Totem animal swan – characteristic and meaning


Each person is distinguished by his totem animal, be it a bird or a predator. Nature gives man subtle energies from each beast. Anyone can connect with their totem through meditation and communication with the spirits of the natural world. What properties and what the swan totem means, we will tell in this article.

Description and characteristics

This is one of the oldest totems. To those who are patronized by this sign, it gives a powerful source of vitality. The main goal in the life of Lebed is to find the only loved one and unity with others. Astrologers believe that a person who has established a connection with this totem is able to amplify the feelings and emotions of other people several times.

We will tell you how the features of the Swan are manifested in personal, family and friendship, at work, and with which signs it is most compatible.


People born under the sign of the swan are graceful, have fine, regular facial features. Big eyes are filled with blue, but there can be a burning brown. Nature endows them with sensual lips and snow-white teeth. The elongated cheekbones give the shape of the face a regular oval.

Everyone can envy the grace of a swan, they know how to carry themselves in society. Since Swans do not lean too heavily on food, they are almost always slim and fit, mostly they prefer to dress intelligently and gracefully. But the bird itself is always distinguished by precisely such characteristics, so the totem does not go too far. A white dress suit is very suitable for them, in which it is simply not reflected.

In love

A family for a swan is the main purpose, in a relationship he does not like to change what he has and is often dependent on circumstances, therefore he is tied to the place where he lives. And rarely a year can change, even if this happens, it is definitely not to the detriment of the family. The swan’s inner world is closed from outsiders, into which he does not even let his loved ones and does not like empty conversations, he is more silent than others. But this sometimes brings a lot of trouble and problems not only to him, but also to his relatives and friends.

Men with the Swan totem are very attached to the family and almost never leave it, it is important for them that their children are educated and try to introduce them to art. They do not participate with children in noisy games and idle fun, but they are always ready to pay attention in a personal conversation.

In order for the Swan to always remain with you, he needs a gentle and calm environment, he does not like when they act on him with pressure, from this he can simply withdraw into himself.

It would be nice if you had a plot with a house in the countryside near a river or pond, where he could calmly rest from all the troubles. It’s not often easy to live with such a person, but some, on the contrary, accept it as the best thing that can be found in life!

They are capable of courageous deeds, but do not rush into hot fights. Swans do not mind being admired, especially their second half, but for this to be without unnecessary emotions, they do not like violent delight. He likes a quiet candlelit dinner, which will have a beneficial effect on him. The swan does not like to express his feelings, although he is capable of great love, it is much more pleasant for him to be a gentle and quiet manifestation of love. It is important for them that everyday problems do not put too much pressure on them, otherwise love feelings decrease.

So, if you want your Swan to be always with you, do not put too much pressure on him when you attract him to household chores, surround him with warmth and comfort, and then your swan will not fly away anywhere. You just need to understand that a person with such a totem is gentle and everything will work out.

In friendship

People with a swan totem are proud people who value friendship highly and will never betray, and they cannot act meanly towards another person. In friendship, these are extremely loyal comrades-in-arms, they will go with a close friend to the end, even if the enterprise is adventurous in advance, although they themselves are not inclined to such actions.

It is in friendship that the real character of a person with the Swan totem manifests itself. In a difficult situation, they are the first to come to the rescue and are ready to give the last.

These are excellent listeners, they will not regret their personal time to listen to their friend’s problems and give practical advice, and if needed, then help financially.

Friendship with such people is worth cherishing. They do not tolerate deception and do not forgive him, therefore, one careless word spoken even for the sake of entertainment can hurt the subtle soul of a swan and make him break off any relationship.

In work

Work with Lebed never comes first, unless it is connected with spiritual and cultural enlightenment. These are very artistic people, with a sense of their own dignity, who know their own worth. There are very few careerists among them, for them material values ​​and power over people are not important. We always have good relations with colleagues. They will not be the life of the company at corporate events, but if someone becomes ill or needs to resolve a conflict, they will definitely turn to him.

Celebrities who were born under the sign of Lebed: Alexey Batalov, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Leonid Bykov, Yuri Yakovlev, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Colin Firth, Antonio Banderas, Hugh Grant and many others.

Zoroastrian horoscope

According to the Zoroastrian horoscope, the period of activity of the totem is considered winter. The swan is excellent at tolerating cold weather and does not like hot weather. In mythology, the bird is often presented as a pure image in which an innocent maiden turns around. Years of the totem cycle: 1928, 1960, 1992, 2024, 2056. The sign of the Swan follows the Peacock and symbolizes the daytime white light, the purification of the spirit. The color of the totem is white.


The opposite totem is the Rat (Duck). The main interests of the people, over whom the anti-theme has taken up, are material benefits. Greed is the first thing that catches your eye. They are obsessed with their petty, materialistic interests. Betrayal for them becomes the norm, all for the sake of profit and gain. You cannot rely or trust in such people.


To create harmonious relationships in all spheres of life, the Swan totem is best suited:

  • Wolf – this sign, which, like the Swan, is able to remain faithful throughout life, both in friendship and in love;
  • Deer – people of this sign are perfectly oriented in the world of evil and good, like the Swan, they put spiritual values ​​first;
  • The snake is their goal to penetrate into the depths of being and human consciousness, material good for them is in second place.

Neutral signs for the Swan will be: Peacock, Elephant, Camel.

It is not recommended to create a relationship with the Swan totems such as:

  • Doe is capricious and loves the attention of the opposite sex, the love of one partner is not enough for her;
  • The Eagle is an ambitious sign, does not recognize the intimacy of existence, always large-scale plans that are often not interesting to Swan;
  • Magpie is always in the center of events, talkative, while Lebed prefers solitude and silence.