The sixteenth card in the Major Arcana is the Tower card.  This is considered one of the most negative cards in the deck.  This shows chaos and fire and is terrible to look at.

The Tower card shows destruction and conflict and can be scary.


In the past, the Tower shows that you have had events happen in your life that are traumatic.  This can be far from now or recent, but you are still affected by it.  When you experience things, it is hard to forget it.  This could be a death or a loss or someone cheating on you.  This happened in the past and you have to learn to grow and take charge.


The Tower shows that you have conflict that is close to you and you are going to face it.  You have to deal with it and not be upset about it.  Just expect it to come.


With the future of the Tower card, you will see challenges that come.  See what is happening and learn to deal with it without worrying about it.  See signs of things and know if something is going to fall apart.


In your work, the Tower sees things as being hard.  If you work with someone, you will need to try to get along with them and not let them bother you.  If you can’t do that, have a plan to move on.  You might have a test or something big in your life and get a bad report.


With love, the Tower is not a good card.  Know who you are and what your partner is feeling for you.  Something bad could happen and you might need to think about if you should be with your partner.  They might cheat on you or lie about you.  If you have proof, talk about it.


With friends, you will not have a good sign with the Tower card.  Look at who your friends are and see if they are dangerous or have a secret about you.


Finances with the Tower card are good.  You have to save your money and learn to not buy things impulsively.


Your health with the Tower card means that you need to listen to your body more.  Don’t be lazy and this can cause diseases.  You might be clumsy so don’t break a bone.


Your spiritualty might have a breakthrough with the Tower card.  This means that you can stop believing in things that you believed before.  You can also find different things in your life more appealing.


The Tower in reverse means that you have things that are not safe and that you have bad influences in your life.  You might expect some news to come that is bad, but you do not give up.  Do not worry and know that you have time to prepare for this.  Things are sometimes bad, and you cannot control that.


  • Dangerous
  • Destruction
  • Pain
  • Negative


The Tower is the fire element


The sign of the Tower is Mars

Yes or No Answer?

The answer is no.



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