Uranus in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Striving for freedom, extraordinary intuitive talent. They are considered eccentric, unusual and somewhat advanced, as they do not reckon with ordinary friendships and activities. Craving for leadership in groups or organizations, especially for the promotion of new ideas and advanced spiritual concepts. Moderation is not their ideal. Usually tall. Conventions are alien to you, and you are prone to innovations. Others perceive you as a rebel, reformer, or very unusual in manner, appearance, or attitude. You like to be unpredictable and you don’t conform to the standards set by other people. In addition, you are an individual and do what you like, regardless of customs and norms. Your environment and life circumstances can change frequently and dramatically.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person sees the world in extreme manifestations. Poorly notices transitions between extreme states. His motto is “All or nothing”. The calm atmosphere depresses him. I’m only interested in fundamentally new things. He himself strives to bring the unusual into life. It always seems to him that the ideal is somewhere beyond the horizon. Dissatisfied with the present, directed to the future. Early ripening. Can take on the functions of an adult during adolescence. Rapid intellectual development. All processes in the body are accelerated. If Uranus is struck, a person is always in great stress, confuses others with his non-standard, unpredictable decisions. It is perceived by many as abnormal. In appearance, there is some kind of unusualness, a strange look: there may be a slight squint, eyes of different colors. Possible abnormal growth: very tall or very short. Disproportionate body build.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The path from schizophrenia to genius is replete with pits, and therefore is overcome in leaps and bounds. This position of Uranus is not for the faint of heart. If Uranus in the I house turns on for a long time, then with the most harmonious aspects, the owner of the horoscope will end up in a psychiatric hospital, most likely in a violent ward. In general, this is a person with quirks, oddities, sometimes strong impulses of thoughts and actions, the most fantastic, flare up in him, and he cannot and most often actively does not want to proportion them with reality. At a low level, everything is limited to inexplicable whims, stubbornness, outbursts of unmotivated aggression, usually quickly passing, although some ideas may be obsessive, for example, the indispensable presence of at least one zipper in clothes, with a general antipathy to electricity. However, you need to be persistent, and perhaps a person will be able to somehow adapt to unpredictable Uranian sendings, and then he will have constant glimpses of brilliant insights, no matter what he does, both in external problems and in internal ones. This person can see a miracle where no one will notice anything special, but it will be very difficult for him to explain to others what exactly he saw. On the contrary, his self-expression will shine with sparks of brilliant finds, but this is not enough for creativity, and it is very difficult for him to learn how to control his inspiration. With the defeat of Uranus, a splitting of the personality is possible: at times a person does not keep the energy flow and is not able to return to a socially acceptable space. You need to learn to read the Uranic signs and be careful in advance – then it will be too late to think.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Striving for freedom, intuition. Safety, reliability prefer excitement and adventure. Thirst for new, unknown things. With good aspects – giftedness, important discoveries. With bad ones – stubbornness, extremes, disregard for common interests and rules.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. Uranus’s position in the 1st house shows that by the nature of natural expression you are radical, revolutionary in emanating yourself. Your personality can very quickly go from a state of complete calmness to a state of nervous excitement. It contains a tremendous willfulness, which is activated at any moment of time by the semi-conscious need for complete freedom. There is almost certainly an eccentricity in expression, an idiosyncratic feeling that will be more noticeable to other people than you. Even the state of calm is charged and waiting for the right moment to shoot like fireworks. The trap is useless rebellion, while the challenge is to be truly unique. The face that you show to the world is unpredictable, marked by sudden dramatic changes. Nervous energy shapes your personality, even if it does not always actively manifest itself. It is a symbolic mask of paradox and restraint, conveying a sense of being apart, separate from other people, reflecting the state of a cold-blooded, impartial observer. Your name-tag is a neon sign, whose messages change at the most unexpected moments of time, but the main message reads: “I an unusual person. ”Self-awareness. Your central self can be awakened when the radiation of the personality is completely individual, unpredictable and invigorating. Consciousness arises in bursts of self-expression. When you are quiet and calm, as is the case most of the time, then you just watch, are “on edge”, waiting for the moment to turn on. When you are the same as everyone else, then you are not. Only when you suddenly