Uranus in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

They are open to the world because they adhere to truth and facts. Harmonious attitude and solidarity with people. Intuition to perceive the laws and principles of the universe. Unusual friends, providing food for the mind and soul. Often they adhere to groups pursuing humane and scientific goals, in marriage and love, bohemian, optional. You have unusual, even eccentric friends, and you are probably part of a group, community, organization or club that enforces progressive or unconventional ideas, social change, or some kind of innovation. You have a dynamic, creative approach to business and organizational affairs.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives free intellectual creativity. A person is in constant search of like-minded people, organizes groups, but these are unstable formations. The farther, higher, and more unattainable the ideal, the more stable the grouping is. His idea of the structure of society is close to anarchic: complete freedom, and the independence of all members of society, the global interconnection of different directions of human activity. He builds large-scale projects, mentally lives in the distant future.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

If the group knows what will happen to her tomorrow, then she sleeps. Uranus in the 11th house is a symbolic ruler. This is a difficult situation, both for a person and for the team in which he finds himself. The person will have too original ideas regarding group work and relationships within the group, and it will be very difficult to explain anything to him, and the energy with which he will proclaim his goals may be uncontrollable. A strong defeat of Uranus can give mania (details will show aspects of Uranus, for example, the square of Jupiter – megalomania in the collective, the opposition of the Sun or the square of Saturn – the mania of persecution by the collective, but all this must be confirmed by the whole map), but only on condition of prolonged strong inclusion of Uranus. In a normal state, a person will simply be distinguished by some oddities and minor eccentricities of behavior in a team, to which people will not pay special attention. Development gives, firstly, the ability to produce ideas that are really necessary for the team, the genius of which is obvious immediately (and sometimes not immediately, but then a person can nevertheless prove it), and secondly, the ability to read the signs of fate that this person will meet in group work, relationships with team members and friends. Relationships with friends will be uneven; it is not easy to endure this person’s friendship, because he is too committed to his ideals, which often visit him in the company of friends and block the rest of the world from him. Nevertheless, having become his friend and somehow adapting to these features, you can learn and experience a lot of unexpected and extraordinary, although not always pleasant and safe.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. Uranus’s position in the 11th house suggests that group participation is important to you, but you cannot tell when this will happen. You enter the group instantly and also suddenly leave it. Your role in organizations is that of the unpredictable person, the upsetter of the status quo. You enter the stage when the group is ready to change. The task is to produce the maximum effect with the minimum destruction; keeping in the soul a sense of humanity. Suitable behavior. You are far more concerned with expressing your individuality in willful activities than gaining acceptance through appropriate behavior. You are very well aware of what other people expect of you, however, their hopes do not particularly touch you. In fact, the paradox is this: you believe you should be accepted without requiring you to adapt in any way to other people. You can gain notoriety by deliberately overturning public plans in order to have an effect. Therefore, avoid the trap of harming yourself – “the man punished the woman – he hanged himself.” The task is to be unusual, but at the same time attractive to other people. Friendship, social circle. You want your friends to be extraordinary, which is why you are attracted to people with a bright personality. They can be downright eccentric, but this especially fascinates us. They can be brilliant or crazy, scientists or revolutionaries, whatever, but their thinking must be original or unusual. Your social circle is dynamic and weak. Friends come and go, and your relationship with them is highly volatile. You can get very close to a person almost instantly, but something can break that close just as quickly. This is not a problem as long as you remember that the purpose of friendship in your life is to guide you to new horizons of consciousness, to awaken and sometimes even shake your life. You want your friends to reveal your sparkle, and one way or another it will come true. You are an outsider who suddenly appears on the creative stage; you are the revolutionary who explodes the status quo: you are the “white crow” whose insight and insight provoke sudden and often violent upsurges of group creativity. Who was that masked man? Your creative role is to keep the group from stagnating by guiding it towards new things. Acceptance of love. Expect surprises in love. Courtship comes completely unexpectedly, surprisingly suddenly, it awakens in you a sublime state of being, as if you had never lived before. This is an altered state of consciousness, so polarized that it cannot last long. This is how it happens. The feeling that you are loved can disappear as quickly as it does not arise, however, the process of changing the state is also valuable. Love relationships arise and disappear evenly, without knocking you down. Some of your most sublime love experiences are short-lived, like unexpected encounters, the Flying Dutchmen. Longer relationships are subject to many challenges. First, a mountain appears on the way, then the mountain disappears, then … Safety does not play any role for you. Love should disconnect you from the ordinary. The challenge is to let the experience of accepting love shake you up, move you to higher turns. Examining the fluid nature of these experiences allows you to understand what makes you unique.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person has many unusual and original friends. He seeks to help humanity in unusual ways. His life goals are bright and interesting. He is anything but a conformist or a conservative. He easily finds new friends and acquaintances, but due to the strange shyness he avoids really close relationships. Others seem to be a snob and arrogant person. Wants to be surrounded by pleasant people and to feel their admiration. Seeks to welcome artists, politicians and inventors into his environment. The attitude towards sex is unusual, a number of sexual problems and intimate difficulties are possible. Such a person is open to the world, as he is inclined to adhere not to traditions and popular opinions, but to truths and facts. He is in solidarity with progressive people and is determined to harmonious cooperation with progressive-minded creators. Intuitively perceives the laws and principles of the universe. She is actively interested in natural science and esotericism. Unusual friends now and then give him food for thought and nourish his soul with spicy variety. Such a person tends to be part of groups that pursue humanitarian and scientific goals. He treats love and marriage strangely, somehow not necessarily and impartially, almost bohemian. The need for new impressions and new ideas prevents him from being satisfied with one single intimate relationship. A sense of justice makes him tolerant of the same behavior of others. The defeat of the planet inclines to insincerity and instability in friendship and oblivion of their duties. In this case, a person tries to selfishly use others in the realization of his irresponsible and impractical social ideals. True, this often goes “sideways” to him. Such people tend to be friends with writers, magicians, esotericists and big managers. Friends bring such a person unexpected benefits, conveying new information and giving widespread hope. There may be sudden and unforeseen breaks in friendships, obscure romantic attachments and impulsive acquaintances, which inevitably end soon with cold alienation. Such a person is prone to erotic scams and intimate scandals, which determines the dislike of his former friends. Friends in his environment appear suddenly – and just as unexpectedly disappear. In the first place in the life of such a person is freedom of spirit and personality, independence and independence. His life is full of eccentricity, suddenness, originality and surprise. An intimate relationship is possible only if there are common interests and similarities in worldviews. Friendship is preferred to all other partnerships. Communication is always carried out against a bright spiritual and intellectual background. Patrons and sponsors play an active role in the life of such a person. Sudden acquaintances are determined by the haste, impulsiveness and recklessness inherent in such a person. Such a person strictly obeys the dictates of his fate, and therefore does not like to review and discuss his choices. Many meetings in his life are clearly fatal. But he chooses his friends at his own discretion. Such people achieve particular success in liberal and humanitarian professions, in arts and crafts, literature and poetry, in psychology, esotericism, in scientific research and secret services. Such a person should receive a personal task – and then carry out it completely independently, without interference from outside.