Twelfth House in Astrology


Twelfth House of Secrets, Sorrows and Self-Sacrifice. The twelfth house is the most mystical, final, final circle. It is not always a bad and gloomy place, but it does define the limits of your life. He rules over disappointment, accidents, troubles and defeats, patronizes the invisible forces, secret enemies, escape from reality, mental hospitals, hospitals and prisons. The twelfth house is called the house of karma, spiritual duty, since it contains rewards and punishments for everything a person has done in this world. It is also associated with supernatural powers and the ability to comprehend the meaning of life.

Entering the 12th house, we are approaching the end of this development cycle. We are tempted to view the 12th house as a “house of rubbish”, where we dump everything that we could not find a match in any of the eleven previous houses. And as an excuse, you can offer the following considerations: if in the map you cannot find what you need, if you cannot figure out any life situation of your client or are simply confused, try to analyze the 12th house. You may not find the answer, but you will see something that is often misunderstood, with which it is difficult to interact rationally or that is completely incomprehensible.

The traditional interpretation of the 12th house reflects a rather negative point of view on this house: “karma” (presumably “bad karma”), forced isolation, imprisonment, torture, disorder, deception, addiction to drugs or other means of escape from reality and even insanity. This list of horrors never ends. If we look into the “black list” of classical astrology, we will see that Saturn is the most negative planet. Scorpio is the most evil sign and the 12th house is the most terrifying house. What makes you treat them so badly? In fact – nothing, except, perhaps, the unpleasant force factors that these three “outcasts” have, and nothing more. In fact, they are no more negative than the rest of the planets, signs, houses.

Since the 1st house indicates the emergence of self-awareness, which is analogous to the birth of “I”, the 12th house demonstrates everything that precedes the emergence of self-awareness, precedes birth. This is all that is below or outside the usual levels of consciousness – in the primary environment, in the “womb”. This house can also relate to dreams or other types of mental creativity, receptivity of intuitive messages and images, etc.

If the 1st house is the sphere of human radiation into the environment, his self-manifestation, then the 12th house demonstrates a distance from this environment – isolation from other people. Yes, this isolation can mean a restriction of freedom or a feeling of imprisonment, but such isolation can also be voluntary. Often, the world around us penetrates deeply into us, and usually we are too firmly attached to it, often with everything that contributes to at least some fulfillment of our desires. Solitude can be a welcome respite. Periodically, we need to abandon the power struggle. We need this distance from life, we need a return to the primary environment, a calm immersion in the ocean of consciousness, from which we take our origin. We need privacy.

Prolonged retreats, whether on vacation or during meditation or yoga practice, are important to us because they remind us of who we really are, they can refresh our relationship with life. Brief seclusion is also very beneficial. Breaks from work for a cup of coffee are milestones that measure the length of the working day, they literally break the tediousness of daily work to pieces, give us the opportunity to dream up and thereby deflect the danger of emotional shock from us.

The twelfth house manifests itself in two ways: either we are in the world, and some part of us is outside it; or vice versa. It is as if we are standing with one foot in the real world, and with the other on something that has no name. The trick is not to separate these worlds from each other, not to focus on one world, so as not to return to another world like a boomerang. Properly understood, the 12th house is the realm of positive selflessness – liberation from self-control. It is cultivation through liberation, accomplished for the sake of virtue that comes from true humility. This house calls for the rebirth of the self through liberation.

Yes, the 12th house can be the rubbish dump of spiritual evolution. He can demonstrate disintegration into meaningless parts, withdrawal into fantasy, a tendency to narcotic illusions. However, the negative qualities of the 12th house, as well as any symbolic factor of astrology, will or will not appear – it depends on the person. The requirement of the 12th house is the revival of faith. He insists that we cleanse ourselves from all sins, from all battles, eliminate the fragmentation of the ego and thus harmonize everything that is skewed and angular in ourselves.

Following this path, we “finish building” ourselves. We are completing another cycle of development and preparing the beginning of a new cycle of developing self-awareness, a new circle of acquiring life experience in homes. The Twelfth House determines the zodiac sign of Pisces and the planets Jupiter and Neptune .