Uranus in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Unusual home conditions and family relationships. Often one of the parents is a special person. You need the freedom of home: go and come as you please. The house can have original architecture, be equipped with various technical devices. Close friends are “adopted” as family members. Home is often a meeting place for general affairs or occult pursuits. Your childhood or relationship with your parents was somehow unsettled or unstable, as a result of which you may never feel a solid foundation under your feet. One of your parents may have been unusual, eccentric, or had an inconsistent influence on your life. Abrupt changes in your place of residence or family relationships can give you a sense of insecurity, however, at the same time, you are given more freedom, less pressure and the need to adapt to customs, and as a result, more opportunities to become an individual, less restrictions like “how to behave , feel or live. “

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives frequent travel, in the extreme case – life away from home. This position occurs in the maps of long-distance train conductors. Strange family relationships – can be emotional, but uneven, with large differences. Often single-parent families, early departure from home, break with parents. There is no attachment to home, traditions. If Uranus is harmonious, then just a house is filled with electronics or in a house, a company of many friends. There is no comfort, coziness.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Prophet. This person is unlikely to be able to formulate the foundations of his worldview, especially with a harmonious map as a whole. With at least slightly affected Uranus in the depths of the subconscious, it is restless: a person is waiting for an unexpected powerful blow, and from time to time he receives such blows. But even with a life generally calm, the crisis of 40 years, when the transit Uranus will go along the X house of the horoscope, can turn out to be comprehensively destructive if you do not prepare for it in advance. At a low level, the life position is energetically destructive: “the world should be incinerated,” which is often motivated by the fear of an unexpected external blow. Uranic manifestations in the depths of the subconscious lead to the fact that some more superficial programs of the subconscious are suddenly changed (more often destroyed), and a person changes dramatically, often not for the better, feeling instead of solid ground under his feet an erupting volcano. If Uranus is lightly turned on, the earth is just hot and shakes slightly. When Uranus turns on strongly, the bowels open up, and a column of fiery lava rises from them. Working out follows the path of humility before the will of God, which can be imperative and harsh, but never pursues the goal of destroying a person. Another thing is that a strong energy flow requires a high concentration of attention and the replacement of the “I” principle with the principle of impersonal service, the position: “I mean, but not by the thoughts that come to me – they are sent by God – but by my calm impersonal focused attention, which allows me to perceive these Divine revelations and, almost without profaning, edit for people in a form that is understandable to them. ” This person will often receive signs of fate at home; a burnt out light bulb or a broken knee of a son always means something to him, but what exactly – he will learn to understand only after a careful study of this position of Uranus. It is sometimes tense at home when unexpected events happen, as it were, with a hidden meaning that is difficult to understand. Uranus provides moments of brilliant insights; in this case, a person can suddenly see the essence and method of solving long-term domestic problems, but what he understood must still be put into practice.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Often one of the parents is an unusual person. The house is original, equipped with various technical devices. There are frequent unexpected changes in life, in the family, change of place of residence. In later years, unusual circumstances. With bad aspects – quarrels with family members, lack of a sense of duty towards parents and family.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. Your inner self is eccentric, probably very different in tone and spirit from the self that you are showing to the world. In your inner sanctuary, freedom reigns, freedom from the constraints imposed by social rules and social standards. The trap is to hide your personality so reliably that no one could even see it. The challenge is to drink as much as possible from the well of personal freedom and uniqueness. Uranus, in comparison with the symbolism of the position of other planets in the 4th house, most clearly indicates an increased likelihood of you having the feeling that you are a stranger in an unfamiliar country. All people are sometimes alienated. But for most of them, this feeling is negative and they quickly get rid of it, like a severe cold. For you, it is not just a metaphor, not just psychology. Alienation for you is something that you keep secret from all others. Whether you are in a privileged position or everyone has cursed you, that feeling remains a highly valued secret. The family is an endless source of renewal. You feel that your task is to frustrate family plans, to be a family reformer, and you will play this role, being in any of a set of conditions, limited, on the one hand, by the behavior of a very positive person, and on the other, by stubborn rebellion. It emphasizes anomaly in all aspects of home and family life, and impermanence is indeed more comfortable than stability. The trap is the rejection of real security due to the eccentricity of the ego, while the task is to awaken in oneself the miracle of true interdependence, to realize that change is the only thing that can be considered immutable. Here, as in the case of Mars, events determine the system of imprints, but whatever upheavals you experienced as a child – loss, separation, sudden changes – they all generated not anger or conflict, but a departure to a safer inner world. Therefore, from an early age, you learned to rely only on yourself, and the imprints about separation or independence continue to have a strong influence throughout your life. You may also have sensed (or made you feel) that you were different from other family members — either you were considered “special” or “black sheep.” A parent who is “intimately connected” with the person. The brilliant eccentricity of the mother has a special place in your imprints. As traditional as your mother’s values may seem, there was something very wayward – perhaps even defiant – that was imprinted in your childhood understanding of the mother. Perhaps she seemed fickle, or perhaps she kept the household tight-lipped. Even if she was a quiet and calm person, you were impressed by her strong sense of coolness. It is impossible to determine the exact influence of the mother, considering only the position of the planet in the house, but we can definitely say that her influence is expressive and unusual. Private intuition. Your contact with internal leaders is sporadic. Your leaders are powerful, but unpredictable, silent and invisible for a while, and then suddenly appear before your eyes. Sometimes there is a feeling that they control you – “do not call us, we ourselves will turn to you” – although, of course, this is an illusion. Most likely you are on an impartial friendship with them, this is a kind of “cool cordiality”; they are just checking you in the neighborhood. The symbolism of this position, in comparison with the symbolism of the position of any other planet in this house, most of all corresponds to the phenomenon of revelation: a dazzling mental “light” suddenly breaks into consciousness, illuminating not only what you have not seen, but also what no one has seen before. did not see: your uniqueness, your special truth.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person tends to change their place of residence frequently. His mother could be a very original person, in general, mutual understanding with his parents was difficult. Perhaps he had to part with his family in early childhood, or live for many years in an unusual environment. He is characterized by frequent changes of place of work and disorder in relations with relatives. However, he is seriously afraid of being alone. In adulthood, interest in astrology and esotericism is possible. One of the parents was an outstanding person. Such a person needs absolute home freedom, he demands for himself the right to leave and come whenever he pleases. His dwelling has original architecture, often equipped with unusual technical devices. The house is the central meeting place for friends. Home life is full of change and reshuffle. The last decades of the earthly journey have been marked by extraordinary circumstances. There is no sense of duty towards parents and family, which can lead to frequent quarrels with relatives and unrest in housekeeping. At home, it is difficult for such a person to succeed. Loss of inheritance and a tendency to waste property received from parents are possible. Where such a person lives, he is often prone to accidents. His house could be damaged by natural disasters, or burned out by a fire associated with an electrical malfunction. Sometimes there is an unfavorable heredity, unhappy family life and poverty in old age. This aspect has a strong influence on the subconscious of a person, creating opportunities for his mental development and spiritual revival, the use of which eventually leads to the realization of the meaning of his own being. Characterized by a passionate desire to comprehend the depth and meaning of existence, to philosophize over all sorts of “where” and “why”. Such a person exists in a permanent environment of disorder and instability. It is not easy for him to equip a lasting family hearth. The blows of fate now and then overtake him. It is possible to get a hectic and even dangerous profession. The premature death of one of the parents is not excluded.


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