Uranus in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The need for freedom in marriage and partnership. An extraordinary thirst for independence makes it impossible to bond with a partner for a long time. The marriage is concluded unexpectedly and under unusual circumstances. Close relationships with close friends or, conversely, temporary and superficial, non-binding, worthless. Telepathic abilities of perception of moods and feelings. You need unlimited freedom in intimate one-on-one relationships and can experiment with non-traditional forms of relationships. When it comes to marriage or personal relationships, you rebel against conventions and limitations and are likely to choose a very unusual, eccentric, out-of-bounds partner.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The earliest marriages, the most extravagant partners. The decision to marry comes unexpectedly and is often not approved by the parents. The more unusual the partner, the more stable the marriage (unusual nationality, religion, profession). The concept of a contract for a person practically does not exist. Public, informal contracts Uranus easily breaks. This leads to asocial, even criminal behavior (especially if Uranus is struck). This position of the planet speaks of neglect of the interests of others, of outrageousness.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The invention of the atomic bomb did not undermine humanity’s faith in the power of its reason. This person is always somewhat tense, although with a harmonious card this may not be noticeable. However, the experience of his life, which is never forgotten by the subconscious, tells him that at any moment any person, even a long and well-known person, can completely unexpectedly, practically unmotivated, give an aggressive, purely hostile reaction. At the same time, Uranus is not Saturn, and not Pluto, and this enemy sortie may not follow, and the crack in the relationship will quickly heal, but there may be a deep cavity behind it, and then the old friendship and partnership will quickly disintegrate. In general, Uranus in the VII house is the position of unmotivated divorces, especially with the defeat of Uranus. If Uranus is harmonious, in the end everything will usually go well, and although there will be great tensions, they can be viewed as peppercorns in the insipid pie of everyday existence. Working at home consists in expanding the vision of the enemy and partner, a hint of which is given by the sharp uranic fights; the implementation of ingenious insights regarding weapons, as well as the interpretation and consideration of the Uranian signs in the future life, in this case, manifested in the field of relationships with enemies and partners. The enemy may have brilliant ideas to brag about, much to their detriment (with a careful enemy), but their attacks more often resemble a thunderstorm than a prolonged siege. However, with the square of Uranus to Saturn, an unpleasant combination of both is possible, which may be an incentive for serious penetration into the depths of one’s own psyche and search for sources of one’s aggression on the world. Living with this person in marriage is not easy; he will have very original ideas and sometimes a lot of energy to implement them, and in addition, electric bulbs and appliances will often burn out in the house, especially in front of family scenes.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

The need for freedom in marriage and partnership. With bad aspects – divorce proceedings; inability to cooperate, in general, difficulties in work. Most often, marriage occurs unexpectedly and under unusual circumstances.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Reflected awareness. You came to Earth in order to experience the entry into your life of a mass of unexpected and exciting events that burst into the space of your personal experience literally at every step. Partnerships are an effective means for you to understand the character and limits of your inner freedom. As soon as any conflicts with the authorities or misunderstandings with a loved one arise by themselves, you become especially acutely aware of yourself and gain access to the depths of your own psyche. The more violent, brighter and more unpredictable your partner is, the more acuteness of understanding you yourself will achieve. Disasters, disturbances in the balance of relationships, unexpected constraints of freedom with the subsequent overcoming of stagnant circumstances, any surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant – all this deepens your awareness of yourself through interaction with those who are next to you and experience the same as you. An equal relationship. Any relationship for you is a testing ground for understanding your inherent sense of inner freedom. The important thing is that you are especially clearly aware of the specifics of relationships when you rush in on a “white horse” or against the background of a mismatch in the rhythms of your own destiny. Relationships for you should be built with the flavor of the storm and hurricane. Your characteristic way of establishing contact is the complete individual freedom of each of the participants in the interaction. In partnership, most of all, you value your own freedom – however, you let your neighbor live. You tend to marry quickly and unexpectedly, not only for others, but even for yourself. Your home is open and always full of guests, your personal relationships are never the subject of secrecy or silence. You have a free attitude to marriage; in general, marital obligations do not really matter to you. Fighting obstacles on the way to establishing contact excites and makes you happy – you strive for intimacy like a meteor and just as quickly fall out of the relationship that has already become familiar to your partner. By the way, this instability of the relationship makes many people avoid you as a partner. Either your partner becomes a personal friend for you, then suddenly he is transferred to the position of “just a friend”, or even you make it clear that you are not tying yourself in relation to him. Frequent family conflicts, destruction of business cooperation and divorce – both family and business in nature are possible. In social life, you tend to play the role of an extravagant and completely free inventor, and therefore you have no special data for serious engagement in politics. Unexpected surges in public popularity are possible, which give you many inventive and unpredictable enemies in their behavior. Contracts, obligations. You tend to enter into a contractual relationship with significant reservations and circumlocutions – you strive to foresee in advance possible ways to release from these obligations and go beyond the previously reached agreements due to the emergence of new circumstances. In open partnerships, you show amazing ingenuity and show an outright love of freedom, often without regard for the well-being and opinion of your partner. Your public commitments are always original and even somewhat scandalous, in any case, nontrivial and interesting for those around you. You often agree to certain cases “from a bunch of bugs”, often after regretting the decision and complaining about the need to break the bonds that were mistakenly imposed on yourself. Commitment serves you more to expand the limits of your freedom than to narrow the limits of independent behavior. You are not particularly upset when one or another agreement is suddenly destroyed and the established partnership suddenly reaches a dead end, but you do not like the routine and dullness of everyday cooperation. That is why you are looking for adventures “on your own head” with all your might – in order, as you like to say, “to revive the situation and bring new colors into the familiar relationship with your partner.” Scandalous publicity, loud anti-advertising campaigns and unexpected