Uranus in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Desire for long lasting and stable relationships as a reaction to childhood traumas that are remembered for life. Fear of giving in to sudden impulses, caution in choosing partners. A tendency to be an observer rather than a participant in a partnership. The best way out of the situation is to fully unfold the most original side of the character. They want to unravel the secrets of life, going beyond physical phenomena. The wealth situation suddenly changes through inheritance, marriage, business partners, insurance, taxes, public money. Possible unexpected death by accident. Your life is characterized by sudden changes and events that completely unpredictably change the direction of your life. At times you can be impatient and reckless, impulsively realizing your passion for new life and change. Emotionally, you are a complex person and capable of intense, unexpected outbursts of feelings and desires. If you share your property and holdings with another person (for example, a marriage and business partner), your luck will fluctuate widely, and the state of affairs can quickly change – for better or for worse.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the desire to experience dangerous adventures. A person, unwittingly, finds himself in a critical, unpredictable position. At the same time, he is able to survive in a critical situation (if Uranus is harmonious) or can anticipate a difficult situation in advance. Danger from electrical appliances, transport, radiation. Self-transformation is facilitated by going out into a large space. A person can have huge amounts of money, but he also spends a lot, impulsively. Experimenter in nuclear physics, test pilot, cosmonaut.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Separating a person from the object of his efforts, death does not deprive him of the object of attention. Uranus in the 8th house at a symbolic climax. In general, the upper planet does not particularly adorn the house in which it stands, but this applies doubly to the VIII house. It is difficult to work out your behavior in borderline, super-stressed and critical situations, but here you can still feel the creative handwriting of the Absolute, energetic and unpredictable to the extent corresponding to its name. Here, the study consists in the fact that a person learns to read uranic signs of fate in weak situations of the 8th house: when crossing the road, in flight in an airplane, walking a curse pronounced by a casual passer-by, an unexpected and obviously frivolous proposal to marry, etc. Then in the big situation of the 8th house, when he rises above the person in full height, Uranus will not only give unpredictable and knock-down effects, but will also help the person understand the situation, at least tell him what to do (why – he may not understand for the rest of his life, but the crisis will be overcome). Psychological crises can be very energetic and unexpected, and it will be difficult for a psychologist to understand their nature – it is easier to refer them to a psychiatrist and pharmaceuticals that relieve acute conditions. Internal problems, however, are not solved, but are aggravated, but they should still be solved in a relatively calm state, seeking control over their emotional and mental bodies. Potentially, this position of Uranus gives a very deep penetration into your subconscious and power over yourself and your psyche, but this must be confirmed by the entire horoscope and achieved with great difficulty: the internal enemy in this case is very cunning and strong, and without special need it is better not to wake him … Development gives great power over teams, witty ethical and strategic ideas that can captivate people and make them develop and work creatively, but first you have to go through a long and painful stage when the team does not understand a person’s ideas at all and, at best, ignores. With strong aspects of Uranus – occult abilities, in particular, for astrology.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. Intimacy is the peak experience. You spend a lot of time observing the alliance, and not participating in it, steadfastly supporting an outside position. In this case, you are not able to change your personal assessment through interaction with other people. Then, suddenly, a spark runs between you and your partner; it explodes, throws you out like a rocket from the launching position, and propels you to the heavens of the union. The trap is mutual exclusivity, incompatibility, a tendency to denial, a different way of thinking, regardless of your state. The challenge is to respond to the call of intimate contact whenever your life is enslaved in a swamp of inert habits, knowing full well that these revolutionary alliances are undoubtedly short-lived, but respecting them. Transformation. One moment in time you are the person you know, and the next moment you are a stranger to yourself, an alien from another world. These states rarely last long. Let’s say more, they reflect the process of your becoming; foreseeing who you might eventually become. What characterizes both states is a willingness to be alone, so that you are not yanked by normal relationships with people. The task is to comprehend what the ultimate reality is, clearing oneself from illusions, like a snake from old skin. Memorize these phases as they guide you towards maturity like a compass. Why do you explode in sexual ecstasy at one point in time, but remain coolly aloof at another moment? You don’t know what to answer. These questions affect your personality and the manifestation of your will. When you are in your normal volitional state, then you can steadfastly refuse sex. When you become receptive to the more subtle vibrations of consciousness emanating from your depths, only then will you accept the full gifts of tantric power. Sexual union, however rare it may be, is the sudden awakening of your sensitivity. In this liberation, you gain a renewed sense of your uniqueness, a humble respect for the power that is poured into the surrounding space. The challenge is to embrace this power as you tap into it; respect yourself, your partner and space for the gift of sex magic Focused intuition. You are fascinated and then disappointed by intuitive perception. At times you are a skilled magician, at other times you are a zero denying your own miracles. You don’t want to be a trained seal that responds to commands, even your own. Intuition manifests itself by itself, shocking you and other people with its unpredictability. Your mental concentration is so humane that you often receive information about strangers, and not about those who are closest to you. In a sense, distance increases sensitivity. The trap is not taking personal advantage from sudden flashes of intuition. The challenge is to give whatever you receive, let your intuition go where it wants to go, not try to develop it or drive it into a structured use. Money and possessions can be unpredictable, especially if they are the means of your partnership. You can gain and lose a fortune, often overnight, so expect surprises. It’s great if you make money in non-standard ways. because keeping your talents in a bag is an extraordinary situation. Relaxing your attachment to money and possessions removes your fears about it. The trap is excessive willfulness: it is not typical for you to submit to external pressure, and you can be incredibly stubborn when you are pressed, however, you are also gracefully flexible when you feel the freedom of the relationship. Finally, you strive to play the game of money by your own rules, and although this is a valuable quality of yours, you can end up in trouble. The task is to be aware of what is gained by you and what is lost.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person often faces problems related to other people’s money. Therefore, he needs to try to be careful in business dealings. Perhaps he will discover unusual ways of managing other people’s money and new methods of investing collective funds. Can greatly benefit from unexpected inheritance. Possesses paranormal psychic abilities, is interested in esotericism and afterlife. He is inclined to fall in love with those who cannot answer him in love and are unable to satisfy his needs. He tends to keep his unconventional ideas about sex a secret. Has a developed sense of humor, often has unexpected forebodings and has strange dreams. Quick and unexpected death is possible. Such a person seeks to unravel the mystical secrets of life, going beyond the mental physical concepts. Shows great interest in nuclear physics, otherworldly existence and experimental mysticism. Capable of deep understanding of the hidden processes of the Universe. Business partners and life partner can unexpectedly improve their wealth. There are many unexpected problems associated with taxes, insurance and collective funds. High susceptibility to accidents. Such people, long before leaving, intuitively comprehend the time and type of their death. They need to learn to free themselves from excessive sexual emotionality and strange attachments to material wealth. They must understand that life is a dynamic process in which only spiritual values are of lasting importance. Often, such people are victims of violence, show a tendency to electric shock, or go to the doctor because of car violence or careless handling of explosives. They are distinguished by their interest in deep psychoanalysis and the fantastic nature of their dreams. Death in a catastrophe is possible, suicide attempts are not excluded. Mental and physical health is under significant threat. Such a person is always “out of place”. Often all the troubles of life are limited to losses of only a material nature, therefore, such people should be very careful about business contracts and savings and monitor the movement of funds. Chronic internal dissatisfaction with life and dissatisfaction with the surrounding world are possible. In co-authorship and marriage, there are likely to be many troubles. Such people are susceptible to lightning strikes and paralysis.


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