Totem animal Roe deer – characteristic and meaning


A totem is a one-of-a-kind thing. Usually this animal with magical powers is considered the ancestor of the tribe. Also, the totem is the subject of religious worship. This is an individual thing, the meaning of which can tell a lot. If your totem animal is Roe, then it will be very interesting to study its characteristics.

Roe deer traits

A roe deer is, in fact, a small deer that looks somewhat like a goat. This animal is graceful and graceful. It serves as a symbol of female modesty, innocence, shyness, grace, beauty, sensitivity, gentleness and tenderness. Also, the symbol personifies pure love and friendliness.

The roe deer is the totem that does not distinguish between black and white, good and evil. The totem of this animal will tell its owner about only one thing: to love. To love, no matter what. It is intended to open within oneself an unprecedented power to love a person, accepting his weaknesses and shortcomings. The wisdom of the Roe is that you will not change anyone anyway, you will not force anyone to change. And for this reason, people need to be accepted as they are, albeit with flaws. And even if no one is perfect, the main thing is to be real, to be yourself.

Roe value

The Roe Totem says that only the kindness of heart and soul is able to resolve all conflicts, improve relationships and heal all old wounds and resentments. You cannot succumb to negative situations and people in life, you need to believe in the good, be tuned only to the positive notes of life.

If, despite all the difficulties and circumstances of life, you still managed to maintain self-confidence, kindness and purity of thoughts, then your qualities will spread around and change people and events for the better.

You need to listen to your heart and not project past negative experiences onto current events. If you often feel general fatigue, depression, dissatisfaction with life, anger and insomnia, then this means that you cannot fully accept and love your own being. But when we do not love and do not respect ourselves, then we begin to see all our shortcomings in other people.

An amazing feeling lives in our heart – compassion. This means accepting everything around, each person, all his actions and behavior. The roe deer tells us that we must learn to love ourselves and the people around us, and then harmony and tranquility will sparkle with a bright glare in our life.