Totem animal Reindeer – characteristics and meaning


The Reindeer is a totemic animal that is active at certain times of the year. It was the Deer in all years and times that attracted people and simply surprised them with strength and energy. It is these animals that are considered the most successful in life. They are found all over the world and their range is widespread. Moreover, each species has its own qualities, which are important for a totem animal!

It is common for each person to have his own totem animal. The reindeer is a meek and innocent creature with a craving for the unknown in its blood, and it usually manifests itself in transition periods. It is this animal that always and everywhere arouses the admiration of people, attracts to itself with its good luck.

White-tailed and black-tailed deer and caribou have chosen distant North America for their residence. For these families, there are some common characteristics, as well as these species and have some differences among themselves, each of these families has its own specific characteristics.

What should everyone know?

For the deer of the family – caribou, it is twice a year to migrate as far as possible from their permanent habitats and everyone who belongs to this totem. Destined to follow the same lifestyle. Autumn and the beginning of winter, the rut begins for the caribou, which for the rest of the members of this totemic animal is a manifestation of strength. As for the white-tailed deer, during the wandering, it never moves in the same way and therefore is less susceptible to attack by predators. The behavior of this deer totem is simply not predictable.

Both in the past and in the present, the deer is considered the main object of hunting, it always leaves the pursuers, as far as possible into the wilderness. And perhaps therefore, there are many legends and legends that when hunting a deer, unpredictable adventures always awaited all hunters, this can be judged from the information available in the sources.

For Buddhists, the deer is a symbol of innocence and also, the main religious character, it seems to return everyone to the primordial nature from which everyone came.

The main habitat of the white-tailed deer is the USA. Males of this species are distinguished from others by their branched horns, but to other families, horns grow both in females and males. All this is simply necessary for the full value of the animal’s life.

The antlers of a deer symbolize a kind of lighthouse that sees far ahead, therefore, having met this totem animal on its way and becoming its family, a five-year period of time will come for you when you will move higher and higher in your knowledge. This period will be an increase in your development of self-awareness, and you will strive to gain more knowledge and apply it in practice, you will increase your self-esteem.

The fact that the deer has a sense of heightened sensitivity of the surrounding world is evidenced by the horns that grow directly above the eyes. When a person takes this totem, then all the power goes to him.