Uranus in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Messy financial circumstances. Mismanagement with money, earn and spend with the same surprise. Risky financial enterprises. Making money through inventions in electronics and other natural sciences. They often borrow money from friends or lend themselves. You are reckless, impulsive, or very unusual in your handling of money, wealth, and property. Moreover, you do not want your property to be owned by you. The responsibilities of owning things seem overwhelming to you. You can also make money doing something unusual, highly volatile, or innovative that requires creativity. Your luck probably varies widely throughout your life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person loves foreign things, especially from exotic countries, modernity, new items, just created, he is greedy for advertising. It is difficult for him to accumulate, but if he succeeds, these are electronics, computer programs, storage media, optical instruments, maybe very old, rare things, antiques. Meetings with astronomers, astrologers, mathematicians, physicists can change well-being. Social processes strongly influence the material sphere (this is typical for all higher planets). Sources of energy: air, partially fire, electromagnetic fields, cosmic radiation. Fasting is not difficult. Parents give complete freedom. Experimental education.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

That is why the pike is in the sea, so that the crucian does not sleep. This person is not very easy in the hostel, although in general he is better tolerated than when Uranus is in the first house. Regardless of aspect, Uranus’s position in the house means his defeat; in this case, the outside world always poses a certain danger to a person, hiding the threat of sharp and unexpected fluctuations and influences. For a long time, a person does not understand that the behavior of the environment is largely a reaction to his own behavior in it, since in this case this relationship is far from being as obvious as, for example, with the Sun in the II house. On the other hand, this person is bored when everything around goes smoothly and calmly, he is tempted by this calmness to break, to see what happens. Its general ethic may be very different from the socially approved one, and it seems that it provides for the outrage of general calm. At a high level of elaboration, a person learns to read the signs of fate and, from insignificant manifestations of the outside world, to guess the direction of his further development, which makes his whole life much more meaningful. However, this does not come immediately, and at first the Uranian insights are episodic, and it is important for a person not to be conceited, but to work systematically on his general ethics, achieving constant contact with a high egregor. In general, this position, when worked out, gives brilliant abilities for any external and mental activity, and at a low level, and especially with the defeat of Uranus, a person is able (and often has the temptation) to casually destroy any fragment of the external world, without the slightest regret afterwards.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. Uranus’ position in the 2nd house shows that self-worth is based on the qualities of uniqueness and independence you generate. To feel good, you must psychologically separate yourself from society’s imprints or family clichés and learn to see yourself free. There may be radical changes in self-esteem, sudden and unpredictable disturbances in personal assessment, and similarly sudden revivals of well-being. The challenge is to be original, pay special attention to the humanitarian field and not be indebted to anyone. You like unusual or unique objects, you are attracted by everything that is ingeniously designed or originally executed. The philosophy of personal property is solid but dramatically fluid; periods of time when you receive huge or sudden gifts are followed by times of property rejection, periods of loss or some austerity. The task of choosing such properties that would reflect your uniqueness, and changes in the field of ownership increasingly awakened the awareness of your independence from the material world. You and your property are not the same thing; you are your relationship to property. Money. You can suddenly find wealth, but also quickly lose it. You often make money in unusual ways – sometimes outside the bounds of social rules or the law. You are a potential genius when it comes to finding a source of money in areas that others see as a barren desert; you are the “finger of God,” profitable in the worst conditions. In general, the process of making and spending money is divided into separate phases; money is acquired during periods of strong-willed discipline, and then followed by times of indulgent waste of funds. Your attitude to money is marked by radical philosophical views: conservative seasoning of every opportunity to acquire money with the feeling “for everything that happens, I thank only myself”; heartfelt humane desire for joint ownership of personal funds; you are a crusader of society, like Robin Hood seeking political and economic justice in the community. The challenge is to view money as a symbol of change in your life, important to you as long as it enhances your personal independence. Uranus’s position in the 2nd house indicates unusual working methods. You never read the instructions or follow the rules, you prefer to use your own procedures. You enjoy completing tasks without interacting with other people, and even when cooperation is necessary, a powerful sense of willfulness prevails in this case. You are able to penetrate with lightning speed into the essence of the task assigned to you, but despite this, you often suddenly switch from one task to another for no apparent reason or inappropriately, as it may seem. However, people do not need to deceive themselves; you are following a scheme entirely and completely drawn up by yourself. The challenge is to fuse your genius and your efforts, and to do so in a way that does not discard other people, but awakens new and more productive working methods in them. Your sensuality is usually characterized by the words “calm, closed physical state”; however, it creates a misconception about your explosive and nervous activity. You are able to instantly get involved in getting pleasure from touch. Your nerve receptors are particularly fervent in this case, but this is not a common form of sensuality. Consciousness seems to fly into and out of your body in a completely unpredictable way; this process is governed by a source within you, not a conscious will. The task is to consciously use pleasures to awaken yourself, and after awakening, not to lose touch with your true personality.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The financial life of such a person is full of numerous ups and downs. He often receives income from unexpected sources, but only occasionally has a permanent livelihood. Able to find unusual ways to earn money. He strongly strives for independence, and therefore succeeds more in private business than sitting full time in the office in the public service. Does not pay attention to the generally accepted system of values and without much thought replaces it with his own. Has a strong will and seeks to dominate his loved ones. Money comes to him through inheritance or partners. When the planet is hit, the aspect is not conducive to risky financial transactions. The money affairs of such a person are messy and unstable. He earns and spends with equal surprise. In general, he handles money carelessly and imprudently. Able to earn money thanks to inventions in the field of electronics and other natural sciences. Often borrows money from friends and often lends them himself. Serious conflicts are possible due to unpaid debts. At best, it is able to raise the budgetary funds necessary to achieve social and scientific goals He is indifferent to conventional wisdom and values only individual opinions and original positions. Quickly enjoys unusual pursuits and eccentric affairs. Loves unexpected and strange work, which requires great skill, sharp understanding, and therefore arouses his curiosity. Perhaps the profit will increase thanks to the use of astrology, as well as coordinating efforts with friends and acquaintances. A reckless pursuit of independence can lead such a person to a loss of financial independence. Such a person can gain both quick financial success and major sudden losses. Financial institutions run by such people are often put on the brink of bankruptcy due to their excessive propensity to gamble. It is very dangerous for such a person to take wishful thinking. The pendulum of life swings between sudden dizzying victories and major misses and losses. Fluctuations in financial life inevitably resonate with the fate of the individual. The aspect is conducive to intellectual work and broad public relations. It is possible that a life partner or business partner will help strengthen the social status of such a person. Profits can come from teaching, lecturing, public speaking, and publishing. Often, such people acquire many agents, thanks to which they receive unexpected fees, due to which they exist.


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