Totem Serpent and the life of a person under its auspices


Snake Totem Description

For all people, the Serpent is paradoxical and contradictory. She is both a symbol of wisdom and the embodiment of base instincts. Some worship the Snake, consider it a healer, others take it for a devilish creature.

Since ancient times, the animal has been considered a symbol of unique sexual energy and creative vitality. During the period of spiritual development, energy is released, rises up the spine, opening certain chakras behind it. New levels of consciousness open up before a person, creative forces are stimulated and the body is strengthened.

Since the days of Ancient Egypt, the Snake has been considered a mystical animal. Any things made in the form of a snake symbolized power over the world, clairvoyance and discernment. A snake is an animal that sheds its skin, which is why it has always been considered a symbol of death and rebirth.

Snake according to the zoroastrian horoscope

Dates of birth of the Snake (Snake)

1912, 1944, 1976, 2008, 2040, 2072

The Serpent is the seventh year of the Zoroastrian cycle that follows the Spider.

Symbolism of the sign

Swiftness, keen eyesight, rapacity, deceit and prudence.

Totem color

Dark green, emerald green, light green, charcoal black.

Ized (patron spirit)

The patron saint of the Serpent is Apam-Napat, the so-called “Great Serpent”, the essence of the Divine waters.


The disclosure of the anti-theme in the Snake is observed in the fact that the snake becomes its complete opposite. He is no longer a predator who calculates the situation many moves forward and senses his prey. The snake under the anti-theme itself becomes a victim. She’s easy to corner and trick. It reveals all the features opposite to it.

Correspondence according to the zodiac horoscope

Despite the fact that modern Snakes live on soil and on trees, according to the zodiac horoscope, they have compatibility with the water trigone of the signs. These are Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

It immediately catches the eye here that the Snake, with its flexible and varied character, really combines the features of all these three signs of the zodiac. And this is no accident, because the science of Astrology and Zoroastrianism have thousands of years of experience behind them.

Snakes can be calm and judicious like fish, or they can strike a fatal blow at any moment, like a scorpion. You need to carefully study yourself and find out which particular Snake is manifest in you.

The Serpent Totem and the character of man under his auspices

If your totem has become a Snake, this means that in one of the areas of life you have to go through a transformation. To understand in which particular area, you need to look around and see exactly where changes are observed in your life. Perhaps you will discover the Serpent Totem inspired by this article? Then your transformation and “shedding of old skin” are not far off.

In terms of the development of the mind and intellect, the Snake carries an invaluable gift; over time, the acquisition of the highest wisdom will overtake you. It is believed that the image of a snake biting its tail is considered a symbol of eternity. People under the auspices of the Snake tend to live longer than others. But do not forget that the one who leads a healthy lifestyle, does not abuse alcohol, does not smoke and does sports will still live longer than others.

The serpent is an agile and strong animal. He can attack instantly and unpredictably. A person who has chosen the Snake as his totem will have the same abilities, so it is better not to anger him once more. Such people are not prone to outbursts of anger over trifles, but if they are really pissed off, the bite will be accurate and strong. Snakes never miss and are able to completely unbalance their enemy. However, this also has its drawbacks. People around are cautious about getting close to people-snakes, and sometimes even avoid them altogether.

How the Snake affects a person’s life

If we talk about relationships with people, with family and with children, the Snake here is not as dangerous as it is usually thought about it. Yes, her mind is calculating and cold, but she will never give offense to her environment, and even more so to her children. The snake will fill with poison anyone who encroaches on the safety of her loved ones.

The Snake also knows what real friendship is. She does not scatter her friendly feelings left and right. As a rule, the Snake has several close friends (up to 5 people) whom she really appreciates. She treats the rest with respect and kindness, but nothing more.

In her personal life, the Snake chooses for a long time a partner who will love her sharp mind and cold blood. But when she finds, she wraps around him and will never let go. Snakes are monogamous.

Work is suitable for the Serpents as swift and sharp as they themselves. The perfect example of the Snake’s mindset is the stock gambler. He needs quick reflexes, accurate and rapid calculation, knowledge when it is better to “strike”.

Thanks to their mind, Snakes always know what they want, they have a strict daily routine and they always remember their purpose in life. And no one can lead them astray.

Famous people with the Snake totem

The stars on the Serpent totem correspondence list confirm and complement everything we know about people with the Serpent totem. Snake traits can be seen not only in their behavior, but even in their appearance. Their sharp, piercing gaze makes it feel like they are already measuring you as a victim.

Celebrities born under the auspices of the Snake

Benedict Cumberbatch (The legendary role of Sherlock Holmes, in the TV series “Sherlock.” Even the stage role of the actor symbolizes the habits of a snake. Sherlock is calculating, cold-blooded, moves and thinks like a predator), Ryan Reynolds (everyone is known for his role as Deadpool in the film of the same name) Murphy (mind-blowing gangster Thomas Shelby from the series “Peaky Blinders”).

Of course, this is not a complete list, but only the most famous and modern personalities. After analyzing the entire list of stars with the Snake totem, you involuntarily think – “does the Snake really affect a person so much?” Because it is simply impossible not to notice the correspondence of the appearance, the nature of the properties of these people to their totem.

Disclosure of the Serpent in itself

To understand this animal, it is necessary to penetrate deeply into its essence. Before shedding its skin, the snake’s eyes become clouded, and it seems to plunge into a kind of trance. Thus, shamans and sorcerers consider this a sign that the Serpent has the ability to move between two kingdoms – the living and the dead. The snake visits the afterlife and comes back to life. After the Snake has got rid of the old skin, her eyes brighten, as if she has gained a new vision of the world. For this reason, many alchemists believed that in order to gain new knowledge and wisdom, one must experience death and rebirth, and then a completely new world opens up before a person.

What does this mean for you and me?

This means that the process of opening and uniting with the Serpent totem is much more mysterious and mystical than many other totems. Like the opening of other totems, this method is based on meditation, but with some peculiarities.

During meditation, you should try to slow down your heartbeat as much as possible, cool your body, feel how you become calm and calm, how your mind sharpens and nothing bothers you. Conducting such meditations, sooner or later you must start trying to “look” into the other world. This can be expressed in visions, chills on the skin, “goose bumps” or sudden anxiety. Keep yourself in this state for as long as you can. When you “return” to our world, immediately begin to speed up your heartbeat, breathe more often, feel the energy and vitality in yourself. You should feel heat and vibration throughout your body.

This ritual symbolizes the transition to the dark world of spirits and return back, the change of the “skin” of the Snake. Its practice has been carried out since time immemorial, records of such rituals are found even in the mythology of ancient civilizations. After its completion, the final stage is carried out – a conversation with the totem. This is another meditation in which you should try to speak to your inner Serpent. If the previous ritual was performed correctly, and you are worthy of the Snake, she will answer you. As if very careful, the spirits hate deceivers and naive people.


It is not easy for a snake to open and keep in itself. She chooses only the elite and the most worthy. Are you worthy of the Snake? You will never know until you are willing to try and ask your spirit. Continue to explore yourself and your inner world, whether your totem is the Serpent or any other animal. Only knowing yourself will bring you happiness and peace.