Totem animal termite – characteristic and meaning


If a person has a termite totem or was born under this totem, then the termite will definitely help him get out of difficult different situations. Termite is a birth totem for those who were born on May 20, it is to these citizens that he will help the most, especially if there is a picture of him or a figurine.


Termites, which were previously mistakenly called white ants, usually live in warm and tropical countries, can be found only in Central Asia. The largest, unique and amazing structures of these animals are in Africa, the size of the termites themselves is usually up to 10-20 mm, and they live in large organized families. Termites can be dangerous to humans only when they are in small numbers and live in a house or apartment without their own microclimate, they eat literally everything in the house, and this is a fact. Each person has his own unique totem, that is, an animal that will patronize you, it will help and protect, the termite totem is a unique keeper and it will definitely help you from many problems in life.

How to use

To use the termite totem, you need to relax, you can listen to music and preferably lie down as comfortably as possible, and then imagine that you entered a cave in a rock. Now you should also imagine that you are leaving the cave into a large meadow, where there should be a feeling of serenity, you definitely need to feel the power of nature and its beauty, and then mentally create your totem in front of you. Try to talk to the totem, consider its movements and pay attention to the mental sounds that it emits, there is magical power in its color and pay more attention to it, which is of particular importance.

Now, be sure to thank the magical image for the fact that it appeared to you, imagine it so that it appears before your eyes, there must be a statuette or a picture with a termite at home. Further, when contact is established and a mental conversation took place, you need to return to the cave, and then get out of this image. It is required to take deep breaths, and then return to your world, and then carefully study your totem animal. This way of communication is quite simple, although at first it can be a little difficult for everyone, try to get in touch with this totem as often as possible. The totem can sleep and your task is to wake it up and make it work as a protector.


The main thing is that your totem does not change, although there may be two or even three of them, it is important to be able to work with the totem and feel its magical powers. You first need to learn how to work with one guard totem, and then get to know others. Time must still pass until he wakes up and begins to help you in life. If your totem is a termite, then be sure to hang its image on the walls of the apartment, you can even draw it sometimes, read books and articles about it, buy a figurine of a termite, it is also recommended to perform a dance with imitation of movements.