Uranus in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Unexpected and extraordinary love affairs, unexpectedly begin and end. Eccentric, inventive and peculiar partners in love. The search for impressions and adventures in pleasures, non-recognition of established morality. Interest in new methods of teaching and education. They give children freedom up to abandonment and lack of supervision. Can often mean inspiration and ability in art, interest in electronic art. You are unstoppable and have a fierce, incredible sense of humor. You like to give yourself free rein in everything and often you are impulsive, “wild”. Even if you look ordinary, you are attracted to very eccentric, creative or unusual buddies. In love, you feel most happy when there is an element of surprise, unpredictability or adventure. Sometimes you can choose fickle partners in love.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person goes from one love at first sight to another. His life is a continuous series of bright, unusual experiences. Trouble with children. A person either has a very early child, or he abandons the child. A woman’s maternal instinct may be impaired. In his work he is an avant-garde artist who follows the latest trends. Reckless, reckless enough, maybe unreasonable. He is not interested in a small win – “all or nothing”.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Thunderer. Uranus in the 5th house in a symbolic confinement. The higher planets in the V house give certain qualities to the images of a person’s “I”, regardless of his will and desires. Uranium, in particular, gives them such explosiveness and sudden aggressiveness that a person, even if he wants to, cannot stop himself and introduce himself into a socially acceptable framework. The elaboration gives his roles and individual manifestations a smack of genius: what he does, no one has ever succeeded. With the trine or sextile of Mars to Uranus, a sports career is possible. Remarkable creativity is possible, especially for ideas that can be extraordinary and promising. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles on the way not only of the embodiment, but even the design of these ideas, and, as a rule, they remain undeveloped or are vulgarized by the author himself along the way. Uranian ideas require very careful and careful development, which is very difficult when creating an image of the “I”, because they require a lot of self-sacrifice, (at least meditative) rejection of the claims of the ego. This position of Neptune gives peculiar signs of fate: they relate to the peculiarities of the images of “I” created by man, which suddenly begin to behave in an unpredictable way; having deciphered the features of their behavior, a person can read the instructions of karma. Love will be extraordinary and accompanied by strong energetic effects: a person can literally go crazy (or drive a partner off him), but the development of events is unpredictable, and love (and the accompanying suffering and affects) can suddenly and without any warning end. Religious states can be very peculiar, at a certain level of revelation, grace and enlightenment happen quite often, but learning to keep constant contact with God is not easy: this position of Uranus illustrates the thesis: “The ways of the Lord are inscrutable.”

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. Eccentricity is a key concept in the image of a conscious person. You like to surprise and even shock your viewers by not meeting their expectations. The conscious expression of your ego is passive, almost cold-blooded, but as soon as you take center stage on the stage, an energetic explosion occurs, a hurricane of electrification rises. Your divine gift lies in the unexpected display of an unyielding will coupled with revolutionary sensitivity. The trap is capricious disregard for the audience, while the task is to demonstrate your ability to perform any number of unusual roles in the most incredible situations. Romance, giving love. In courtship, you show true personality. Often, you emanate a detached composure, almost passive solitude, and other people consider you not interested in love affairs. But at some point in time, you inevitably switch to an exuberant romantic feeling. The rules of ordinary social behavior are thrown out the window; love is not just a ritual, it is a hurricane powered by your ego. Your concentration on a loved one, mental and emotional, is like a laser beam, it is manic. The traps are inconsistency and insane exactingness: “Give, otherwise …”. Remember, love cannot survive if you willfully demand freedom for yourself and deny the same freedom for others. The challenge is to let the shock of romance break your expectations and change your focus. Your attitude to the game of love is revolutionary, experimental, it is impossible to describe it logically. Extremism reigns here. Disconnection and involvement in love games change each other, and often these states are mutually exclusive. The willfulness that exists outside the boundaries of the conscious personality can buzz, pushing you either towards or away from your loved one. Sexual style changes from situation to situation, from moment to moment. What is always present is a susceptibility to the electrical shock of change, coupled with the need to look completely unique, different from others. Traps are a bewildering cyclical alternation of insatiable lust and rejection in love relationships. The challenge is to make sexual relations a transformative tool that lifts you above the ordinary. Inside you there is a strong desire, almost a compulsion, to break the rules, to go beyond your own boundaries in an eternal majestic act of creative impulse and mental radiance. And oftentimes, you have spectacular success. Never singing the same song twice, you rush to new creative achievements, rarely looking back. The trap is to mistake your ego for itself, and the challenge is to fill what you create with true originality. You are not particularly competitive, although you can demonstrate an iron will to win if you “rebel”. Neither a successful game nor a warning about danger play any role here, will dominates here. The feeling of rejection that so often haunts the Saturnian personality only strengthens the reputation of the Uranian: “I don’t care what they say about me, as long as they spell my name correctly.” The pitfalls are unpredictability – when it comes to risk, nothing can be predicted. The challenge is to remember that adventures are a natural part of your development process. Success or failure means little. The new consciousness is the final result.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This romantic person loves unusual things and tends to have a lot of strange love affairs. He loves financial speculation and gambling, but he loses and loses more often than gains from them. Possible illegitimate child, unusual behavior of children, or the transfer of the child to other people. The creativity is very strong. Excellent physical coordination can be beneficial in sports. Sometimes such a person becomes restless, shows mindless courage and pretends to be an important person, deliberately refusing everything ordinary and familiar. He tends not to obey, but to lead and lead. Extraordinary love affairs suddenly begin and end strangely. This is a very peculiar, eccentric and resourceful lover. It is characterized by an active search for impressions, an adventurous desire for pleasure and a lack of recognition of any established moral norms. There is a tendency to throw around and promiscuous erotic relationships. The children of such people are often gifted and original. Interest in new methods of teaching and upbringing is characteristic. Such people give their children complete freedom, up to abandonment and lack of supervision. Interest in electronic music and avant-garde art is possible. Often, such a person becomes a popular pop star, a famous journalist and a wonderful film actor. There is a tendency towards antisocial acts and a riotous love life. Extramarital affairs are characteristic, love relationships are unstable. Such people are alien to conventions with regard to intimate relationships. Their intimate life is full of secret and lightweight connections, with the announcement of which many troubles and scandals are associated. There are many possible concerns and disconnections with children. Such people should beware of unnecessary risk, since accidents in their lives are mostly negative in nature, and excitement and a daring passion for entertainment can lead them to the brink of death. They have great intuition, but their plans are utopian and ideas are unrealistic. They demand absolute freedom in love and are prone to extravagance. At times, their sensuality becomes clearly unhealthy. Such a person strives specifically for creative work, unusual hobbies and spicy entertainment. His nature is mystical and mysterious, so he is almost always interested in esotericism. Often such people raise other people’s children.



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