Uranus in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Devote themselves to a detailed study of the subconscious. These people become real “confessors” for their friends. They are often members of a secret organization. They like to work in secret. Most people do not know about your insolence, frenzy, “crazy”, and even you yourself may not guess that you are capable of this. You try to contain the unusual, inventive, impulsive side of your nature – or realize it only in your fantasies. You may have strange dreams.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The karma that a person receives from society is fundamentally higher than ordinary understanding. Often it is impossible to decipher it, since it is distant, with deep roots, close to the karma of all mankind, of all civilization. Man hides initiation. Is engaged in introspection during sudden, unpredictable changes. Any sudden situations lead to self-deepening. Emigration, isolation, loneliness do not last long.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Secret laboratory. This person in captivity will not have a quiet, calm rest and peaceful contemplation of the world: he will be disturbed by powerful events and the most amazing ideas will come to his head, which, unfortunately, very rarely turn out to be constructive. Such a person feels his loneliness when the outside world discusses issues of science and progress, which are at the forefront of the knowledge and development of society; he is bored, and he feels to what extent all this is not his; however, his ideas on these issues need careful thought, testing, elaboration and adaptation to reality, which is not given to everyone, and an ordinary person with this position of Uranus is just a skeptic. A deep study gives a great scientist or prophet, since the creative principle of the Absolute acts through a high mental plane, giving discoveries ahead of time by centuries; if a person cannot withstand such energy, he can go crazy or get into powerful destructive conditions. Fortunately, this rarely happens, and at normal times Uranus sends signs of fate through the XII house, which should be seen in unexpected requests for help, meetings with the poor, outcast, unhappy, etc. If a person learns to help them disinterestedly, he will remove many sufferings (his own and those of others), without even noticing it. In addition, he needs to learn to resignedly endure short, intense periods of various ministry, the meaning of which will become clear to him much later (or never), but hack or greed will quickly lead to extremely negative consequences. In general, this person can be quite indifferent to other people’s troubles (Uranus gives a cosmic look, and at a low level – strong distortions), but he will have short bursts of acute pity, which also need to be considered as signs and try to constructively implement it, even if after a minute it will seem meaningless to a person.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. Your dreams sparkle with the expectation of the extraordinary, the extraordinary, the supernatural. There are no prohibitions in your dreams, everything is possible. In fantasies, you express yourself freely, regardless of whether they are acceptable or not. Other people’s judgments mean nothing, and even your own judgments about yourself are discarded. The trap occurs when fantasies are transferred into reality. There are no obstacles for you in dreams, but in real life you are faced with ordinary earthly experiences. A small coin can stop your movement for a long time, but you will “drive” into a brick step at a speed of 80 miles per hour. Watch closely what you transfer from one area to another. The task is to realize with the help of fantasies that everything in this world is not what it is presented, that the norms of life are just illusions. Everything in the world is absolutely unique and incomparable with anything. Defocused intuition. You are fascinated by the disclosure of new spiritual qualities (or, in general, the study of what has to do with the psyche). Intuition is a visit from outer space, an unforeseen leap that destroys the usual process of logic, a neon sign that suddenly flashes in the night. It is either on or off, hot or cold, but never barely warm. The task is to awaken your superconsciousness, no matter how revolutionary it turns out to be. Intuitive perception explodes you, pulls you out of life by your roots, so that you can find new, more fertile ground for development. Distance or solitude. Other people see you as unique, even strange, and you strive to discover what makes you different from others. You retreat to find your “real” self. In solitude, you take an interest in the realms of the mysterious and the extraordinary, especially in mental exploration. The better you get in touch with your secret self, the more you feel the need to reveal it to other people. The challenge is to admit select individuals into your own world. Once your trust reaches such proportions that you feel safe with them, gradually begin to open up your inner world to society. The goal is to combine the “illegal” and the ordinary “I”, so that in the end there is only one “I”, acceptable but special. Selfless help. When you provide help openly, without any strings attached, something special happens. Selflessness is your chance to transcend mundane existence. You cannot foresee the exact nature of what assistance you will provide and how; it is unpredictable in form and content. In fact, the more radical your gifts, the more fully new horizons open up before you. The trap is stubbornness. You become like a zealous priest who intends to save souls, regardless of whether they desire (or need) to be saved. Remember, true help is about responding correctly to needs. The task is to awaken in oneself a will more powerful and majestic than the will of the ego. “Past lives.” In this life, the theme of independence has passed from a past life. You may have been such a zealous dissident that you rejected other people. Broken agreements, sudden separations, both personal and public, have been enough in your life. Or you were a person who so longed for the recognition of other people that you sacrificed your personality, stuffing it into your subconscious. In any case, the theme of freedom has reached such a stage of development, when it became obvious that it is necessary to transfer the patterns of past incarnations into this life. Whenever you experience unpredictable breaks in relationships, urges to shock people, or the urge to upset the status quo, then you are in a flow of karmic rhythms. The challenge is to restore the integrity of personal freedom without blowing up your own life and the lives of other people. Explore what it means to be independent, learn to distinguish between productive reform and unconscious rebellion.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This person wants to destroy all traditions and patterns, remove all restrictions and eliminate any obstacles. He constantly feels a colossal desire to free himself from the demands of society. He admires everything mystical and romantic. He is intelligent and mysterious, likes to act in an unusual way, secretly and behind the scenes. Inclined to a lot of secret intimate acquaintances. The aspect is conducive to research and deeds that unfold away from the eyes of others. Unresolved subconscious conflicts can significantly burden such a person’s life. With a lack of self-control and unwillingness to develop it, he can become his own worst enemy and spend his whole life alone. Often such a person devotes himself to deep research of the subconscious. The search for the highest spiritual experience leads him to yogic meditations and mystical immersions. Perhaps the presence of the gift of clairvoyance and special intuitive abilities. Often such people become real confessors-confessors for their friends. They are inclined to join secret organizations. Possible neuroticism associated with an excessive almost mediumistic sensitivity. A tendency towards visionary work is noted. An interest in negative magical practices can be great harm to such a person and lead him to a lot of confusion and serious disappointment. Deep alienation with any of the relatives is possible. The inclinations of such people are often scandalously unusual. Their life is full of secret difficulties and unforeseen misadventures. Strange manifestations of hostility on the part of influential persons, exquisite cunning of enemies, unexpected illnesses and catastrophically sudden imprisonment are possible. For such people, many experience a strange and ill-founded envy and incomprehensible jealousy. Their life is surrounded by gossip and now and then leads to meetings with enemies, whom they themselves considered friends. In the event of massive natural disasters, such people tend to fall into the epicenter of events. They should generally be wary of accidents, expulsion, hospitalization or imprisonment. Their financial situation is very unstable, and the use of paranormal psychic abilities is often harmful.



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