Uranus – Neptune conjunction


(Natal. Uranus → Natal. Neptune)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Aggravated, painful susceptibility, sensitivity; extremism and obsession; sudden changes in mood, condition; a capricious person, a suicidal tendency. The positive side is colossal spiritual concentration, spiritual interests, discernment, frankness, honesty, directness, a tendency to self-sacrifice.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

life to new political and social systems that contribute to the development of people. This generation is in harmony with the forces of nature, has great intuition, is under the influence of supraphic forces (in the sign and house of union, or where they are the masters). Imagination, originality, sagacity, inclination to belong to secret religious organizations. This is based on a combination of the qualities of the IX, X, XI, XII houses. Note: Saturn, co-owner of Uranus, is found in the horoscopes of people in large corporations who have made exceptional discoveries. Many scientists were born in the sign of Capricorn, a combination of discipline and originality. Neptune stands at the origins of great religions with its mystical experience, the insights of teachers or prophets. Later, there is a codification in faith and ethical principles in the spirit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, a connection with religion – Neptune is co-owner. The affairs of such people are often secret, Neptune is the master of the XII house, and the work takes place in a group union (Uranus is the master of the XI house). The activities of these people are inspired by occult-mystical philosophy. The highest form of expression of this connection is the synthesis of divine wisdom and love.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

The conjunction of Uranus: The greatness of what he has done is such that it can only fit into mania. This is not an easy aspect, because in the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Uranus, a person, whether he wants it or not, from time to time becomes the guinea pig of the Absolute, whose paths are inscrutable, especially at the beginning. In general, this is a very strong aspect, and if a person manages to adapt to the rhythm of fate in the areas controlled by the Planet, and learns to read or at least pay attention to the signs of karma sent to him, he will not only save himself (and others) from many troubles, but also will show an extremely unconventional vision of the world, and, perhaps, almost brilliant ideas will visit him. Unfortunately, he will most likely greatly exaggerate their value: these diamonds need to be cut, after which a diamond of much lighter weight remains. If the connection is severely affected, then the load on the Planet may turn out to be unbearable for a person, and in the corresponding areas it will be difficult for him to remain in a socially acceptable space, i.e. many of his ideas and actions will be completely incomprehensible to other people, and the shadow of a psychiatric hospital will rise over the person … You need to learn to ground your fantasies and smooth out acute states, for which it is good to load the harmonious aspects of the Planet or its dispositor, and, as usual, the study of Saturn and the development of respect for external reality (study of the X house), as well as a sense of humor (study of Chiron ). With harmonious aspects to the Planet, this connection is most dangerous for those around, especially for those who activate the Planet; at the same time, it is with them and for them that his unexpected ingenuity, flashes of ideas and energy are manifested. The conjunction of Neptune: It is difficult to believe in the immortality of the soul for a person who does not have a soul. In the areas ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Neptune, it is difficult for a person to concentrate: he begins meditation, which (without working out the aspect) is led by the lower programs of the subconscious, trying to put all manifestations of the principle of the Planet at the service of the ego. Neptune creates in the corresponding spheres a constant distortion of vision, false positions, temptations of conscious and unconscious deception, and it is very difficult to get rid of these influences, since an unprocessed connection gives a very deep and strong penetration of the lower octave of Neptune into the principle of the Planet. If Neptune is in conjunction with Venus, then at a low level of elaboration of the aspect, a person will constantly fall into false positions, and simply lie in social contacts and love, but both, as well as the available arts will be sources of endless pleasure for him, and elaboration gives a true connoisseur of art, and perhaps an artist. It is much more difficult to work out the conjunction of Neptune with Saturn, since the Neptune of the lower octave takes the eyes of Saturn, and the person is practically incapable of concentration (he quickly begins lower meditation, and his attention drifts away) and self-deepening, which are necessary for the development of discipline and inner honesty. The study of Pluto (which, by the way, has been sextile to Neptune for the entire second half of the 20th century, promising support), the only planet capable of dispelling the spell and deception of Neptune, helps here. At a high level, working out the connection with Neptune gives a person in the spheres ruled by the Planet a rare ability of true understanding, high meditations and external actions in which a person can express the Ineffable, but not everyone is able to see it.

Het Monster. Aspects of

It happens once every 171 years. Corresponds to the period of spiritual and scientific progress, the birth and activity of the creators of new political and social systems. This generation is in harmony with the forces of nature, has excellent intuition, is under the influence of higher forces (in the sign and in the house of connection or in those houses where these planets are the masters). Imagination, originality, sagacity, inclination to be in secret organizations.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: The combination of an irrational principle and a passion for change creates a powerful creativity, at the heart of which is a harmonious fusion of sensitivity and identity. Inquisitive, creative, innovative thinking.