Totem Slavic horoscope by years


The Slavs from time immemorial had their own calendar based on the interaction of man with his totem animal, vaguely reminiscent of the Japanese (eastern) horoscope. The peculiarity of the calendar is considered to be a cycle of sixteen years, and not twelve years, as is customary in the East. Each year is characterized by the presence of a special patron – a totem, which corresponds to one of the selected animals. The character of a person and his fate will directly depend on the characteristics of the animal in the year of which he was born.

Slavic yearbook


In ancient times, the Slavic people had their own calendar, based on totem animals, whose character traits were transmitted to a person born in a certain year. It is generally accepted that a person adopted the characteristics of the character and habits of his totem animal, regardless of whether he was born in the year of a fish, a bird or an animal. The period of influence is calculated not only by years, but also by months. It took years to create a calendar that could predict the future habits of a young child. The significance of the Slavic calendar is in no way inferior to the eastern analogue, which has become widespread in the territory of modern Europe.

Calendar features

An example is 2015, which was dedicated to the White Owl, and not to the Goat or Sheep, as is customary according to the Eastern calendar. Despite the fact that the Chinese calendar is popular in all countries without exception, it is never too late to return to the origins. An eagle owl or owl is considered a symbol of wisdom and prosperity, unlike its Chinese counterpart. The totem year-word was in demand during the times of pagan Rus and consisted of seventeen cycles. In the treatise, a list of animals characterized as totemic was given. A characteristic feature is considered to be a cycle consisting not of twelve, but of sixteen years.

The year of the ancient Slavs begins on the day of the vernal equinox – March 21. Provided that the person was born before this date, the previous year of the totem animal is used. The choice of animals was not made by chance. So, an owl is considered a symbol of a family hearth and strong relationships, which makes such a souvenir relevant to this day. It is preferable to hang a panel with the image of owls over the bed of the newlyweds. This is done in order to strengthen the union of lovers. Business people should give preference to owls with spread wings, indicating career growth and new achievements. In this case, the owl will symbolize rapid career and personal growth.

The image of an owl can give a person energy and strength, become a home amulet. Preference should be given to crystal and glass figurines, which are placed in a conspicuous place in the office. The success given by the owl will accompany in any endeavors, I will give knowledge and wisdom. The sacred bird of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was an owl in ancient Greece. I helped people do the right thing, make the right and quick decisions. In the East, the new year is floating, while the Slavs have a fixed date. Each year in the Slavic calendar has its own name and corresponds to a representative of the flora or fauna known at that time.

Slavic horoscope by years

Elk or dark sock

It is used by those born in: 2024, 2008, 1992, 1976, 1960, 1944, 1928, 1912

The dark plow is considered the main totem animal, a kind of discoverer, patronized by the Highest sources of Power. Such people are rarely perceived by society, due to unexplained behavior. After completing the next task, they do not stop often, proudly and rapidly conquering new heights. Those born this year are characterized as fidgets. To achieve the assigned tasks, a person needs to doubt less of his own righteousness and venture. People born this year are often lonely. Among the traits of character should be noted the desire to learn new things, purposefulness and innate pride. Loneliness is often associated with a misunderstanding of a person, even by loved ones.

Attempts to explain their own position will not be crowned with success, and should they, if a person moves according to the intended goal and each time conquers new heights.

From a totem animal, a person adopts the following characteristics:

  • Purposefulness;
  • Pride;
  • Assertiveness;
  • Swiftness;
  • Inner strength;
  • Striving for knowledge;
  • Hardness of character;
  • Endurance;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Strength of mind.

Moose born in the year should think less and hesitate, and immediately begin active actions that will help to achieve success. They push away acquaintances from themselves due to conflicting character traits.

Stinging hornet

Suitable for those born in: 2025, 2009, 1993, 1977, 1961, 1945, 1929, 1913

A characteristic feature is considered to be increased activity, love for noisy gatherings and vanity. In addition, insects are characterized by an innate sense of purpose and developed intuition. Moral principles are often overlooked on the way to achieving the set goals. Developed memory, jealousy and thrift make hornets the dependents of modern society. In addition to the inability to give what is theirs, people often choose to take what is not theirs. With the help of sharpness and sarcasm, enemies are often put in place. Leaders by nature. People born under this sign are extremely active. A characteristic feature of a totem animal is the ability to achieve assigned tasks using any methods.

They love to be sarcastic, talkative, witty and owners, which is not to everyone’s liking. The hornet endows people with the following characteristics:

  • As it is customary to say “they will go over other people’s heads” on the way to the intended goal if the situation requires it;
  • Jealous owners;
  • Fussy;
  • Lead an active lifestyle;
  • Developed intelligence;
  • Excellent memory;
  • Developed intuition;
  • They prefer to spend their holidays in noisy companies;
  • Perseverance and dedication;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Thrift.

