Two of Cups

Two of Cups
Two of Cups

The second card in the Suit of Cups card is the Two of Cups card.  This shows a woman and a man that are looking into each other’s eyes and there are two cups. This is symbolic for male and female being opposite and having something unknown.  This card does not mean lies or deceptiveness.

The Two of Cups card means being in partnership and cooperating with each other.


With the Two of Cups card, you will know that you had past relationships and you will see that this can affect your life.  Look at your past life and your relationships and know that you will have lasting friendships that will teach you a lesson.  Pay attention to mistakes where your relationships are concerned.  Remember that you have instincts and you can reason what you are doing.  Learn things about your life.


The Two of Cups in the present means that you will start a new relationship.  You will have friendships and you will try to find the perfect person.  Don’t take less than you deserve.  You will have strong emotions and you need to see if your life is balanced or unbalanced and correct it.


The future of the Two of Cups is that you need to look into your relationships and friendships for ideas in the future.  You will know thee people and you will not want to be alone.  The future will bring healthy relationships and strength.  This is a good card to draw if you are worried about who you will be with in your relationship.  This will stop the worry.


The work with the Two of Cups means that you will do a team project.  You will connect better with your co-workers and you will share their interests.  You will work for a long period of life so know who you are spending time with.  This will be your second family and you will love where you work.


The love of the Two of Cups means that you already have a relationship that is established.  Make it through the relationship and learn to relax and be happy.  Don’t force things to happen and if you are single, find strength in yourself.  Share the emotions that you have and make your relationships happy.


The Two of Cups is a good sign for friendship.  Your friendships are balanced and strong and you need to not worry about making plans.  Have common goals with people and experience the same things.


The Two of Cups with money is that you will have money coming and going.  Save some money for the future even if times are hard.  Be balanced and don’t buy things that you think will make you feel better but also don’t stop yourself from having things you like.


The Two of Cups will show you that you have problems in your body and you need a second opinion.  If you are suffering from an illness listen to other people’s problems and this will help you.  Be a friend to people.


The Two of Cups means that you are comfortable and know what is going on in your life.  Give more than you get and allow others to help you.  Learn to enjoy life and change things that make you unhappy.


In reverse, the Two of Cups shows that you do not have a good relationship balance.  You have to learn to connect with people.  If you are in a relationship or just broke up with someone, don’t be alarmed about this.  Issues will come because of negative emotions.  Learn to talk to each other and figure out what is going on.  You have to have these conversations sometimes.  Keep your friends close to you.


The Two of Cups shares the number two.  There are two cups, and this reflect balance in your life.  You can improve your life and you won’t be alone.  Find someone that you are looking for and someone from your past will look for you.  If you have a lot of twos when you are getting a reading, this can mean that your life is going to be good.  Things could be worse than they are.


  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Getting Married
  • Connecting


The Two of Cups has the element water.

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is yes.



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