explode in an extraordinary escapade, only then will you truly become aware of yourself. You must have a strong sense of independence to know who you really are. Boundaries. You are not so much building connecting bridges as jumping back and forth between your inner reality and the outside world. Consistency of behavior or passive obedience breaks the contact between worlds, and destructive behavior for its own sake smears the much-needed boundary between the two worlds. In the first case, you are ignored, not taken seriously, and in the second case, you are ostracized, exiled. The task is to introduce into the world new and freer, uninhibited forms of “I”, without creating a shadow opposition. Life. The position of Uranus in the 1st house indicates the possibility of sudden and radical shifts in both health and vitality. This position is especially prone to nervous breakdowns and, as in the case of Mercury and Mars, there is a possibility of more than usual susceptibility to stress, since your personality is especially nervous. You need to learn how to handle the blows of life, taking them in the same mood with which you yourself present “surprises” to other people. In a crisis, use your energy and detach from the situation to become an observer – detach from your body, detach from the world.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is an original, independent and extremely sensitive person with a scientific mindset. He willingly invents the rules of the game and draws up laws, but easily and naturally breaks them. Thanks to his open-mindedness and ability to get to the heart of things, he can become a leader. Then he either goes far ahead of his own time, or becomes a harsh and tactless dictator. When deciding what is good and what is bad, he entirely relies on his own intuition, deeply believing in his own code of ethics and acting only in accordance with it. Possesses attractiveness and attractiveness. People often pay attention to him, as he has an unconventional approach to everything, sometimes becoming overly straightforward and restless. Persistently strives for freedom, has excellent intuition. He is considered an unusual and in many ways an advanced person, since he is not inclined to reckon with the usual norms of communication, rules of behavior and generally accepted norms of activity. Can display an obsessive desire for personal freedom and be surprisingly stubborn in unwillingness to respect the common interests and rules of others. Sometimes eccentricity becomes an end in itself for him. This person is restless, constantly expecting changes and new experiences. He does not tolerate routine and routine, reliability and safety, he always prefers excitement and adventure. Longs for leadership in the group and is persistent in promoting new ideas and forward thinking. Likes to do everything new and unknown. His actions, goals and programs are subject to constant change. Moderation is not his ideal, he often goes to extremes. He can develop his own intelligence to genius and make important discoveries in the chosen area. He thinks in an original and independent way, is inventive and extraordinary. Gravitates towards esoteric, antique and weird. Interested in astrology and parapsychology, non-traditional healing, inventions and secret orders. Frequent changes of place of residence and occupation are possible. The aspect is not conducive to marriage, since it associates it with special fatal circumstances, difficulties and separation. This man is unexpected, radical and revolutionary. Frequent breaks in relations with relatives and like-minded people are possible. He persistently forms his own opinion, not looking back at generally accepted attitudes. Almost always opposed to what is popular, limited and orderly. He perfectly sees what can be improved and improved. This is an expansive person, prone to coups and quirks. His original ideas sooner or later turn out to be accepted by the majority. He is persuasive but picky and competitive. He is very energetic in helping the disadvantaged, always eager to free the oppressed. Hates restrictions and hates control and dictatorship. Such a person is always full of good intentions, but far from always turns out to be able to implement them constructively and constructively. Damage to the planet symbolizes extreme mental mobility, emotional impulsiveness, inconstancy, absent-mindedness, impudence, irritability, sarcasm and willfulness. The life of such a person is full of unusual events and strange phenomena. He is fortunate as a pioneer and reformer. In relation to diseases, he is strangely suspicious. Brave in overcoming difficulties. Almost always strives for the unattainable, and therefore turns out to be unpopular due to the stubborn insistence on one’s own righteousness. The philosophy of life and the behavior of such a person is almost always the opposite of the upbringing received in childhood. He seeks to direct all his abilities and forces to the service of humanity. Almost never uses them for personal gain. Humanism and altruism become the foundation of his life work. This is an extraordinary personality with a tense and eccentric life dynamics. Everything happens suddenly and unpredictably for him. He is dreamy and fanatical at the same time, revolutionary and sensitive, restless and deeply stable. The environment of instability literally feeds him. He enjoys any changes, shifts and breaks.



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