With the makings of a natural-born leader, people born in the year of the hornet treat others with disdain. Relationships are difficult to start because of sarcasm and cynicism. Outside opinion will not be taken into account, and feelings and family values ​​will be sacrificed to benefit.

Despite the price that will need to be paid to achieve their goal, hornets are ready to do anything in order to achieve what they want. Hornets become CEOs of corporations.

Hidden rage

Suitable for those born in: 2026, 2010, 1994, 1978, 1962, 1946, 1930, 1914

Wolves are considered to be carriers of incredible strength. Animals are characterized by the presence of innate grace and the ability to solve any life situation, regardless of the level of its complexity. Lut has feline habits, relaxation in movements and soft gait. The animal is mobilized instantly in case of danger detection. In maintaining and creating order, people born in the year of lurking fierce are not strong, but they themselves like to be clean, which is voiced to the roommates. The character of the animal makes a person kind, patient and generous in relation to other people. Even loved ones will not be allowed to sit on their necks. Lute will live within the framework indicated by him, without listening to outside opinions.

First impressions are deceiving. People can behave cheekily, but inside they be extremely collected. Demandingness extends exclusively to others, one’s own mistakes are forgiven quickly. Possesses power, compare the otherworldly. People born in the year of lurking love become excellent businessmen, organizers and leaders.

Character traits inherent in a totem animal:

  • The presence of an imperious character;
  • Excessive acts of kindness;
  • Developed physical strength;
  • Congenital love for babies;
  • Non-standard way of thinking;
  • Great intuition;
  • Increased exactingness to everyone except himself;
  • Ability to make quick decisions;
  • Fidelity;
  • Generosity;
  • Agility and grace inherent in predators;
  • The need to be clean and tidy.

People who have a wolf as a totem animal know how to correctly and quickly analyze what is happening, make informed and informed decisions.

Limiting the freedom of the wolf should not, as well as encroach on personal space. The framework for communication is set fiercely independently. They are unable to get lost in the general information flow.

Fiery Veksha

Suitable for those born in: 2027, 2011, 1995, 1979, 1963, 1947, 1931, 1915

Such individuals are endowed with the highest level of protection. From an early age, kids are distinguished by dexterity and incredible mobility, cunning is manifested in games. The ability to quickly perceive new information speaks of good mental ability, and the ability to understand the situation quickly. Mood swings are more common with age. They strive to start a family at an early age, as well as get a job. They prefer to rely only on their own capabilities and do not expect participation from outsiders.

Those born in the year of the Veksha have the following characteristics:

  • Desire to start your own family early;
  • Innate dexterity;
  • Using your own strengths and skills;
  • Reluctance to accept outside help;
  • Hard work;
  • Savvy.

The dreaminess and developed imagination of the veksha will allow to achieve success in the artistic field of activity. Those born this year should learn to control emotions and not succumb to depression. Learning the basics of self-control, squirrels are able to achieve great success in any field.

Apathy and depression will accompany squirrels born in a year throughout their lives. Frequent mood swings will not go unnoticed. Mental discord will bring a feeling of anxiety, which should be eradicated on your own.

Pearl pike

Suitable for those born in: 2028, 2012, 1996, 1980, 1964, 1948, 1932, 1916

Those under the protection of this totem also have the patronage of forgotten ancestors. By nature, conservatives attach great importance to family and other traditions. They are characterized by the presence of their own judgments and inner peace, which are reflected in the actions of a person. The highest charisma is considered to be the destruction of everything that is deemed unworthy and should not exist.

In the circle of friends, pikes are always honest with others and extremely frank. Pearl pike sacredly honors the traditions of ancestors and families. Change is bad.

People who have a pike as a totem animal are distinguished by their straightforwardness and a desire to speak exclusively the truth. The indicator of self-realization is high, as well as hard work, responsibility. They prefer to create and create.

Bearded toad

Suitable for those born in: 2029, 2013, 1997, 1981, 1965, 1949, 1933, 1917

Those born in the year of this totem are able to create harmonious and lasting relationships, thanks to innate wisdom. They are perceived as hospitable people and loyal family men. As conservatives, they are extremely negative about change. They can say with precision what they need from life. Relationships with outsiders are great due to wisdom and responsiveness. A person will feel comfortable only at home.

Endurance will help to cope not only with difficult tasks, but also with active babies. Looking for harmony with the environment and people. Doubts in everyday life rarely arise, and in order to achieve the goal, a person will work day and night. The main value of toads is the home and family hearth, to which they strive every day. Modest by nature.

A person is characterized by:

  • Accuracy;
  • Modesty;
  • Thrift;
  • Housekeeping.

