Totem animal sable – characteristics and meaning!


A sable is a totem animal that has its own interesting character traits, which are also transmitted to a person if he chooses it:

  • Activity in life – this quality is simply necessary for many and it makes it possible to live well.
  • Cheerfulness – rarely when there is a process of rejection of something, there is a goal you need to go to it.
  • Curiosity is an interesting quality, but it helps a lot in life.

At the same time, people who have such a totem are distinguished by the fact that they like to analyze everything that is happening, after which they already build a new path or make a decision. It is this quality that often simply unnerves everyone around, because it is difficult to hide from them the very essence or the underwater desire to come to the goal. At the same time, rarely when such people cheat, but if they do it, then it is definitely not for the harm of their family, because everything is quiet and careful.

Some important aspects!

In addition to all this, it is such a totem that can be described as a good psychologist. Because people with such a totem have such qualities when they approach many issues with a cool head and help put everything in its place. The sable itself is an interesting enough animal that goes around its places and just watches how everything happens. At the same time, they often simply observe from the outside and decide what is important for them at the moment. It was sable, among many nations, that he had special worship and helped in a variety of situations.

In addition, it was said about them that they help to enter the other world, so shamans venerated them in a special way. At the same time, it was not always possible to decide everything by force, because sable definitely did not approve of this state of affairs, but as an ally and assistant in the search for luck, this is the best option.

At the same time, different peoples have conflicting myths and legends about this animal. Some say that if a sable appears near a village, one must wait for trouble, others, that this is for fertility and clearly expressed good luck. At the same time, as a totem animal, the sable has always acted as an agile animal and the most important thing is observation. Therefore, little can go unnoticed. At the same time, speed is also attributed to the totem animal.

There are also a number of characteristics that refer to this totem: foresight, clear perception and intelligence. All this allows you to have such abilities and understand a person, exactly what he carries inside, and not on the surface. Also, the ability to analyze many points and draw conclusions, and then use them in the future.