Tula or Libra (September 24 – October 23)


September 24 to October 23: TULA – The strategists

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In India it is considered that the “Tula” trend always stands out. Mahatma Gandhi belonged to this sign. These natives value and value their principles and goals. They stand out for their firmness of character, their intelligence and their strategies to overcome conflicts. Unlike Western astrology with respect to Libra (a sign corresponding to the date with “Thula”), this Rashi is not dependent or insecure.

In India, with or without philosophical reason, they say that the “Tula” trend always stands out. Mahatma Gandhi was of the sign. These are personalities whose principles and objectives are highly valued. They are intelligent, strategists and firm. In India, the western balance represents the sensitive, the delightful, that which must be achieved in a high category.

When an objective is imposed it is difficult to divert them since their intransigence is notorious. His personality is sometimes a bit contradictory so sometimes he is not entirely sure of what he wants and how far he wants to go. Having a partner is an aspect that helps completely to find its stability in all aspects.

When you have your average partner next to you, it would be very good to be totally devoted to it, sometimes when you do not have it, you want it and when you have it, it does not show how you really should do, giving you all the love and understanding that your partner needs to.

You are always a winner in the professional aspect product of your great sympathy, intelligence, creativity and self-confidence. His health usually always goes well, but sometimes he attacks him with some other small imbalance.

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Libra. Scales or Balance, is the only symbol of the zodiac that is represented by an inanimate object, rather than an animal or human. Libra is the charmer one. Libra is symbolised by the scales and, just as that balancing act, the Jatakas of this sign too want to remain on an even keel.

As an employee Librans are efficient, but they require a perfect environment to work. Some suitable options for Libra are Intellectual Projects, Umpire, Landscaper, Public Service, Counselor, Psychologist Diplomat, Mediator, Harmony and Justice etc.

Libra always have a problem of kidney and skin. Lower back pain and problems caused by too much sugar or rich food are common health problems. Most Libra individuals have sensitive skin that easily shows the effects brought about by lack of sleep, rich food and too much alcohol.

Libra goes compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus but the best match for Libra is Gemini. Librans get along with most of the star signs.

For people born in September
Traditional Birth Stone – Chrysolite
Modern Birth Stone(s) – Sapphire or Star Sapphire

For people born in October
Traditional Birth Stone – Aquamarine
Modern Birth Stone(s) – Opal or Tourmaline