Uranus Sextile – Chiron


(Natal. Uranus → Natal. Chiron)

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Uranus Sextile: Breaking through a person, genius actively prevents him from breaking through into people. The sextiles of the higher planets provide opportunities that not every person will take advantage of. In particular, the sextile of Uranus gives good ideas (which, however, require significant development for their embodiment) only to a person who has worked the principle of the Planet to a sufficiently high level. Then he begins to appreciate those often too original ideas that Uranus sends him. Of course, the sextile of Uranus makes the Planetary Principle for a person not boring, at times even very much, but one must learn to perceive Uranian influences according to their real merit; at the beginning of the development there will be a lot of silly eccentricity, behind which there is nothing, and a little bit of potentially creative ideas, which, however, need to be carefully checked and designed. Uranus Sextile is an invitation to great creativity in the spheres ruled by the Planet, but not a ready-made gift of this creativity. Working out here gives a truly creative nature and constant creative choice, which distinguishes a real artist, and at a high level also the ability to open a gift to other people. At a low level, a person does not understand the actions and opportunities provided to him by Uranus, they seem to him beautiful or partly frightening, but senseless and useless Bengal fire, or, with the defeat of Uranus, sometimes acquire the character of an overvalued idea. Here, the study begins with the fact that a person learns to perceive uranian manifestations (unusual events, etc.) in the sphere of the Planet as signs of fate, indicating the possibility of constructive and potentially creative application of his forces; as he is worked through, a person gradually learns (peculiar to his fate) the language of Uranic signs and hints and begins to use them practically. The striving for this, however, a person always feels, at least, routine behavior in appropriate situations is very boring for him. Chiron Sextile: Why are the hidden capabilities of a person so carefully hidden from him? They are afraid that they will be sold into slavery. The Chiron Sextile gives a person the possibility of a non-standard and even almost implausible expansion of the Planet principle, but it is often not easy to guess about this (and even more so to implement). The manifestation of this aspect may look like incomprehensible or incomprehensible circumstances in the spheres ruled by the Planet, which is worth a certain amount of work to understand, but the results will give an unexpected understanding or non-standard vision of the corresponding situation, which then acquires an inner meaning. At a low level of elaboration, the Chiron sextile provides imaginary opportunities for expansion and exits from the dead ends of development associated with the principle of the Planet, which plunge a naive, trusting and hoping for quick success of a person into chaos and internal confusion. Chiron teaches to work outside the box, reliably, practically, and most importantly, solving internal problems first and only then external ones. A person can learn all this if he can understand that the opportunities offered to him by the sextile of Chiron require not only honest work, but also a non-standard approach, and possibly parting with some part of the usual picture of the world. In general, this is a very promising aspect that gives a person the opportunity to understand the complex and deeply hidden mysteries of his subconscious, to highlight and reliably bring into consciousness programs that seem completely unattainable, which sometimes leads to a transition to a qualitatively new level in the spheres controlled by the Planet. The study of sextile makes it possible not only to choose completely original ways of developing the Planetary Principle, but also to offer them to others.



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