Family, home, love and constancy are put in the first place. Toads will appreciate what they have acquired and will never claim someone else’s. Happiness is found in what they have acquired. They do not need ghostly goods.

Wild boar

Suitable for those born in: 2030, 2014, 1998, 1982, 1966, 1950, 1934, 1918

Individuals who have this animal as a totem are fearless in life and are ready to give back to ill-wishers. After reaching the next goal, they are subject to apathy. They need a long and secluded vacation. Boars are not interested in unpromising actions and goals. They are able to give the necessary rebuff to the enemy. We are ready to become leaders in the field we are interested in. Before starting any project, they think for a long time, considering possible obstacles and outcomes of events. After achieving the set task, they fall into depression, which they prefer to overcome on their own. Having restored the internal energy, they return to their previous life. Before proceeding with the next goal, they gather and reflect for a long time. After a while, they start work and do it brilliantly.

The apathetic mood returns regularly and boars should overcome depression on their own. You should not get in the way of the boar, since smart and friendly personalities are capable of extreme measures.

White owl

Suitable for those born in: 2031, 2015, 1999, 1983, 1967, 1951, 1935, 1919

The bird, like any other predatory animal, prefers to lead a closed or even hidden from prying eyes way of life. In life, it obeys only an independently established regime. People have developed extrasensory perception and other talents. The ability to perform overwhelming and complex tasks will only manifest itself if the environment is warm and friendly. People who have a white eagle owl as a totem animal are distinguished by their suspiciousness, isolation and superstition. Properly developed abilities will help owls become psychics and mediums. Proud birds always know more than their fellows. Majestic and silent. They do not tolerate gossip behind their backs.

An aura of mystery accompanies people born in the indicated years. Predictions and medical practice are not uncommon among owls. Intuition is well developed. They behave calmly, often silent and withdrawn. As a rest, they prefer to spend time in a quiet atmosphere in a comfortable armchair with a book in their hands. The secluded lifestyle only adds to the mystery.

People born in the year of the white eagle owl often prefer creative professions where a free work schedule is encouraged. Superstitious, mysterious and suspicious person. They are able to work in a team, but prefer free swimming. Natural flair is characteristic of owls.

Hissing already

Suitable for those born in: 2032, 2016, 2000, 1984, 1968, 1952, 1936, 1920

People walking under this patron are able to recreate the harmony of the world around them. People have a philosophical mindset, but a genuine interest in everything secret can go beyond what is permissible.

Characteristic features of a person:

  1. Lean.
  2. Workable.
  3. Practical.
  4. Silent.
  5. Secretive.

The chosen task will be carried out persistently. They are flexible, which allows them to adapt to certain groups of people, as if changing their skin. Having as a totem animal snake, people are philosophers by nature. They do not differ in grumpiness. In an unfamiliar company, they prefer to be silent and listen to extraneous conversations. They behave discreetly. Things are treated with care. By nature, workaholics, albeit defenseless in relation to the world around them.

A high performance indicator will allow you to achieve success in your chosen field. In extreme situations, they show their best side, making quick and correct decisions in a critical situation. To be successful, you will need tremendous family support.

Fox creeping

It is used by those born in: 2033, 2017, 2001, 1985, 1969, 1953, 1937, 1921

Personalities with an unearthly essence and an extraordinary destiny, which implies irrepressible adventures. Like a fox, a person is characterized as a prudent, moderately cautious, mocking, cunning, derisive, inventive and dexterous person. They will not get into trouble, but they know how to achieve the assigned tasks. There are more than two stripes in a fox’s life (black and white), therefore, they do not represent what boredom is. The fate of such people is unusual and the events are remembered for a long time. They love intrigue, but they are not able to wage an open struggle with an opponent. A cunning mindset will allow you to achieve the tasks set in spite of prejudice and innate laziness. A lively, intriguing and cunning mindset distinguish the fox from other animals by the totem present in the Slavic calendar.

A trick will allow you to achieve what you want. Friendship with such people is possible, but a trusting relationship will not work out. Mischief is done exclusively on the sly, since it is problematic to get rid of the love for intrigues of foxes.

Coiled hedgehog

Suitable for those born in: 2034, 2018, 2002, 1986, 1970, 1954, 1938, 1922

Often people are negative when they first meet strangers, but the situation is different with the family. Hedgehogs treat close people with trepidation. They are distinguished by complaisance and dedication. They are characterized by the presence of excellent visual memory and pedantry. Such “hedgehogs” will become wonderful spouses and loyal friends, loving parents. The character is changeable, and the person himself resembles a thorn in communication, which is capable of performing rash and unexpected actions. In addition to a healthy interest in everything new and excellent memory, hedgehogs do not tolerate silence, they are constantly fussing.

