At the highest symbolic level, your profession is love; you need to love your profession. Missions and messages. Your feminine qualities stand before our eyes. Your life reminds us of the importance of active receptivity and the power of personal magnetism. Your radiation brings us into contact with our own sensitivity to beauty, with the flow of graceful being. Most of all, your life’s example teaches us personal love. You may or may not be successful in love, you may or may not be beautiful, but in any case, we are eager to explore these qualities, observing your desire to manifest them. A parent, “outwardly connected” with a person. The position of the female symbol in this traditionally masculine sphere may indicate that the influence of your father is weakened, or that his power is replaced by maternal power, although this is more likely when the Moon or Neptune is located here, rather than Venus. But regardless of whether the father’s influence is strong or weak, he is present or not, you are able to love him for a long time. You have learned to establish a cordial relationship with him and to act through him. His perception of the world has been a source of inspiration for you, and you have adopted this vision of the world for yourself. The basis of his perception was the observance of decency, a role-playing mask, which was displayed to the world. Even in the event of a conflict, you have captured a sense of hospitality, the desire to be a good host or hostess. Your relationship to authority is based not so much on respect for structure as on love for prestige and those who have it. Even in those cases where the slight oppression makes you irritated, still something inside you continues to enjoy contact with power. Your own authority is based on love, not power; on harmony, not on compulsion. You are not commanding, but magnetically attracting people’s attention. A sense of social tact and soft command is the foundation of yours; leadership. You understand better than others the principle that with the help of honey you can catch more flies than with the help of vinegar, and you develop these abilities to the level of high art.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This ambitious person easily achieves public recognition and successfully realizes his goals, since on his way there are many people who are willing and ready to help him. One of the parents provides considerable support in the profession and career. Such a person is popular, successful and successful in relationships with the opposite sex, but he is inclined to marry not for love, but for convenience. He is a born diplomat who succeeds in public relations thanks to the ability to join new movements, trends and directions in time. Improper use of energy forces him to achieve high status at any cost, which ultimately does not allow him to use all the possibilities of his position. Public recognition of such a person is often associated with the activities of his life partner, as well as with the wealth transferred by his parents and their social position. Such people strive to achieve heights both in social careers and in the arts. They are friends with their superiors and very courteously communicate with influential people. Success with members of the opposite sex helps their career. With negative character development, they tend to forget those who helped them achieve a high position, and considerable careerism is also noted. They are characterized by a sense of their integrity and syntheticness. Their feelings are hidden, but deep. They are interested in classical art and ancient sculpture. As a rule, these are monogamous people who reach a high position thanks to a successful marriage. Excessive shyness and stiffness in self-expression and manifestation of feelings is often noted. Their life is successful, progress is favorable, dignity is significant. They are peace-loving and tactful, willingly accept the help of women and are not inclined to take excessive care of their own property. Welfare strengthens their social position. In love, they are not too passionate, rather restrained and orderly. Often they turn out to be perfumers, jewelers, flower growers, school aesthetics teachers or sellers of luxury goods. There is a marked attraction to ceremonies and festivals. Such people gravitate towards representatives of high society and adore luxurious weddings. Often, their profession is associated with compassion and mercy, entertainment and pleasure, beauty and harmony. Feelings definitely dominate the mind. Often such people become theater directors, famous musicians, popular designers and stage performers. They are fortunate as publishers and confectioners, secretaries and lecturers, journalists and businessmen. They willingly go in for sports and gymnastics, they intuitively understand the balance of forms and feel the beauty of color. Their movements are flexible, their voice is soft and gentle, their bodies are flexible, and their feelings are pliable. Sometimes they are able to love to self-sacrifice. The second half of life is happier than the first. Often in adulthood, the gift of prophecy and foresight awakens.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the charts of males and females. In the 10th house we again encounter concerns about status. But here is not a desire to achieve status, but such a state, as if we already have it and should behave accordingly. The idea of what exactly our status requires is, of course, subjective and relative. Most importantly, we adhere to our own standards and do not allow any attacks on them. At X, we work hard to achieve power, want to have leadership, or at least take a position so that others do not dominate us. In the X house, a person strives to be a strong person and stand firmly on his feet. At the same time, we have no right to ignore the rights of those below us. In the X house, we constantly feel that others are watching and appreciating. Alas, all those in power must look back at their voters, subordinates or subjects. In the X house, Venus in the female chart or Mars in the male chart requires compliance with the gender role adopted in this society. For example, a man should show masculinity, but not so much in a sensual as in a social sense. He must know what is expected of a “real” man, and in the X house this is by no means sexual charm, but efficiency and efficiency, not sexually tinged. Such a person knows that as a “real man” he must successfully conduct business and direct them with a confident hand. When he starts something, others must be sure that the business will be completed; when planning something, others can have confidence that the goal will be achieved. And it is not proper for him to turn to the opinion of others to make sure that his actions are correct. This is male behavior in the 10th house. The opposite picture is observed if a man has Venus in the X house. Venus does not necessarily embody for him a woman whose success will exalt her above other people, but necessarily – an outstanding woman, flawless, superior to others. In both cases, with the planet of the opposite sex in the X house, it is important for us that the partner is correct in manners, without sexual accents, indecent or inappropriate colors in clothes: Venus in the X house for a woman and Mars in it for a man requires that the clothes be sustained in a strict classic style and in accordance with common sense. With a planet of the opposite sex in the X house, a partner must reinforce our appearance as solid, worthy, reliable citizens.