Totem animal wolf what does it mean?


Despite the predatory nature of the wolf, many note their affection and worship for this animal. The wolf totem can accompany a person not only in everyday moments, the main character traits can manifest themselves in difficult life moments and greatly help a person.


A person can receive the protection of a totem, or he can be far from the natural spirit or remain neutral. You can establish interaction with any sign, and not only with the one in which the child was born. If you want to establish a connection with the Wolf totem, possess its traits and characteristics, first find out what it is and what powers the sign gives. First of all, it is intended for men, although a woman can also control the energy of a predator. The totem is versatile and not easy to learn.


People born in the year of the Wolf are distinguished by austere beauty and regular facial features. A straight nose, level-set eyes, slanting cheekbones and a high forehead are the special features of these people. The look is straightforward and inflexible. People under the auspices of this totem have developed facial expressions and great expressiveness of postures and gestures. Their movements are swift and springy, they are not lovers of dancing, but they have excellent control over their body, often endowed with physical strength.

They use their voice especially well, play well in timbre and tonality. There are many talented vocalists among them.

Women Wolves, even if they are not naturally endowed with dazzling beauty, fascinate others with their manner of carrying themselves. Nature endows them with verified body proportions, and the predatory spirit of the Wolf gives the movements a special gracefulness of love of freedom and independence.

Men conquer with severity and calmness. These are, as a rule, tall and slender people with a toned figure. In their body, hidden strength is felt, and in their voice there is complete confidence in the future.


The Wolf has an iron discipline and a strict hierarchy, therefore a person under the auspices of this totem always bears great responsibility and self-discipline. He is purposeful and is not used to shifting difficulties onto other people’s shoulders.

His character is like steel – hard and not bendable. At the moment of danger, he does not know how to retreat, otherwise the stigma of a weakling and a coward will remain on him, and this the Wolf cannot allow.

The main goal in life is the protection and well-being of a kind. He perfectly feels the mood of his family and friends, is sensitive to the safety of the family and is always on guard of their interests. For him, the “flock” is above all, so people Wolves can easily push their personal interests and needs into the background. At the same time, the Wolf can calmly be both alone and with family and friends.

But if the Wolf, for any reason, turned out to be a loner, he will never miss his profit, he will rigidly defend the territory and the right to a place in the sun, regardless of anyone. At the same time, he perfectly knows how to calculate his strength and correctly save resources, without wasting his strength in vain.

Zoroastrian horoscope

The annual cycles of the Wolf totem are 1909, 1941, 1973, 2005 and the next period of activity will begin in 2035. The wolf follows the Mongoose totem. The symbolism of the sign is freedom and independence, the color is gray. The ancient people attributed fangs and fur to the attributes. Warriors Slavs wore a necklace of wolf fangs in battle, believing that such a talisman would bring them victory over the enemy.


Having met a wolf and choosing him as your totem, it is worth remembering that any animal has both positive and negative traits, and it depends only on the owner which notes in the character will prevail while the patronage of the totem is going on.

The antitotem of the Wolf is the Wolf – the Werewolf in the mythology of the ancient Slavs or, according to the Zoroastrian horoscope, the Jackal. When the opposite totem takes over the person, a slow but sure path to degradation begins. The jackal, although a strong animal, is extremely cowardly. Its main feature is a blind, unbridled rage that arises from scratch and for no reason. Under its influence, a person begins to destroy everything in his path. He seeks to inflict mental suffering on anyone who is weaker than him, and when asked for what, he grins contemptuously.


In men who have a wolf totem, attachment at the level of emotions is very developed. He is able to give up everything to help his partner or girlfriend, and if we are talking about children, the wolf will rush into the problem without thinking about the situation. Such people, as a rule, understand the reasons for the situation after a while, not considering their behavior to be wrong. This fact often plays evil tricks with Wolves, without dealing with emotions you can do wrong things. Therefore, it is better for such men to explain the situation in advance, and only then ask for help.

On days when problems do not cause danger, wolves are quite friendly, have increased loyalty and responsibility to their close people and friends.


A person with the energy of the Wolf is excellent family people, however, they always need a personal space where they can retire. One of the few totems capable of remaining faithful to its companion throughout life.

The female sex who has a wolf in their patronage are distinguished by their loyalty and a rare ability to protect their families from any troubles. They are very attentive to children, not forgetting about the general improvement of their home. In this they are helped by intuition and natural ability to observe the situation from the outside.

Men in solving family problems can sacrifice their interests and desires, but if the relationship is broken, subsequently the Wolf will take revenge for the oppression and sacrifices for a long time.


Wolf People know how to competently build professional relationships in a team, observing the balance of power between authority and complete democracy. Understanding the hierarchy of the structure of any community is in their blood. They are excellent at establishing contacts with management and are successful in moving up the career ladder. The only thing that they do not tolerate strong pressure from the outside, it embitters the Wolf, and the evil Wolf can bring a lot of trouble.

By their nature, such people are hunters, therefore, when they see a weak or weak-willed person in front of them, they can bring even more imbalance into their lives. They are able to easily deal with a less powerful competitor. Although they rarely resort to such measures and more often do so because of constant irritation from the enemy.

Celebrities born in the Year of the Wolf: Valery Zolotukhin, Sergey Dovlatov, Hayao Miyazake, Andrey Mironov, Lina Headey and many others.

Compatibility with other totems

Despite the excellent communication qualities of the Wolf, not everyone can find a common language for a long time. Some totems will immediately feel the kinship of their souls, others will have repulsive features and will never be able to create lasting relationships in friendship and in love. One hundred speaking astrologers, with whom will the Wolf be best?

In friendship

High compatibility:

  • With the Raven. These are two satellites in one war. No wonder Odin’s assistants were the Wolf and the Raven.
  • With Mongoose. Both are ardent fighters for justice.
  • With the Spider. These two totems are united by purposefulness and good flair. Spider and Ox are good work colleagues who can reach great heights together.

In love

High compatibility:

  • With Beaver. They are reliable people, capable of responding with devotion and loyalty to their loved one.
  • With Squirrel. Like the Wolf, they are very independent and housewives.
  • With the Bull. A heightened sense of duty and responsibility will reliably unite such people.

Not compatible:

  • With Turtle. Her secrecy and slowness will constantly irritate the Wolf.
  • With a camel. His sarcastic humor is not always understood by the straightforward Wolf.
  • With Cheetah. Two strong, freedom-loving people simply will not get along with each other.