Acquaintances and colleagues will characterize the person as a kind and decent employee and friend who is able to lend a shoulder if necessary and complete an urgent task on time. Those who need help will always receive it, and the desire to speak out will not meet with resistance. Kindness and loyalty will return a hundredfold. Having once deceived a hedgehog born in a year, communication with him ceases. Respectable and honest hedgehogs do not forgive betrayal.

The ability to notice details, unpredictability and excellent memory are considered the main characteristics of hedgehogs. Such people are characterized as noisy, fussy, and unpredictable. Those who ask for help will be heard, but they will not be able to forgive insults and betrayal. They are characterized as respectable and honest people and businessmen.

Soaring eagle

Suitable for those born in: 2035, 2019, 2003, 1987, 1971, 1955, 1939, 1923

Compliance with generally accepted laws and regulations is unacceptable for them. An attempt at dictatorship gets the exact opposite reaction. Priests and reformers are common among the proud eagles. Proud and at the same time changeable personalities with a bold and strong character. The eagles are scrupulous in their work. Proud birds are characterized by such character traits as:

  • Innate leadership;
  • Kindness;
  • Bravery;
  • Devotion;
  • Strength of mind;
  • Greatness.

If a person has made a decision regarding something, then it will no longer be possible to change plans. Under this sign are born the mighty of this world, born leaders, confessors and reformers. The principle by which a person will be guided in life is conscience, because the rest does not matter for an independent and proud bird.

Spinning misgir

Suitable for those born in: 2036, 2020, 2004, 1988, 1972, 1956, 1940, 1924

Spiders need close friends and family ties. They are characterized as reliable and loyal companions, keepers of family values ​​and hearth. It is impossible to knock a person off the intended path, since the spiders are very purposeful. Able to unite people and create entire organizations under their own leadership. With the help of innate potential, they quickly achieve their goals, while remaining sensitive and power-hungry.

The spider is considered a support for the family and the keeper of the hearth and people born in the year of his patronage cannot stand loneliness. The intended goal will be achieved regardless of the difficulties encountered on the way. Finding the right path helps with natural sensitivity and creativity in dealing with emerging problems. An integral part of the clan, the mizgir cannot survive without the support of relatives and friends.

A characteristic feature of a totem animal is to create groups of like-minded people. To achieve the goal, time-tested paths are chosen, bypassing difficult situations that arise in life.

Crowing rooster

Suitable for those born in: 2037, 2021, 2005, 1989, 1973, 1957, 1941, 1925

A person born under this totem is characterized as harsh and quick-tempered, drawing hasty conclusions and making decisions based on emotional considerations. There is an inherent need to regularly appear in plain sight and express your own opinion on any occasion. Without a home full of children, they don’t see life. They conquer with their eccentricity, desire to play for the audience and excessive ambition. In actions, they manifest themselves as brave and courageous individuals. They are not interested in the opinions of others and are clearly moving towards the goal. Roosters overflowing with grandiose plans are fearless and active.

Family and home come first. They are able to show considerable potential in the creative field. They are not able to follow the rules established at work. Feel the need for a free work schedule and the absence of a leader.

Bull or Golden-Horned Tour

Suitable for those born in: 2038, 2022, 2006, 1990, 1974, 1958, 1942, 1926

A kind and sympathetic friend in a critical situation turns into an angry animal that does not distinguish between who is a friend and who is an enemy. They patronize the weaker and do not tolerate indulgence. Such people are patient, stubborn and hardy. Rage and good nature are skillfully combined in the character of people born in the year of the bull. In case of emergency, you should contact him for help. Bulls often show uncontrollable aggression and courage that cannot go unnoticed.

People born this year are characterized by the ability to fight for a just cause to the bitter end, even if there is practically no chance of winning. They strive to overcome any difficulties, work hard and endure for a long time.

Firemane horse

Suitable for those born in: 2039, 2023, 2007, 1991, 1975, 1959, 1943, 1927

People born this year are characterized as executive, honest, courageous and active individuals. In many ways, they are romantic and at the same time talented. On the way to achieving the set goal, they are helped out by innate dedication and endurance. Active and extreme sports are preferred. It is impossible to find such people at home, as they are constantly in a hurry. Character traits include:

  • Purposefulness;
  • Nobility;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Honesty;
  • Kindness;
  • Sincerity;
  • Courage.

Movement is life. It is under this slogan that firemane horses live. They do not differ in perseverance, preferring an active lifestyle. Power and the power of persuasion are considered the main virtues of horses.


From time immemorial, the Slavic people belonged to the category of believers. In addition to faith in the Lord, faith in the Higher Powers has also been preserved. The Slavic totem calendar takes into account many holidays, which were considered important holidays for clergy. Separately, a calendar of totem animals was created for the years, a feature of which was the unusual number of years in the cycle.