Totem animal vitar – characteristic and meaning


A person who has a vitar totem will outwardly be very calm and reasonable, as well as balanced and rather sweet, which is associated with the peculiarities of the vitar’s behavior in the nature of the world. Although this calmness will end very quickly, as soon as a person with this totem faces problems in life.


Each person has his own unique totem, that is, an animal that can accurately patronize and help a person, as well as protect him from life’s problems in a variety of situations. Such a factor is based on numerous magical knowledge, the magicians of the world say for sure that everyone has their own personal totem, it is chosen independently or by date of birth.

Each person with a vitar totem even has something of a bird’s appearance, he easily becomes a friend to others, and can also enjoy excellent general authority. The vitar totem will definitely help a person, the only thing is that this totem can still sleep, so first it should be strengthened with communication, prayer and conversation, thereby waking him up.

A person with a vitar totem can easily turn personal anger towards his offenders or towards those who often offend others, especially loves to hit them with a word and offend them. That is why, due to the desire to help the weak, vitari often become workers of justice in life, as well as excellent investigators and members of various public modern bodies for the protection of citizens. A person with such a totem will be decisive in moments of justice, although in their personal ordinary life, the behavior of the vitar is already difficult to call effective and courageous. Such a person will not be able to make an explanation with the object of his adoration for a long time, who must take the first step towards general relationships in life.

Totem what is it

A totem can greatly help a person and will protect him in life, this totem is given only once and the main thing is to turn to his spirit more often, so that it protects the person more and more strongly. You should also thank him more often, then the totem will help more and more often, and will also make its owner more persistent and strong. The tradition of working with animal totems goes deep into the lives of American Indians and shamans and many other traditions around the world. Animal forces can protect you in the world of natural spirits, and they will also accompany a person in his dreams, they can be asked for everything both in solving problems and in understanding the moments of life.

You can teach how to work with a patron animal, both adults and even children, showing respect does not serve to worship the animal, it is only an appeal to their strength and recognition by their brothers in this world. They should be thanked for their help, as well as respect for their energy and strength, it is for this that they will help a person, magicians say that the totem prefers both requests and pleas, and incense in their honor. You also need to make it clear to the totem that you adore him, and after asking him, be sure to thank him and say thank you, since he definitely deserves gratitude for helping the person.