disasters in joint ventures are often possible. Contracts are broken easily and quite often, but they are concluded easily and without lengthy preliminary preparation. The task – you need to take a more thorough approach to the search for guarantees of maintaining independence at the expense of your business and intimate partners. Freedom gained by restricting the freedom of others often gets stuck with a bone in the throat … Cooperation. You are a completely friendly and sociable person, but you still face considerable difficulties in trying to cooperate constructively and consistently with your neighbors. Difficulties in working together are most often associated with that. that you are characterized by an unexpected change in preferences and attitudes, both in relation to the partners themselves and in relation to the joint goals and methods used in group work. You effortlessly abandon previous opinions, assessments and positions, forgetting that this entails obligatory changes in the nature of the partnership. You surprise everyone with your own inconsistency – not only those around you, but yourself! It often even confuses you – but not for long and not deeply. You are disgusted with long and monotonous monotonous relationships with a partner, you need constant updates and transformations of paired relationships, especially since you crave the fullness of personal independence and the freedom to do what you please. Achieving creative compromises presents a lot of difficulty for you, not because of your misunderstanding of the nature of your obligations to others, but because of an irrational gravitation towards liberation from any restrictions, even if you understand how important and beneficial they are for you. … What you yourself consider cooperation is more often than not a joint game in the search for freedom. True freedom rests on the complementarity of partners – it is impossible to feel truly independent if the other simply suffers from your independence. Partners or partnerships. The type of companions and companions you choose is very, very original. Your natural partner should be flamboyant, eccentric, independent, and totally unpredictable. He is more a friend and brother than an employee and colleague. You allow your partner to make very sharp maneuvers and get involved in the most unexpected situations at his own discretion. You even like it when your fellow man demonstrates the magnificence of truly free behavior. Your partners should be inclined to adventurous behavior, be able to boldly take risks and embark on even the most dubious ventures without fear. Thus, they will embody the principle of all-round expression of the need for freedom and independence, which you welcomed, which for you is the foundation of any pair relationship. By the way, you perceive such people almost telepathically, resonating with their every thought and every movement of their soul. It is impossible to call your partners people boring, monotonous and clamped in the vice of stereotypes. Their main principle is never to repeat, to always strive to update what is, even if sometimes it leads to a fixation on the very search for novelty. Natural partnerships take on the character of stormy and non-binding acquaintances, during which you manage to update your perceptions and learn a lot of new things about yourself and the world. An explosive, original, freedom-loving partner complements you and makes it possible to carry out a joint search for personal freedom. This is your way of expressing your deep social essence: everything should be fresh and completely different. In partnerships, you show enviable intuitiveness and responsiveness, often consider paired ties as God-given, and at the same time you do not hesitate to sever all relations if for some reason you suddenly decide that they are embarrassing you in some way. Often the most wonderful, unforeseen circumstances create difficulties in pair contacts. Often times, you have to be responsible for the fact that your partner does whatever he pleases. But you still welcome such a relationship: no matter how sharp the twists and turns in a partnership are, they are signs of the presence of what you value most – individual freedom in any situation. The image is a cheerful and noisy carnival in its midst: crackers and fireworks, processions and performances and new acquaintances – many, many, many.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person wants to have an unusual partner with whom to establish an unusual and original relationship. He gets married under the influence of the current mood, and can just as easily divorce. He is inclined to marry very early, after realizing his mistake, he tries to start all over again. The partner he chooses can be eccentric, tense and inclined to set the laws of behavior for himself. Perhaps the partner will be given little attention, they will be treated like a thing. Such a person will be committed to community service and the clients he serves. Remarkable aptitude for literature and art is possible. In marriage and partnership, such a person requires absolute freedom for himself. His extraordinary thirst for independence makes long-term relationships with partners impossible. The marriage takes place unexpectedly under unusual circumstances. If the partner is more fortunate, special jealousy is experienced towards him. Relationships with friends and loved ones are either very close, or quick and superficial, do not oblige to anything and cost nothing. There is an almost telepathic ability to directly perceive the moods and feelings of others. Potential danger associated with inability to cooperate. Losses in case of defeat in lawsuits and unsatisfactory relations with the public are not excluded. An unexpected change in moods, attitudes and opinions surprises others. And the person himself is embarrassed by his own inconstancy. There are so many surprises in behavior that such a person’s desired engagement in politics and public affairs becomes simply impossible. Unforeseen circumstances constantly create new difficulties, for which the person himself bears responsibility. The experience of marriage and partnership, as well as public relations, are marked with a stamp of surprise and oddity. A marriage union with a gifted person who has an intuitive creative talent is possible. In general, relationships with others are permeated with romanticism, impulsiveness, secrecy and inattention to generally accepted norms of behavior. A marriage can end in scandal, separation or death of one of the spouses. Enemies attack such a person unexpectedly, their activity is difficult to predict, and their actions are always inventive and new. In all their initiatives, such people meet unexpected resistance, which, however, they get used to over the years. Friends can betray by becoming enemies. Such a person treats love platonically. Marriage limits the development of his personality, and yet a romantic relationship often ends unexpectedly in a wedding. A life partner is more a companion for him than a loved one. Relationships with others are full of tension and conflict. Such people gravitate towards free alliances and connections with divorced and widowed people. Their relationships with others are not smooth and calm. From time to time, they either completely cool down towards their neighbor, then deeply and strongly experience unity with him. Many internal and external reasons cause such a person to hesitate in their feelings, actions and actions. Their soul is in eternal excitement. Marriage, family life and business partnerships are full of change and crisis. A special role is played by the impulsiveness, haste, recklessness, suddenness, surprise and uncertainty inherent in such a person. The denouement of relations can come quite suddenly, while secret dreams and cherished hopes remain unfulfilled.



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