Uranus in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Unusual profession and fame. Whichever career a person chooses, they will introduce new methods and new techniques. Their political credo is liberal or radical, but not conservative. They want free methods of work. They are happy if they can arrange their professional affairs as they see fit. Your career is probably very unusual or in some way challenging the established views of society, the status quo. Your role is to be a tool for progressive change in the world – big or small. You need to shake things up wherever you are. You can also change careers, life direction, and long-term goals many times during your life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person hardly fits into a social niche. Often changes place of work, profession. The vocation is to bring something new into consciousness. Communication with the media. If the planet is next to MC, then a person receives information that he cannot always correctly interpret and, moreover, realize in the material world (enlightenment). Unexpected takeoff and immense popularity can be replaced by complete oblivion. More or less stable professions in the field of cybernetics, astronomy, astrology, higher mathematics, physics, linguistics.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Practical wisdom does not require proof, but it does not allow repetition. This person feels the power of the thesis: “God is skillful, but not malicious” as no one else, especially in the first part. Life choices, as well as challenges to bosses and new assignments, often happen like a bolt from the blue, and at first it is completely incomprehensible what to do. This person has fallen into the threshold of the flow of karma, and he needs to gradually learn to catch the rhythm of his outer life, read the signs of fate and prepare for its next turn, so that he does not catch him completely by surprise. Fortunately, a strong and prolonged inclusion of Uranus happens rarely (or never), but its small manifestations should be carefully dealt with, not disregarding them, especially since in this case these are strong blows and unexpected incidents in such significant matters as a career , relations with subordinates, responsible (and not so) external choices. This person may have unexpected and very strong ideas at the moments of making a choice, as well as during conversations with the boss and subordinates, and he needs to treat them correctly: not to express immediately as an absolute truth, but also not to forget how crazy, but try to think through and develop to the level of practical applicability. Working out makes this person a boss with very interesting ideas that subordinates willingly develop, and sometimes borrow (or steal) his own bosses. You need to cultivate a sense of responsibility in yourself, because, carried away by another brilliant idea, a person can forget about everything else. He would like all his advice to one to be brilliant, but this is possible only at a high spiritual level, when the study of Uranus in the X house gives a constant vision of external karma and his possibilities of influencing it.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

An unusual profession, renowned in the natural sciences, electronics, mathematics. Apologist for new methods. With the struck Uranus – unexpected fame can be replaced by unexpected oblivion, aversion to responsibility is possible.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Striving towards any goal, such a person spontaneously becomes an indestructible fighter. He is able to change the outdated principles of the structure of life, and therefore gravitates towards political leadership. The defeat of the planet determines the propensity for rebellion and the readiness to attack any authorities for no reason. The original dreamer, humanist and altruist. Practically incapable of being a follower – always strives to be at the head of a movement or group. A career is full of unexpected changes – both ups and downs. Often such a person is not understood by those around him, especially his lack of understanding on the part of subordinates is burdensome. He is attracted by unusual professions, far from commonplace. Almost always, such a person is interested in the occult and astrology. It is characterized by gaining fame, if not scandalous, then disturbing sense. Often such people turn out to be successful leaders and renowned pioneers in the fields of natural science, astrology, electronics, depth psychology, mathematics, and humanitarian construction. Everywhere such a person strives to introduce new techniques and the latest technologies. He may be a radical or a liberal, but not a conservative. There is a tendency towards revolutionary impulses, a strong desire to excel in the profession, great ambition, willpower, thirst for fame and recognition, which determines unexpected changes in the position and relations with property. Such people often change professions and places of work, because it is difficult for them to get along with their superiors. The defeat of the planet determines the change from unexpected fame to unexpected oblivion. Dislike for everyday duties and elementary responsibility is possible. Such a person needs absolute freedom and wants to work as he pleases. He is happy if he is able to arrange his professional affairs as he sees fit. There is nothing reliable and permanent in the reputation and career of such a person. He seeks to express his own uniqueness in attempts to initiate new directions of activity, thought and communication. He seeks to create his own original customs and amazing moral standards as opposed to generally accepted. He makes every effort only for the sake of freedom, in order to overturn and destroy the fetters. He is extravagant and alien to convention, which is why he will certainly encounter opposition from officials and public leaders. A break with parents and relatives is possible, and not only as a result of a quarrel, but also somehow “just like that”. Often such people become pilots, computer scientists, test motorists, reporters, and psychologists. Their giftedness is deep, but strange in nature and inclines them to extraordinary and risky pursuits. Their personality is magnetic and attractive, they are periodically filled with inspiration and strive to achieve lofty goals. They don’t like to live in a crowd and obey the arithmetic majority. Success and failure alternate in their lives with enviable constancy. Fate consists of continuous crises, disputes and changes. These people are full of internal and external anxiety, striving to get rid of it in provoking drastic changes and rearrangements. They prefer to go their own way, not paying attention to the world around them and not observing generally accepted rules of behavior. Their life path is always unusual and original. In a spiritual sense, they certainly stand above those around them, since Uranus constantly influences their soul and thinking processes, directing interests to the new and the unknown, creating favorable conditions for creativity and creation, enhancing the inventive spirit and ingenuity. Conflicts literally haunt such a person and determine the main events of his life. Successful social and political activity is possible, it is not excluded that the occupation of a high state post is possible.