Uranus in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Unorthodox intuitive thinking, freedom from clichés. Their opinion is based on direct experience and scientific factors, their opinion does not depend on the opinion of others. They are objective and unbiased in evaluating ideas, they like to develop unusual areas of interest. Unforeseen departures, unexpected changes of place in a small radius. Many inventors and creative scientists. You quickly grasp new concepts, are interested in new technologies, discoveries and everything new in general. You are also very attracted to unusual ideas and creative, original approaches to problems. It is difficult for you to concentrate on one idea or task – it quickly bothers you. You have an inventive mind.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Man is very inventive, he has a lot of new ideas. Able to assimilate other people’s ideas and a large amount of information per unit of time. Routine education can be a burden. The main thing is to grasp the structure of knowledge. Striving to come to pure knowledge. Strong connection with the media. Uses | original channels of information not available to others. Reads directly from the thin layers of the noosphere. The sphere of general planetary thinking is important. Experiments with words: he invents neologisms, changes syllables in places, looks for linguistic structure in everything. His brother and sister are strange people. Unusual travel incidents.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

When giving hopes, you need to make sure that someone takes them. With tense aspects, this person is socially dangerous, if not criminally and not civilly, then in everyday life. The ideas of a person that arise in relation to acquaintances are striking both with their originality and with a complete lack of common sense, for example, by inviting a girl to a fashionable performance, come with her an hour and a half before the start, feverishly and unsuccessfully catch extra tickets in order to get them after the first call two tickets to the ground out of pocket! Acquaintances will also be distinguished by the originality of ideas and eccentric behavior, which is what they will attract him. Working out in this case is difficult; it follows the path of constructive use of one’s social ideas, for which one must first treat them correctly, not profaning, but also not obeying unconditionally, which is much more difficult than it might seem to others. With the strong inclusion of Uranus, this is a sure candidate for a psychiatric hospital with severe syndromes and a mania of its exceptional power or the same power that constantly threatens him (“from my unsuccessfully thrown glance, the planet can collapse, and I constantly protect it and protect it from the influence of bad people flying plates, Shambhala … “), with a competent symbolic description of the processes going on in the earthly aura. The signs of fate sent by Uranus will come from acquaintances (random encounters, perhaps) and accompany the learning process, which will also be accompanied by exceptional circumstances that greatly interfere with learning, and the outbursts of genius of teachers and students will not help much at first. The study makes it possible to learn subjects or at least concepts that will become known to mankind only many years later. This position distinguishes the practical esoteric teacher.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. The position of Uranus in the 3rd house suggests that your natural perception of the environment is electrified, somewhat chaotic, constantly changing and an inexhaustible source of charm. Interaction with the outside world is open, peseta is a challenge and marked by a strong tendency towards wayward, but extravagant movement in the world. You are able to go from a state of calm and passivity to a state of explosive activity in the blink of an eye, but when you are asked about the reason for such a sharp change in activity, you shrug and say that this is quite common for you. None of the stimuli are too intense, and none of the activities seems too bizarre for fleeting, passing experimentation. The trap is hidden in the words of the old proverb: “Curiosity killed the cat.” Fortunately, you do seem to have nine lives. The task is to stimulate the world around you and the people in this world, but do it without rejecting the benevolence of people. Concrete thinking. Uranus shows that rationalism is the road to creative expression, scientific experimentation, and personal freedom. If Mars is a “mental warrior”, then Uranus is a “mental saboteur” who does not recognize the logic of ordinary laws, a raider who strikes like lightning, completely unexpectedly. Yet most of the time you seem to be mentally calm, observing almost passively. But the storm of thinking is coming on the sly. The trap is a mental rebellion rebellion for the sake of rebellion itself. The task is enlightenment, sudden penetration into the depths, illumination, a lamp above your head, “Eureka!” a genius who transcends his ego. Curiosity. As in the case of Mercury, you have an endless curiosity, but, unlike Saturn, there is complete fearlessness. As with Mars, you have a sense of challenge, but this is an unusual competition, it is not aimed at other people. Let’s say more, it is a competition with Life itself. Can She be persuaded to divulge her own secrets? Your curiosity doesn’t make you throw yourself at everything. In reality, your interest is usually marked by the quality of cold observation. But from time to time something will sweep past your mind, and you will have to satisfy the urgent desire to find out what it was at any cost. Your brain works in both states, but in the first state it is cold-blooded, and in the second it is electrified. Given the position of the planet, a child can experience the first real excitement from the learning process, a delightful shock in connection with the discovery of something new for himself. Paradoxically, the child is also exposed to the first revolutionary impulses, experiences situations when defiant self-will is felt. Primary education may later be seen as encouraging the development of self-confidence and independence, but it can equally be considered the primary experience of ostracism and disobedience. An adult with a similar planetary position is often intellectually very self-confident, and self-confidence ranges from headstrong stubbornness as a negative quality to delightful insight as a positive quality. Your speech patterns are somewhat unusual or idiosyncratic. This can be reflected in the very quality of the voice, for example, in a faint lisp, or the strange pronunciation of certain letters or diphthong. In any case, this does not cause an unpleasant feeling. On the contrary, it is seen as an alluring pretense and is considered a manifestation of your uniqueness. Other people don’t quite understand what to expect from you in words. When they think they’ve got you hooked, you suddenly surprise them with a statement or send a flowery phrase in your style.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This person may turn out to be a real genius with a scientific mindset and ideally suited to his time. His unconventional method of communication is conducive to writing and public speaking. Insight and dexterity of the mind determine the ability to research work. The behavior is sometimes very imprudent, but this is compensated by the breadth of views and love for new ideas. When the planet is defeated, he can be a very quick-tempered, arrogant and eccentric person, which manifests itself not only in behavior, but in speech, and even in facial expressions. Perhaps an unexpected separation from relatives. Such a person is completely free from clichés and stereotypes, he has a bold and intuitive thinking. He bases his opinion on direct experience and scientific observation of reality, therefore his position is often at odds with generally accepted attitudes. In evaluating ideas, he is objective and unbiased. Prefers to be interested in unusual and strange objects. Sometimes curiosity makes him travel a lot and suddenly change his location depending on the turn of events. Sudden understandings lead him to new comprehensions. The aspect favors invention and scientific creativity. Such people tend to spread revolutionary ideas, although they do not move to action often, limiting themselves to the printed word and oral proclamations. They prefer to cooperate and be friends with intellectuals who inspire them and contribute to broadening their horizons. Relationships with relatives are accompanied by excitement and unusual events. Sometimes the mind is out of touch with reality. There is a tendency to jump to conclusions and superficial, restless changes of opinion. Such people love to create esoteric, astrological and scientific monographs. Often they are directly related to the work of the media. The life of such a person is full of sudden news, unusual changes, strange adventures and sudden occurrences. The mind is inquisitive and original, shying away from conventions and entirely focused on unusual objects. The damage to the planet determines the propensity for accidents and the possible treachery of relatives. Sometimes such a person is severely criticized for his advanced ideas and projects. This leads to increased nervousness and can provoke absurd acts and strange statements. Such people have a wonderful imagination, a reformist desire and a penchant for idealism. They are efficient and diligent, but low labor efficiency is associated with frequent changes in goals. There is a penchant for gambling and adventurous initiatives. The plans of such people are sometimes stupid and disorganized, the disorder of life leads them to alienation from people. Such people are often robbed either financially or informationally. Sometimes envious or less brilliant colleagues steal innovative ideas from them, which they perceive without much shock.



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