Uranus in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Advanced thought in philosophy, religion and higher education, departure from orthodox religious views. The views on parenting are very progressive. Interest in new teaching methods using radio, television, electronic technology. Passion for travel, periodically need a change of experience and adventure. The secrets of the long past, distant worlds, the utopian future captivate them, so they often study archeology and astrology. You have an unconventional approach, even a rebellious spirit, in relation to religion, philosophy and politics. You look at traditional religion as a limiting, meaningless ritual that is not suitable for you and strive to follow other, alternative paths. You have an abundance of creative, innovative ideas, and you often feel that others are not willing to take risks and look somewhat wider than their deeply rooted views and beliefs.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person breaks the boundaries of culture and goes into superculture or lack of culture – depending on the rest of the horoscope. Can be a fighter against God – the beginning of Prometheus is strong in him. Man is above everything, his brain and thinking are a unique instrument that can reach the truth on his own. It is problematic to get a higher education, it has several incomplete ones. He professes an unconventional religion, pretentious philosophy, may be associated with astrology. A person has long-distance connections – a network of contacts covering a huge space. Film director, cameraman, urban landscape designer, sect leader.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Ascribing genius to the Absolute, and stupidity to oneself, is much more correct than vice versa. Here, the relationship with the ideal “I” is fickle, and his voice (more precisely, uranic intonations) is not heard so often, but the requirements for a person can be the most extraordinary. For his part, forming the ideal “I”, a person will feel the need to make it non-standard: ideas for the direction of self-improvement may be the most amazing, and most often absolutely unrealistic, but this will not bother a person. Working out gives a high ideal “I”, able to brilliantly solve any problem and problem that arises, and fully mastered the method of brilliant insight, which dramatically increases the abilities of the person himself. Without elaboration, the action of the ideal is often inappropriate, it turns on with unexpected force, suddenly, and requires behavior and actions from a person that are clearly not obligatory and even completely unnecessary; this ideal is difficult (but necessary) to adapt to action within the framework of the reality surrounding a person. The expansion of consciousness occurs energetically and unexpectedly, and a person turns out to be completely unprepared for it, which, with a strong inclusion of Uranus, can give the effect of a blow to the psyche, which it will be difficult for her to bear. This will require a significant restructuring of the picture of the world and the levels of perceived and emitted energy flows. Unusual events and strong experiences are possible during spiritual training and teaching, in distant countries and during the development of unfamiliar cultures; similarly, one should read and interpret the uranian signs of fate, manifested in strange effects and coincidences both in the external world and in the psyche, and then a person will be able to realize the most unexpected and brilliant glimpses of his ideas in these areas.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. The position of Uranus in the 9th house shows that the higher intelligence is the storehouse of motives for your behavior. You want to go beyond the acceptable, to see what is in the forbidden realms of thinking. At times, you become a philosophical or religious revolutionary, fighting hard with established beliefs, stopping at nothing to destroy the status quo. Your statements are often harsh and defiant, therefore they often excite people, confuse people; you are probably as good at creating opposition for yourself as in winning support. Remember, destructive social criticism is easy. Strive for something more sublime, for true reform. The task – let your mind travel wherever it wants, let it show you previously unknown areas where you can brilliantly express yourself. Live your own philosophy, so you are more likely to make vast changes in the life of the world than by storming traditional strongholds of power. A cultural perspective. When you travel away from home, or at least away from your usual environment, different surprises can happen to you, and often do happen. Traveling can be enjoyable, open up new horizons for you, arousing the desire to somehow look at the world and society in a different way. Or they can unsettle you, chaotic or ruin your life. When you want to cheer up, leave home, something is bound to have a radical impact on your mind. When traveling, you may suddenly find yourself alone, even if you went on the road with friends. And this is natural, since exploring the world is the main way of getting in touch with your personality. Use travel and travel to gain a new vision of your own self. Higher education. In the case of Uranus in the 9th house, you are least likely to follow the classical laws of higher education. Yes, you can be found in the classroom studying something, but this is extremely rare. Obviously, the learning process is not sequential. There are times in your life when you are not interested in education, you are gaining strength, you are “under steam”, you just “go with the flow.” But then something excites your consciousness and you immerse yourself in intense study. Your mind is absorbed by the wave of enlightenment, however, other people do not understand this and consider your behavior to be completely out of the ordinary. Often times, you fight traditional wisdom and thus make enemies for yourself, despite the fact that your intellectual abilities have not been questioned by anyone. Fuck these torpedoes! Full speed ahead. Search for truth. Truth is not the result of long or painstaking research, but a sudden burst of insight. Being practical, you are undoubtedly interested in the truth that other people possess, but nevertheless you persistently strive to tell about your own discoveries. You enjoy communicating the truth. You like to surprise people and your message often looks weird. However, remember that shock is not always the best way to convey truth. Remember to be gentle, and then you will be perceived as a wise genius, and not as a grumpy fool. Truth is an awareness of freedom, an ideal society. In your ideal society, there would be only a few types of restrictions on self-expression, or there would be none at all. A structured society is not for you; the less the board, the better. All men would be brothers (and all women would be sisters), and each person would develop their talents at their own discretion. Respect for individual freedom would extend to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, probably by separating the combatants. Everything that is obsolete has outlived its own, immediately and without regret would be thrown away and destroyed and replaced by the newest. As the ruler of the world, you would be a benevolent master. You would eliminate all institutions of power and ultimately abdicate the throne, and no one would know if you did it in earnest or as a joke.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is an inventive, independent and adventurous person, gifted with various abilities. He loves long journeys to exotic locations, thanks to which he gets the opportunity to experience strange and unusual states. In relation to religion and ideology, he is non-dogmatic, his worldview is based on an intuitive vision of reality with a clear socio-utopian orientation. The defeat of the planet predisposes to bigotry, as well as to the emergence of unpleasant situations associated with justice and legal conflicts. Such a person can excel in teaching, foreign policy and publishing. Often, such people become gifted social reformers and prominent political leaders. They easily deviate from orthodox religious and social beliefs and adhere to advanced views in the fields of philosophy, upbringing and higher education. They are inclined towards everything progressive and advanced. They are willingly interested in astrology, esotericism and parapsychology. They successfully use new teaching methods, adore new video equipment and computer systems. Deep in their hearts, they are inveterate utopians who periodically need a change of impressions and vivid adventures. They are attracted by the secrets of the past and enchant the mysteries of distant worlds. They love to fantasize about the future, are inclined to study astronomy and archeology. Often such people become fanatical followers of sectarian leaders, or armchair philosophers, abstractly and lifelessly describing the shortcomings of this world. The gift of foresight of the coming changes in social life is possible. Often such people become talented authors of occult works. They love everything unusual and extraordinary, original and eccentric. They collect antiques with interest, are curious about prophecies and predictions. Show a clear interest in science fiction literature. They are prone to unusual superstitions. On long journeys, they can get into significant disasters. They love to get their own education, gravitate towards correspondence forms of education. In esotericism, they certainly choose their own path. Paranormal psychic abilities appear in such people unexpectedly and somehow immediately. They can become talented inventors, businessmen, designers, industrialists, missionaries, healers and discoverers. When the planet is defeated, such a person must observe the utmost caution in scientific experiments and vigilance when traveling, since trouble threatens at every turn. It is very important to consistently comply with the norms of the law, since a conflict with justice often ends in the defeat of such a person.


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