Uranus in the 6th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Unusual, advanced labor and service practices. Interest in modern medical methods: sound therapy, homeopathy, mental treatment. Special nutritional methods. Electrical engineers and technicians, programmers. Own thoughts about the development of new technology give special achievements in this area. Through work, new friendships, participation in group activities. Your performance may be haphazard, and as a result, it may be difficult for you to do routine work for a long time. You are interested in new technologies and unusual, even revolutionary, methods of solving work-related problems. You are also not indifferent to non-traditional methods of healing. You can work in alternative health care or change and reform any area you choose.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Causes of ailments: violation of the central nervous and endocrine systems. Hormonal drugs, electrotherapy, iontophoresis, UHF can help. It is difficult to make a diagnosis, to localize a sore spot (as for all higher planets). The process is at a deep level. Non-traditional methods of treatment: acupuncture, acupressure If he heals himself, he is a supporter of the latest methods. He strives to saturate the kitchen with electronics, is sensitive to new inventions in the field of everyday life, and he himself invents objects that facilitate the solution of everyday problems. In the service a person is difficult to regulate. Selects work with a fairly loose mode. Cannot withstand routine work “on schedule” for a long time. Electronics engineer, programmer, psychologist, mathematician, linguist. The pet is exotic.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

If you turn lightning into the service of man, the thunderous rolls will become very boring. This person has brilliant ideas about his work, bouts of exceptional efficiency, especially with harmonious Uranus. However, the ability and desire to work for weeks in a row, practically without sleep, is not always such a positive moment in a person’s life. There may be consequences in the form of severe depression or temporary insanity, when a person cannot withstand the uranic energy flow. If a person’s work is related to office work, the action of Uranus may be reflected in the fact that from time to time lightning strikes the roof of a company building or a director plays a similar role; if this is an experimental physicist, then Uranus in the 6th house can give a great discovery, which, however, may turn out to be an experimental error. But in any case, such extraordinary events that occur while working with tools or related to services should be treated very carefully, trying to understand them as signs of fate. You need to learn to relate to your ideas correctly, since the genius of the design (V house) is one thing, but the genius of performance, technique and instruments (VI house) is quite another, and requires incomparably more work for practical implementation. The elaboration gives the highest technique, and then everything that comes out from under the hands of this person bears the stamp of his genius, which contemporaries are rarely able to appreciate. Health is prone to unexpected, but, as a rule, minor misfortunes that go away as suddenly as they come, but they should be treated with sufficient attention, as well as potential signs of fate.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Illness and treatment. Health is a sphere of unpredictable change. Your nervous system is taut like a bowstring and is therefore especially vulnerable. Stress-related neurotic disorders can trigger unusual symptoms that often respond well to radical or experimental treatments. If there are problems with your independence or integrity, then this is a harbinger of illness; imprisonment makes you sick. The task is to “rumble with fists”, to be independent. Illness is a sign that requires you to awaken; it is a “shock” to your body, indicating that your lifestyle must change immediately. Unequal relationships. You are a natural reformer, vigilant about the abuse of power, looking for situations of social imbalance in order to create change. If you are a subordinate, then the impulse, the impetus for a coup, arises quietly and calmly. Then suddenly, at an unpredictable moment, you find yourself in Robin Hood, the protector of the weak, pinching the nose of the Sheriff of Nottingham. You would like to exist outside of any hierarchies of power as you strive for absolute independence. The trap is abuse of justice. If you insist on revolution as a rebel, make sure you play by the rules as a boss trying to provoke a similar riot. The challenge is to destroy unhealthy dominance wherever you find it. If you have a choice, be Thomas Jefferson, not Thomas Payne. Duty and Service. You get a special pleasure from helping, because service is an opportunity to break out of the crowd. You are a loner by nature; generally accepted rules of conduct in society are discarded in favor of a personal code. Your method of work is disturbing mental discernment. You take risks with those you serve; you want to act. You shake people’s nervous systems, your mental insights challenge mossy emotional representations. The trap lies in the relationship of humble service and selfishness. At one point, you strive to find unique solutions to other people’s problems, and at another moment, you channel all your energy into an ardent but unfeeling philosophy of the meeting. The task is to master the art of “quiet revolution” and the technique of using “invisible electricity”. Technical thinking. Uranic thinking is the bright impulses of inspired geniuses, as well as violent visions of madmen. What is the difference between these sides of thinking? Genius solves problems in completely new ways. He views them in an open-minded way, questioning everything. Often, he grasps the solution in a spark of inspiration, and only then reveals the ways to find this solution. The madman uses the same procedures. However, the genius works “backwards”, mending the holes, diligently connecting the old with the new, while the madman does not offer help to those of us whom he “left behind”. Therefore, we reject the madman and accept the genius. Your mind leads you away from your usual linear thinking and into inspired glimpses of new vision. The task is to discipline “mend the gaps” and earn respect and honor as a genius, and not rejection like a madman. Discipline and templates. Regularity is contrary to your lifestyle. There are undoubtedly patterns in your life, but they are noticeably volatile and unpredictable. You show an iron will when the time comes to do things; you can work incredibly disciplined, but only when it is you who choose the topic on which to work. Your skills become your specialties, and specialties eventually turn into special patterns of expertise, sometimes not related to each other. The task is to weave a unique fabric from these disparate elements.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This nervous and extremely tense person tries to do everything in his own way. He needs a job that involves a lot of movement. He is inclined to severely exhaust himself, exhausted in labor to the limit. He does not want to recognize any authorities, and if things do not go as he intended, he becomes nervous and becomes sensitive and impatient. Possesses exceptional aptitude for scientific pursuits, excellent coordination and a good sense of rhythm. The defeat of the planet can be associated with unexpected deterioration in well-being and strange diseases. Such people gravitate towards unusual and advanced working methods and love to provide original services. They are interested in psychic and non-traditional treatment, and often become avant-garde dietetics, genius electronics engineers and talented programmers. In the workplace, they always invent something. Able to find a new method for solving problems on the fly when faced with purely practical problems. Possess excellent aptitude for mathematics and science. At work, they often make new friends and willingly participate in group activities with members of the work team. Relations with employees and bosses are friendly, even friendly. The defeat of Uranus predisposes to active participation in labor disputes and conflicts with the employer. Therefore, such people can be seen among active trade unionists. They are very demanding when it comes to putting forward requirements for the organization of proper working conditions. If the relationship in the service does not suit them, they do not hesitate to decide to change their place of work. They need to be able to do the job in their own way, freely and independently. Too intrusive and strict control scares them away. They cannot work in a routine and ordinary way, and therefore sometimes for years are in a permanent search for a job that satisfies them. There is a tendency to nervousness, increased excitability and irritability, which, when overworked, can provoke the onset of serious diseases that manifest themselves violently and suddenly. Often such people are predisposed to various neuroses. Their illnesses are strange and difficult to treat normally. Psychogenic disorders are directly related to the psychological atmosphere in the work collective. Such people gravitate towards the study of hypnosis and the acquisition of professions related to electricity. Such a person is extremely sensitive to environmental conditions, and therefore must refrain from eating when tired, agitated and over-irritated. Often such people become healers and magnetizers. Their health is subject to serious fluctuations, anxiety and fear aggravate the course of the disease. The unrealistic nature of their plans makes them overwork in an attempt to achieve the unattainable. Hence – the tendency to exhaustion and depression. In subordinate posts, such people are unpredictable headstrong, but as bosses they are reputed to be tyrants. Such a person should beware of excess in food and drink, in sexual and any other hobbies. As employers, they must avoid workers’ riots and strikes. Success accompanies them in liberal professions in which the creative spirit is free from all forms of violence, pressure and coercion. In their work, such people allow only one control – from their own conscience.



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